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  1. Additionally, Kaladin pushed himself up during this scene. Shallan only acted as a slight addition making it easier for Kaladin. Not really any different than any other circumstance where someone helps another pull themselves up from a ledge. Considering that Stormlight more allows the body to exert itself to its maximum without the negatives, it's not really possible to store strength from Stormlight. It would likely mitigate the downsides of storing strength though
  2. So the only concrete example of the difference in power we have between a Lerasium Mistborn and a regular Mistborn is controlling Kandra. Vin is above average in power for a Mistborn, and even with Duralumin she still had some difficulty breaking through and taking control. However, Lerasium Mistborn are described as powerful enough to do it without Lerasium. This seems to imply that a Lerasium Mistborn can come close to or match the power of Duralumin. I'd imagine that a Lerasium Mistborn would still have to flair their metals to match the power of Duralumin though. Also, Duralumin does make things more complicated as it isn't a set boost in power. Because Duralumin compresses all the metals in a person, the more power a Mistborn gets a stronger boost if they have more metals in their system. I'd imagine though, that as Vin had just her standard vials with most of her Duralumin boosts, that would be the safe default power assumption when comparing the two types of Mistborn strengths.
  3. It's near the end of the timeline, around the time of Sixth of the Dusk
  4. Because there have been so many polls, I thought this one would be fun. You have all 16 metals but only the Allomantic or Feruchemical power of each metal, which do you choose? My choices Tin - Feruchemy Pewter - Allomancy Iron - Feruchemy Steel - Allomancy Copper - Feruchemy Bronze - Feruchemy Zinc - Feruchemy Brass - Feruchemy Aluminum - Feruchemy Duralumin - Feruchemy Chromium - Feruchemy Nicrosil - Feruchemy Gold - Feruchemy Electrum - Feruchemy Cadmium - Feruchemy Bendalloy - Allomancy I'm mostly interested in the Feruchemy but a couple Allomantic powers would be useful very useful. As cool as speed would be, I think A-Steel would be more useful and have better utility. Bendalloy was hard, storing nutrition calories and hydration would be super useful, but I like the practical benefits of time compression a lot
  5. Less a theory and more an observation. The Essences used for Soulcasting appear to have a relationship with the Aethers Zephyr Aether/Zephyr Essence Sunlight Aether/Spark Essence Verdant Aether/Pulp Essence Roseite Aether/Lucentia Essence Midnight Aether/Tallow Essence
  6. Also experience something like it's new again I ended up feeling the same way when I actually thought about it. I did struggle with Steel, Electrum, and Bendalloy but the other decisions came pretty easy
  7. I'd go with Misting Feruchemist. The day to day benefits of being a Feruchemist are just too good in my opinion. Normally I'm all for Compounding Gold, but in this case I would go for Steel. Steel Allomancy has such a good synergy with Feruchemical Iron and the enhanced speed would be very useful
  8. Interestingly we have 3 examples of sunlight being a source of Investiture. We have Taldain as the most prominent example, but now with Tress we know on Lumar at least it can recharge an Awakened tablet, and in SP4 the sun seems to be the source of Investiture on the world Nomad arrives in. It seems like this is a mechanism in Investiture that will be quite important in Era 4 Mistborn
  9. Ah thank you
  10. Oathbringer-Honorblade?
  11. Considering they made the thread, I think that they can make the initial conditions. It's no different than when threads have compared a hundred thousand Rosharans vs a hundred thousand Scadrians with the amount of magic users proportionat to the amount their planet has. The way I see it, it's a question of who's technology, magic, and society could compete against Earth if things like population were not the deciding factor.
  12. Admittedly that could be the reason he didn't heal. Though he did still have an enhanced physique in Teod, it might be a worthy thing to get clarification from Brandon.
  13. If they do, then it isn't a particularly fast one. In Elantris after fixing AonDor near the climax both of Raoden's hands get too injured to draw Aons and they don't heal until Galladon shows up to heal him. So perhaps they can regenerate from anything, but not at an accelerated rate
  14. It would depend on how prepared they might be. Elantrians have natural Pewter like physical enhancements. Additionally, they have enhanced mental prowess. If they have some Aons prepared like on their clothes or something, I could see them winning handily as an Elantrians strongest advantage is in preparation. However, Elantrians don't have regenerative powers like Radiants or Feruchemists do, so an unprepared Elantrian would potentially be at a pretty big disadvantage against a Mistborn with all metals
  15. To further support this, when Wax is holding the Bands, he's able to see Axi and he can see Edwarn's soul
  16. It does contradict though. There are two WoB at play in this discussion. One is about changing of density, this one had Sazed and Wax say two contradictory things about Iron changing density so that WoB clarified which of those two is correct. This is the one saying the Sazed was mistaken. The second WoB is the one contradicted by the books. That one said increasing mass doesn't transfer force in blows. This is directly contradicted in WoA and HoA. The HoA scene in particular could only make sense if increasing weight increased the force of the blow.
  17. Based on what Khriss says, Navani is the first known person to actually discover it. We know this is wrong as Gavilar had access to it. The concept of Anti-Investiture has been at least theorized so I'd assume most Cosmere aware scholars from Silverlight would at least have been aware of the theory. But the knowledge to make it is probably very rare and kept secret so until RoW it was likely unknown to most
  18. This is how I have interpreted it
  19. Probably would take Shard levels of Investiture
  20. My choices were A-Tin because enhanced senses would be useful, especially when you're someone who has one that isn't quite good to start with. F-Copper, it would just be so useful. C-Gold, it would be nice
  21. I mean, the Firepower Indices were Frustration's idea and they have every right to make that interpretation and decision for their ranking. So I let the matter drop. Would I let an argument like that fly in another thread like a vs thread or if someone asked what the advantages of F-Iron are? Not a chance. However I view these more as fun exercises in ranking the strengths of different magic systems with Frustration asking for thoughts on things, even if they live up to their name a little too well sometimes. So despite my disagreement with the decision I still encourage the idea of these continuing. I think trying to codify these worlds and magic systems this way was a clever idea. If someone wants to create their own breakdowns and rankings I encourage that as well
  22. Two things That's a bad argument and you know it. You know quite well what i meant by consistency This is why people say you argue in bad faith. Secondly, you're still wrong. That's not physics consistency, it's not even narratively consistent as we have two examples of weight increasing to blows
  23. In traditional physics yes, but as you yourself said Feruchemy breaks physics. But it's generally consistent about how it breaks physics.
  24. That's not how force works. He's repeatedly said it increases mass and force is determined by mass. Weight is determined by mass and gravity. And it's established both in books and WoB that it's mass that's changing not gravitational pull. F=MA, it's a pretty simple equation, more mass means more force.
  25. He was just a particularly muscular Coinshot, and as I've established already, Wax overlooks uses of his abilities. The WoB that you are referring to says Sazed was wrong about density increase. Sazed thinks that it's an increase in density that let's him handle his new weight and Brandon says that part is wrong. The WoB about the increased force of hits though, that would still be trumped by the books.