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  1. Also, in Ch 5 of The Final Empire, though easy to forget, there is mention of colored plants So while it seems like there wouldn't be a lot of vibrant plants, they might have some that produce a nice dye. Like Dyer's Woad for example, a yellow flower that produces a strong blue dye.
  2. mistborn

    Here is the relevant epigraph from Well of Ascension explaining it Chapter 42
  3. Welcome to the Shard! Yup, those are all aspects of Intent for the Metallic Arts. But there are also other aspects as well. Like when Wax in BoM prologue realizes a bullet is in three parts and the blue line splits or how Zinc and Brass use Intent to determine which emotions are affected for example. I find the subtlety of Intent in the Metallic Arts to be very interesting myself.
  4. It's a common theme in religions for gods to be the embodiment of something, though I see what you mean. Out of curiosity though, it's said any mass of Investiture if left alone long enough becomes conscious so if that happens to the Dor, would you consider that a god?
  5. Soulcast rare earth minerals. ALL THE MONEY!
  6. Thank you. While I generally don't mind threads veering this was starting to feel like it might get out of hand and very personal for people and I'm aware I wasn't helping in that. I had made this thread because I was interested in how those on here viewed the successes and failures of the Shards as the gods of their worlds and why. I understand that some don't think they even qualify to be gods and thus say they can't be effective gods because of that, but that seems to me to be a closed off approach. To the people of the Cosmere the Shards are gods. They are worshipped and their mere existence shapes the world and lives of those living on it. And that's not accounting for anything they choose to do with their knowledge and power. Whether or not one considers them gods or not, the Shards have taken up the roles of gods and they have varying levels of accomplishments as gods. My personal answer to this question would be Harmony. Unlike the other Shards he has a duel perspective and while his hands are tied in many respects he does appear to be working to make the world better while ensuring as much free will as possible and even seems to lament the more underhanded things he does. I had considered Endowment but decided against it for the same reason I don't think she's as much of a chess master as a lot of the others on the forum do. While she seems to have the best interest of her world and people in mind, it feels too much to me like she's taking a shotgun approach to problems. As a result she seems unnecessarily cruel in the process as she regularly Returns people who can't possibly fulfill their reason for Returning and with them not being able to remember why they Returned they end up running into or causing all sorts of problems even if they don't die in a week
  7. She says they are not God and we have enough context to know she's talking about Adonalsium. Pieces of God are still divine godly beings No, but you were asking about why I say those two especially qualify I fail to see the relevance of this quote as it's more of a comparison than the source Brandon is pulling from The reason I asked is because there is another God in Greek myth actually named Chronos who is the personification of time. Yes I'd consider all the Greek Titans gods. Afterall Helios the God of the Sun was a Titan. Titans were still deities, just their generation had its own title I completely agree with this point. But to the Cosmere Shards are gods. That doesn't make them not flawed. The vast majority of human mythology is filled with flawed gods. One reason I like the Cosmere so much is that Brandon explores the question of what it means to be a god. Generally across human mythology gods share these traits. An aspect or dominion of the world, society, or human nature. Posses great power (though this can get complicated if you get into the minutia). Guide the lives and world of "lesser beings". There is a lot more I could write on this subject but I don't want to bog down this thread with too large of a thing. Studying religions across human history is a hobby of mine which again is one of the reasons I'm fascinated with the Cosmere
  8. Normally I'd agree with this, however it's established in the Cosmere that Shards are gods. Even the more Cosmere aware characters more or less agree on that. Edit: it is a valid answer to believe none of them are worth being treated with worship as they don't fit the bill for what someone should worship but what I can't agree with is saying they aren't gods at all in a setting where they very much are. My first response to Frustration was simply conveying that it depended on how Shards have fit the bill by most interpretations of what a god is. I wasn't even the only one to do so. Let's see, they created Scadrial and all the life on it. They guided and influenced said life. Yes, yet Brandon rather than just going with a Mormon centric view has created a pantheon that's intriguing and complex. A creator god who could and did die and mortals who ascended to godhood I'm assuming you mean Kronos from Greek mythology? Or is this a reference I'm overlooking? Thank you
  9. And I'm not upset, but you are not adding anything to the conversation at all. Merely creating a tangent based on your personal view of what makes a god when discussing godhood in a fictional story where the Shards are very much the gods of the setting. As I said, your reply wasn't an answer. The Shards are the gods of the Cosmere whether they live up to what you would consider a god in real life. And the question was who has been the best god. Saying that they aren't gods when in the setting they very much are is not answering the question
  10. That is a very Abrahamic centric view of gods. 99% of all religions have never considered that for gods. Not to devolve this into a religious debate, but there are many many people who argue that the Abrahamic view of god doesn't even fit that criteria.
  11. I wasn't upset, but you weren't answering the question This isn't an answer, they very much do fit the criteria for being a god. Especially Preservation and Ruin. Please explain how they do not fit the criteria for being a god to you
  12. This depends on how you define a god. Most gods in human religions didn't need worship to still be considered a god. And Shards are for most purposes gods. Especially Preservation and Ruin as they created their world and people. I made this thread to ask the question of who did the best at being a god for those under them, not to argue the validity of whether they are gods or not. Even if they have no hold over a person after they die, their mere existence influences their people's entire lives
  13. As the title says, which Shard do you think has functioned as the best deity for their people. For instance, while Honor ultimately died and had been losing his sanity a little before it, he seems to have been pretty well respected by both humanity and spren and helped pull humanity through a never ending war driven by another Shard. Endowment has probably the most stable Shardworld in the Cosmere, though we don't really know what she does beyond sending Return that may or may not fulfill the reason they chose to come back. Harmony may be restricted in what he can do but he does appear to at least be nudging things in a better direction. Preservation not only created his people but worked out a plan to free them of the threat of Ruin despite his own impotence. I'm curious on all your thoughts on who functioned best as a god
  14. Lift, I didn't like her at all in her first appearance other than when she went to go heal her friend. I didn't really like her in Oathbringer when I first read it either. I didn't get a copy of her Novella until after I read Oathbringer but that warmed me up to her considerably and when I reread her parts I had a new appreciation for her.
  15. I sure hope we do. Even if all we learn is what an Excisor is I think we'll be able to do some decent theorizing