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  1. Technically that was with Duralumin. However yes, Mistborn for sure have greater acceleration. A Mistborn suffers negative acceleration as they get further from the metal they are pushing on. This means that they have their top acceleration at the time of the initial Push A Windrunner on the other hand in earth gravity and atmosphere would take nearly 20 seconds to hit top speed assuming a single Lashing
  2. It would be one heck of a boon on Threnody I'm sure
  3. That is technically pure conjecture. Potentially reasonable yes, but also stands to reason that nobles would take care of their carriage horses and keep them healthy for no other reason than appearances
  4. They are actually comparable. Terminal velocity is approximately 176 ft/s. The carriage ride between cities took an hour and a carriage usually averaged out at 20 mi/hr. The spikeway reduced that time to 10 minutes. 20 miles x 5280 ft = 105600 ft. 105600 ÷ 10 = 10560 ft/min. 10560 ÷ 60 = 176 ft/s
  5. I mean it's unlikely for a Mistborn to have an hour of Atium, but not impossible. Kelsier had enough for a "prolonged fight" not sure what he considered that to be and Zane never seemed to feel shy about the amount of Atium he had to use.
  6. In that same WoB he explicitly says he hasn't given them an area of effect unless the power had an area of affect He brings up the Aluminum Gnat as a future hypothetical and it is to get to the point of doing that, not that that is what it does now
  7. I doubt it requires a hack, the only times a Primer Cube acted differently to a metal is the Leaching and when it was hooked up to other machinery in the ships. Lack of other machinery implies it is entirely reasonable for Leaching to be done at range.
  8. Bubbles can be made smaller Two things, Stormlight doesn't have a Pewter like affect. Kaladin explicitly says that it doesn't give strength and there is never narration except once by Teft in reference to Kaladin's skill with a spear, and there are multiple reasons to take that with a grain of salt What @Primeval Ookla said
  9. Mistborn have superhuman agility and dexterity, Kaladin already proved a Radiant can get grappled. Electrum sees your own future, so you can see if you would get struck by a Shardblade and correct your action
  10. Actually I forgot. Which is a battlefield clearly skewed in favor of a Radiant. Thing is, there is no such thing as a neutral battlefield. But it doesn't matter anyway, the quote you referenced of mine was a Mistborn against a 4th Ideal Radiant, which was already outside the scope of the predicted battle. A Mistborn wouldn't need to run away against a 3rd Ideal Radiant like that
  11. Windrunners are only faster if they stack several Lashings, which burn through their Stormlight quickly. Electrum for defense, Bendalloy speed bubbles to dodge quickly if the Windrunner does close in, etc. But this is getting off topic. Yes 4th Ideal Radiants have the advantage, I just heavily disagree that it is as insurmountable as so many of you believe. Without Plate though, as a 3rd Ideal Radiant is, the Radiant lacks their biggest advantage against a Mistborn. Chromium is decidedly problematic for a Radiant.
  12. This assumes that a Mistborn can't find any other metal. They only get sent flying if they are dumb enough to keep Pushing after striking the Plate. Your right it doesn't need Stormlight to keep functioning, but they are still going to keep losing Stormlight. Stormlight is lost just by them holding it.
  13. A short argument as to why Leachers should be able to use their power at range. We know that for a lot of metals, one of the biggest limiting factors is the perception of what can be done and the practice and intention to use it in another way. For example, Iron and Steel generally have single lines that point to the center of mass. But from Wax and Kelsier we know that that is far from the limit. Now the reason I make this argument. Primer Cubes. We see the Primer Cube used in conjunction with 3 metals, Steel Cadmium and Chromium. In the case of Steel and Cadmium, the cube acts exactly like the metal usually does, Steelpushes from the cube and time bubbles with the cube at the center. Leaching on the otherhand is different. It doesn't require the cube to touch someone but simply sucks out the Investiture of someone near it. This indicates that ranged Leaching is a reasonable assumption.
  14. A Mistborn with Chromium destroys 1st and 2nd Oath Radiants. One touch is all it takes Plate can be cracked with stone and a sling. It's by no means insurmountable. Szeth's scene in WoK shows it is possible for an Invested person without Plate to fight someone in Plate. Sure it would be a good deal harder fighting a Radiant in living Plate vs a skilled fighter in dead Plate but it does use Stormlight to repair every crack that forms in Plate. Sooner or later the Radiant will run out. Per above, it's a cat and mouse game. Slam the Plate with Steelpushes until the Radiant has ran out of Stormlight. Unlike a Mistborn, Radiants lose their Stormlight even if doing nothing Odium doesn't directly supply Light, the Fuzed still need to either carry it in Spheres or spend the time necessary to do the chant that summons it
  15. All cases of Leaching we have seen have been near instantaneous and comparable examples with the Larkin in Lift's pov have also been almost instantaneous