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  1. I was merely giving a reason. Counterpoint though, it's not Odium Hoid had a grudge with, it was Rayse. And he likely has good reasoning for his grudge against Bavadin and that likely isn't a lie as it was revealed to us in a correspondence with Frost who knew Bavadin and Hoid personally Pre-Shattering. True, but doesn't do Autonomy any favors as far as people's perception on if they are bad or not
  2. Because Hoid has a similar grudge against Bavadin as he did Rayse, and we know what kind of monster Rayse was. Also how Autonomy hypocritically messes with other planets yet hates anyone doing anything with Taldain
  3. Awakening for sure has an obscene amount of potential. Nightblood alone is proof of that. But it's also arguably the single most expensive magic system and thus the most difficult to reach those high levels of power.
  4. Well, you're half right. Mostly because Rosharans classify everything as Surgebinding. In universe Cosmere scholars (and Brandon) would disagree
  5. Here you go
  6. Personally I don't believe Preservation planned past Sazed, but if you account for the possibility that Ruin changed a few things well... *puts on tinfoil hat*
  7. I've personally viewed Breaths as sort of an artificial Spark of Life. The animating force of Investiture. For me this explains why only one is necessary for Lifeless. In regards to Shards not creating the magic system
  8. It's probably safe to say he was a dragon. However Frost shows that dragons in the Cosmere can take human form so there is the possibility that he was human and developed a relationship with Cultivation while she was assuming human form
  9. Not to get into a theological debate, but something I want to point out is that in the Old Testimate even the Abrahamic God had several limitations. I'll leave it there as I don't want this thread to devolve into arguing. Now, Ruin and Preservation were fully capable in terms of power to create a planet and all the life on it in the form of Scadrial. That by pretty much any metric would make them gods of Scadrial. The reason they had to work together wasn't their power but the limits of their Intents. As far as worship goes, I personally think that that is dependent on if the actions of the god are worthy of worship
  10. I viewed that as simply supreme arrogance on her part. He managed to kill 4 Shards, 2 of them at the same time.
  11. It's hard to tell, We've never seen a Vessel from the Shattering that was both human and not traumatized horribly. The Leras we see was after he ripped his own mind apart to stop Ruin. Ati was horribly unaligned with his Shard's Intent assuming what Hoid's letter said was wholly accurate and he spent thousands of years impotent, possibly even more so than Odium. Rayse had been bound by the Oathpact for seven thousand years and his goals were always being thwarted. And the only view of Tanavast we've had was him while he was dying.
  12. I've been waiting for this!
  13. It requires too many WoB to post cohesively but what he's basically said is that the lore in the games while technically not canon, is safe to consider so until he directly contradicts it. So until he decides for sure on what name what Twinborn combo has, it's ok to use the MAG names until then.
  14. I'd still consider the Shards to be more "godly" than most gods actually worshipped in real life history
  15. This line is weird to me. They're more powerful than most gods in fiction (not counting omnipotent monotheistic examples). Almost every one of their very few limits is because of the nature of Intent, or another Shard