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  1. You say that it would use a lot of metal to dodge but ignore that it would use up a lot of Stormlight to use those Lashings. Also, if you are adding Shardbows into this then you have to let Mistborn have weapons outside of their powers.
  2. I guess it is dependent on how Ambition is perceived. Overly ambitious people are, but if you have a healthy amount of it then it sets a goal that they could focus on. Out of everything thing that we do know for sure though, I rank Preservation as the best at future sight. Everyone else is just conjecture.
  3. Out of curiosity why do you rank Odium and Ambition above Preservation? I know there is contention between who's better between Cultivation and Preservation but ranking those two above him is surprising to me
  4. I like Kaladin a lot. He's not my favorite but I do think he's great. As someone who had suicidal levels of depression when I was the age he is in the books I can't help but empathize. His depression is very well written and does a very good job of mirroring real life depression. I know that isn't something that speaks to everyone but I love having a character represents it so well.
  5. I think he has decent future sight at the least. Rubio's future sight wasn't bad per se, as he was able to concoct a plan that took decades at least to set up. Preservation was just better. One thing I think is a bonus to Harmony is that of all the Shards he's the one who seemingly is long thinking about technological development. And considering we know that Mistborn 4 is a space opera, I would consider that pretty far seeing
  6. @ftl Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, and/or antagonism towards someone of a different race based on the belief that your race is better. That fits Kaladin to a T. And as has been said by someone else, there are different levels of racism. It's entirely possible to have an opinion towards an entire race and think that there are exceptions to those beliefs. Think of how the trope of calling a black person a "credit to their race." Kal considers a handful of lighteyes to be honorable and worthy, but all other lighteyes as scum and that they are worse than darkeyes. Now unfortunately he has had a lot of bad situations in his life that have caused bias confirmation for him, but as evidence by other things we have seen in the books, it is still just a bias. There are plenty, and I mean plenty of lines from Kaladin declaring his belief that lighteyes are worth less than darkeyes. It's a lie that oppressed people cannot be racist. Now, with that all said, Kaladin is still a good person. Despite his racism, he still went back to save Dalinar and his men. Racism isn't a binary, it's a spectrum with a whole lot of personal variance to it.
  7. It wouldn't stop the problems of being a Savant, but F-Gold would go a long way to mitigating it
  8. Even if they aren't part of medallions I still don't think they would become a moot practice, at least not at first. At least for now, hemalurgy is the only confirmed method of boosting Allomantic strength (unless you are lucky enough to get Lerasium), and they are harder to remove than the medallions would be. Then you have constructs that can be created from the practice which I highly doubt we've seen the limits to. And a really big one is how it can interplay with other magic systems which I'm sure will become relevant in era 4 Edit: oh and let's not forget that it somehow brought Kelsier back to life
  9. I think the cons too greatly outweigh the pros. One, it damages the recipient, no matter how careful you are. Two, you still have to spike the person while they are alive and while I personally am ok with medically assisted suicide, I think it should be done as humanely as possible and spiking doesn't strike me as that. And three, once the knowledge of Hemalurgy becomes public, it opens a floodgate of abuse.
  10. Real life? Brandon almost certainly hadn't thought of metalminds and god metals in his era 1 books as there is no issue pushing/pulling on metalminds or atium in era 1. In the Cosmere? All examples of pushing/pulling on metalminds and godmetals can arguably be justified. Marsh pushed/pulled on Sazed's near empty metalminds. The atium Vin pushes and pulls in book one is a small nugget (although considering that it is still pure Investiture means it's weird it didn't have any noticeable resistance)
  11. Honestly we don't know. I don't think so though as Feruchemy does seem to distinguish between mental and physical effects.
  12. If you are able to store more than just abilities then I don't see why not. Unfortunately there is still far too much we don't know abou it
  13. My choices would probably be A-Pewter, A-Steel, and F-Gold
  14. Not sure if rhetorical
  15. I doubt it, for Allomancy, the metals act more the a gate for Investiture to pass through your body and aren't Investiture themselve