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  1. When it comes to compounding I think gold is the best just because while gold is expensive you can basically stay in perfect health forever and survive any accidents or bad situations you run into. And as was pointed out, a few Goldminds here and there may very well be cheaper than all the medical expenses that build up. That said, I fully agree that steel compounding would be the most useful of them all. The mobility and speed even in every day life could prove fantastic
  2. Like I said, there were problems with the idea. Just wanted to know what others thought of it. However, despite being stuck on Braize he clearly has direct influence on Roshar as is evident in Oathbringer As far as Scadrial or Kelsier goes, I wasn't even considering that. Though on that subject now, Odium is known for corrupting rather than creating, which is more in lines with what we've seen Trell do. Not that I think Odium is Trell
  3. I've mentioned this a couple times in other threads, but the way that Kaladin recalls Moash's words seem to me a lot like the way Vin would "recall" Reen's words. Just the way the scene is framed is very reminiscent to me. There are issues with this of course, but I was wondering if anyone else had the same thoughts
  4. I'm sure there will be an Adolin pov where we will see his internal thoughts. He's had months to get used to it so he's had some time to adjust at least. I hope we'll find out soon
  5. This might be my favorite chapter so far released. Adolin being the best boy, Kal getting some much needed relief, and Shallan's issues being discussed. I hope all goes well with Rock
  6. I'm certain they would, after all she had four broken limbs before she started drawing on them and they were healed instantly
  7. He's incapable of accepting that some things are beyond his control. Poor guy
  8. I think the main reason they ingest it is because it is more convenient. If you end burning too much of the piercing you might have the piercing fall out. As far as coating metals go, I'm fairly certain that won't work because burning works from the outside of the metal in. I'll have to look for it but Brandon has said that if you coat a metal with another metal it will burn off the coated metal before you can even touch the interior metal
  9. This is my thoughts as well. Maybe if it's an unkeyed metalmind it might have an effect. Otherwise I think the Investiture would pass through the metal like it does for an Allomancer who can't do Feruchemy
  10. Likely the same way he knows her name, they've clearly had conversations during the time skip.
  11. This is a good point. After all, Kal has fought and killed female Listeners way back in WoK. He never paused to think "this is a woman"
  12. Or alternatively, Kaladin just didn't notice the stubble or the malen body. Leshwi looks like Leshwi regardless of body with some variation depending on body. I myself am an example of someone who can shave one morning and by afternoon have stubble, in the hours of travel to and from it could have grown to a noticeable length by the time she returned to the city.
  13. Which is why I said clarification. I don't think that Duralumin and Bendalloy would work together all that well either. Normal Bendalloy flairs seem plenty good to me already as they are able to speed time enough to see bullets in the air, give time to make a plan during an explosion which is impressive because of just how fast explosions happen.
  14. This is the best response
  15. @Krox it would make sense if Leras guided them, after all the Terris were pretty knowledgeable about the true state of the world and metalminds require the same metals as Allomancy Also love the thought of having an actual metallurgist add their input