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  1. Oathbringer is my personal favorite of the books so far, heck it is what turned Dalinar from a character I liked to being my favorite Brandon Sanderson character. Honestly Rhythm of War is the one I consider having the lowest quality overall even if it had some amazing aspects to it
  2. This is something that has bugged me in the past too. I think I personally settled on a mix of bias towards seeing other people and object's futures as being more useful combatively by Vin and Elend and that Electrum would probably take more practice to use effectively combatively compared to atium. For example, seeing a vision of yourself with a slashed through doesn't necessarily help determine how it got slashed. Sure you could make estimated guesses, but it's different than seeing a future shadow of your enemy trying to slash your throat and responding accordingly. Another possibility I've considered and more recently come to think might be more accurate, Electrum could always show multiple shadows of a user's future of multiple possible decisions they could make by default. Unless you commit to an action, your possible actions are in flux. Let's say you burn Electrum and see yourself fall to the ground, because you've seen the future, you are free to continue that path or go onto another path and then a shadow of that other path shows you get hit by and arrow. Now that first path looks more appealing, but the possibility of a third action could still be made thus making yet another shadow and so on and so forth.
  3. I think that would be reasonable to assume. My personal guess is that the Command would take precedence but holes would be filled out with the objects previous Cognitive aspect.
  4. While it's true that Life Sense can detect non-active Investiture it seems to be limited. It's been a little while since I read Warbreaker, so I might be remembering this wrong, but I recall that it was considered safe to hide Breaths in objects without actually Awakening them. I don't think this would work if Life Sense and Aura Perception weren't limited to only detecting Investiture in living things. Albeit, admittedly I recall that information being provided by Denth so it probably needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Also, considering how much we don't know about Awakening and Breaths, there could be a tweak to detect more than living beings like how Bronze can be tweaked to detect more than Allomancy.
  5. I'd say Bronze. Life sense as far as we've seen at least only gives someone a generic sense of Investiture which is focusing on detecting living beings. A-Bronze on the other hand can theoretically detect any kinetic Investiture and with training can be interpreted enough to have an understanding of what that Investiture is doing.
  6. Rythm of War makes it clear Surgebinding on Roshar existed before humanity showed up. At minimum Singers were using Cohesion since ancient times for tool making. Also several aspects of the books heavily imply Singers were Bonding with sapient Spren in those ancient times as well. They probably were using Surgebinding as it originally developed on Roshar. The modern forms of Surgebinding (Fused and Knights Radiant) both have implications that they are artificial to some extent.
  7. This is also supported by two aspects in the books. In Well of Ascension it is directly stated that his bracers actually held very little Atium for starters. The other aspect was that Coinshots, Lurchers, and Mistborn could Push and Pull on his other jewelry which while the real world reason for this was Brandon hadn't thought up that Metalminds resist Pushes and Pulls, the only logical reason in universe would be that he isn't storing his massive amount of Compounded traits in them.
  8. The only limit we are pretty sure of with storing a trait is that you can't fully store any given trait. It seems you need to have some positive amount still even while storing. Theoretically you can store heat to avoid being burned or cooked alive.
  9. You just know it would be Awakened with a Command to make it move with a dramatic flair
  10. The Spike Rashek probably needed the most in my opinion was a Zinc Spike for emotional fortitude. I'd agree that Kelsier could be called the Master of the Metallic Arts. I think he actually understood Hemalurgy better than TLR even, considering he figured out how to use it to bring himself back to life.
  11. I've got to agree with F-Duralumin. Being able to easily bypass language barriers alone is extraordinarily useful
  12. If you ignore Compounding, there are a number of good same metal synergies that exist. So lets for a second imagine that these Twinborn didn't know about Compounding There are numerous Tin threads, so no real need to go into that Double Pewter, burning while tapping Strength would allow for a great deal of dexterity and additional power even while Hulked out. Double Iron, you would be the best Allomantic anchor and I'm sure the manipulation of Weight would let you do some fun trajectory alteration Double Zinc, increasing your mental speeds would probably be very helpful Rioting Just some quick examples. For separate metals. Allomantic Steel would go fantastic with Feruchemical Zinc. The increased mental speed would be able to keep track of every line I'm sure, and plan out how best to use them all. A-Cadmium would work good with F-Steel. If you have a large number of people you want to disable, throw up a Cadmium Bubble, tap Steel and you have them disabled while putting yourself at minimum risk. Especially if you are disabling while there are civilians still around.
  13. An often forgotten description of A-Copper is the first time Vin burns the metal she feels vibrations inside her.
  14. Yup, he's the spymaster who scouts out Club's shop and reports back to Elend that it is actually a thieving crew base. For Dalinar he is most prominent in the flashback in Oathbringer when they discuss the Nightwatcher and how she doesn't like "foreigners" and that he's a little more foreign than Dalinar
  15. That's a good question. We don't really know how putting memories in Breaths work. It does appear that putting memories in Breaths allows you constant access of them while holding them, unfortunately the only example of this we have is Hoid who isn't the best person to go off of as he's had millennia of experience and that might be a very advanced skill. Conversely, TLR was said to have a perfect memory himself. This might be related to the unknown effect of Compounding Copper, but it equally might have simply been a mastery of Copper Feruchemy to immediately pull any relevant information from his Copperminds so as to effectively have better memory. There are dangers to storing memories in Breaths vs Copperminds. First off, with Breaths being the power source for Awakening, if you for whatever reason absolutely need to Awaken there is the risk of needing to use your memory Breaths to have enough Breaths for whatever Awakening you need to do. I'm guessing if you are skilled enough to put memories in Breaths, you are also skilled enough to choose which Breaths you use like Vasher can which can help mitigate it. But an on the fly Command, and a need for a difficult Awakening always leaves the possibility you will need to use those Breaths. Another danger is that if the Awakener was attacked in a way that drains Investiture, they could lose the Breaths that hold their memories. This doesn't appear to be as much a risk for Copperminds unless the attack was specifically intended for the Copperminds. When Wax was hit with an area of effect Leeching in BoM he had his Steel reserves drained, but his Ironminds were fine. Considering all the other benefits of Breaths give you though, Breaths are probably superior. Though if Copper Compounders can duplicate memories as some theories expect, that would make Copper Compounders better for memory storage as they could keep backup stashes of memories, but that's just speculation.