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  1. I would venture to guess that Ruin would use Zane to further twist Vin into a weapon. Possibly add Spikes her more making her even more so than Marsh Ruin's vessel of destruction. Frankly, it would be terrifying for Zane, Vin, and Marsh to all be under Ruin's thrall.
  2. Which is all the more confusing considering these WoB which further implies they are Connected to the soul #biochromatic breath #the beyond
  3. Huh, haven't seen that one before. That's weird to me though. Breaths may not be part of a persons Spiritweb but they are still stuck to it like a Spren with a Bond isn't part of a Radiant's Spiritweb but we know that Hemalurgy can steal that Bond
  4. How Unsealed Metalminds are made. So many Cosmere relevant things could be learned from that. To a lesser extent, the limits of Nicrosil Feruchemy as Brandon has implied there is more to it than what we know
  5. Awakening so far seems the only magic system to be able to bring things to life Hemalurgy can alter the Spiritweb on a fundamental level it seems These are the ones that immediately come to mind
  6. You missed the point entirely. Allomancy is the only magic system known capable of manipulating time. An example of uniqueness between magic systems. The Stormfather doesn't count as a magic system as it is a side effect of the massive amount of Investiture. Like gravity to mass
  7. This is a great point. For example the only magic system so far we've seen so far that manipulates time is Allomancy. Unless you count what the Stormfather which I don't as Syl states that has more to do with all the Investiture in a Highstorm than a specific magic.
  8. Or alternatively whoever sent them wants one of their own agents in play. There is nothing stopping them from trading information. But to talk about the Ghostbloods, their mere existence as a Scadrian originated organization proves that it's possible for Scadrians to get a spy foothold on Roshar and while they don't make stupid decisions around the Radiants they clearly aren't afraid of them.
  9. It burns slow compared to how quickly Stormlight gets consumed. A bead was enough for to flare for over an hour. Edit: Ok double checked Mistborn, it was 5 beads being flared for an hour. That's still a far more efficient mass/Investiture ratio that Stormlight Likely correct, unless there is a way to hack it with intent. Though that's pure conjecture The only case of this potentially being true is Kaladin who isn't a good example as we've seen him have a bunch of weird things going on. No other Radiant who isn't an Edgedancer (for obvious reasons) hasn't shown boosted dexterity. Not saying you are wrong, though I'm pretty sure their reason to kidnap Heralds aren't so directly related to that Assuming that the Ghostbloods don't just explain the effects of Roshar's atmosphere and adapt.
  10. I remember I once hypothesized that the Crasher resonance was an inherent understanding of force vectors. No real evidence for it but it would make some slight sense with what the two interacting powers are and why Wax can seemingly do impossible shots.
  11. Any former Shardvessel can stay as long as they want, Kelsier pretty much says so when he begs Vin to say. Ati likely chose to pass Beyond. As for Rayse, I'm pretty sure he's gone
  12. Kelsier used Iron to use a soldier as a wrecking ball and it should be possible with good timing to Pull metal towards you and use its momentum to fling it back in the direction you Pulled it from or another direction all together
  13. I reiterate. "These darn kids and their funny way of talking!" ~Old Man Marsh...probably
  14. Eh, I'm not a fan of the retcon as it was an advantage of Sandmastery. Sandmaster is already fairly underwhelming as a magic system as it is. And it's not like there aren't other examples of infinite gains from other magic systems, namely Bondsmiths and Compounders. And it isn't even as broken as those examples within its own magic system as those are within their respective magic systems