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  1. None of any of this means that they had power on TLRs level. That is merely an assumption being made. For all we know, being fueled directly by Honor meant they don't run out of Investiture. Allomancy is done by directly being powered by Preservation, but there is a limit to how much power that they can draw out at any given time no matter how much metal they have eaten. The amount of metal just indicates how long they can do it. It's entirely possible that the Heralds have the same limitation.
  2. Steelpushing isn't a matter of magnetism. So no. Edit: To clarify, Iron and Steel Pull and Push on all metal (except aluminum) and don't do so via magnetism. A non metal like graphite wouldn't be affected unless you were powerful enough to affect the trace metals. Though you probably could still use the pencil as a weapon by Pushing on the ferrule. Standard Pushes do so at the center of mass and a skilled Coinshot can event choose what part of the metal they Push on as Wax and Kelsier show. Most Steelpushes launch small bits of metal at high velocity so unless you are trying for a longer distance, the pencil would likely hit the target before gravity pulled the rest of the pencil down
  3. I'm sad, I was stuck in work and couldn't get one of the signed ones. Oh well, at least the other highest one was still available
  4. @Illian Tear part of the setup is no overwhelmingly powerful characters
  5. Here is a question to consider. Are we limiting Sel's range? If so what would that limit be? If we don't limit it, then arguably Sel is the most powerful force of the 4. AonDor is frankly the most powerful magic system Brandon has made. It's range limit being it's only real downside
  6. @Halyo_Alex agreed, honestly I'm looking forward to Era 3 more than any other Cosmere work right now
  7. Theoretically maybe, in practice probably not. As I've pointed out, there won't be many Windrunners or Skybreakers. Scadrial on the other hand would be insane not to arm every one of their soldiers with guns. Sure they have healing but as seen with Wayne, gunshot wounds typically use up a decent amount of Investiture to heal as even when he has a decent amount of Health stored up he has trouble with more than a couple of shots. Most of the Skybreakers won't have Plate and none of the Windrunners will leaving them more vulnerable. Also, Scadrial could have Pewterarms mixed in which are at least as strong as a Surgebinder but with the added bonus of enhanced dexterity, agility, endurance, and durability. All this is a moot though, as soon as Scadrial finds out how troublesome Roshar can be they could just drop a nuke and obliterate the Rosharans. It is very very unlikely that Roshar would see an attack of that magnitude coming. Sure they would see the airships, and they would likely have superior mobility to them and even down a few by cutting up the fans with Shardblades. But they wouldn't see such a destructive weapon coming, all Scadrial would have to do is distract Roshar's flyers long enough to drop the bomb.
  8. Era 2 Scadrial guns are roughly equivalent to late 1800s to early 1900s firearms. By then guns had the strength to tear through steel and had while not semi automatic for the most part, did have a decent rate of fire. Secondly, by the terms you yourself set up there aren't enough living Shardblades to do what you propose. Most Shardbearers will be using dead Plate and Blade. Not counting the Skybreakers, there is less than a dozen living Shardblades. The Skybreakers would be Roshar's most powerful asset as far as actual combat goes but the amount of them that have Plate would be limited as it's implied in Oathbringer that only a few have said the fourth Ideal. And that's before you reduce their number to make it proportional to 500,000 Rosharan soldiers.
  9. Society will be very changed. Hospitals with F-Gold Medallions alone would completely change the health care industry. People could have entire jobs where they just store attributes in a Metalmind or two that will go to places that need them, such as the F-Gold example (instead of donating plasma, donate some Health). Frankly the more I think about it the more it seems every single level of society would change.
  10. F-Copper would probably change the very nature of teaching/learning in society
  11. @Llstml that WoB doesn't say anything about him pushing on the bullet. Just Vindication and might I remind you that Vindication is a handgun, whereas rifles are often stronger. Also, sure that was at the forefront but bullets are more forceful than axes and the like. A squad of riflemen could take down a Shardbearer from a distance.
  12. He's talking about normal guns, not Steelpushed ones. Wax could probably break through Plate with one shot. Rereading Way of Kings makes it pretty clear that while stronger than standard armor, Plate is nowhere near as invulnerable that a lot of people think it is. In Dalinar's vision with the Midnight Essences he is able to fight off one of them without Plate yet in that same scene a single attack from the ME is able to crack the Plate. Also in the big fight at the end of the book, it's normal weapons that are breaking through Dalinar and Adolin's Plate in that battle. Sure it takes a little while for muscle powered weapons to do that but it's still enough. Guns on the otherhand put a lot more umpf into a much smaller area so their is more force. I doubt it would take more than a few shots from a decent caliber rifle to break Plate.
  13. There are differences yes. But at a fundamental level they are pretty similar. At least that's how I see it.
  14. And yet Lift, who is quite like him is an Edgedancer.
  15. Wayne is great at listening when it's something he considers important, not unlike Lift. Also he remembers and cares for others. He actually shows quite the capacity to be an Edgedancer if we use Lift's oaths as our basis