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  1. Dus... Ik heb vervoer geregeld grote dank aan die persoon! Het begint nu weer te rijden op UC. Geluk 2: na het opladen van telefoon bij starbucks wilde ik ff een patatje halen, heeft ie een super zak extra over krijg ik me eten gratis van bram ladage! Mooi meegenomen!

  2. Gvd gaat lekker vandaag brand op gouda goverwelle blijkbaar... Mogen niet verder rijden.. Woohoo en dan dalijk nog dat gezeik met dat vallend beton bij metro kralingze zoom waar geen metro's meer mogen rijden...

  3. 5:59 een bus? We shall see...

  4. I am content and satisfied, although I see a couple of things that were left unexplained... Indeed Nakomi for instance - even with all the theories it's still a random occurance. But still I am satisfied... Also one thing I noticed: While Androl (which is the most awesome character introduced so late in the series) and Pevara are communicating through the bond she asks him how he creates the gateways without knowing the place... At one point he sums up a couple of things like how it reminds him of home and stuff and the last one he mentions he says something in the sorts of that it "reminds him of jain". This so explains all of his experience and jobs and also why he "knows" the lands, he was a companion of Jain Farstrider!
  5. I was rereading Towers of Midnight when I got the point where Nyneave - Before going to the White Tower to be Tested - Heals an Asha'man of the Madness. She pulls black projections from the Asha'mans "mind" and later checks with Rand for the same only to find a White beautiful layer in his "Mind" Nyneave does a lot of... wonders that go fairly unnoticed or at least haven't been given a lot of explanation. Now my thing is Robert and Erica once said this at a roundup: So in this statement is the Madness referred here as "Insanity" or does he mean a different kind? If it is the Madness he is talking about then there are som things to consider. 1: Nyneave can acces the True Power 2: Error on Jordan/Sanderson part 3. You can heal the Madness with the One Power but nobody knew how cause Nyneave was the first to find out I think it's interessting cause Nyneave is a very powerfull Aes Sedai if not the Greatest of her time, her discoveries and skill with the One Power is overwhelming To sum up her feats: - Proficient in all elements (instead of 2 at most) - Cleansed Saidin - Healed the Madness - One of the first to unravel a forsaken skilled level of compulsion - Capturing/Killing one of the Forsaken (Moghedien) - Healing of Severing - Rediscover Healing using the Five Powers - Minor ability to feel emotions of of Ter'Angreal Short: She's Badass
  6. Ik heb maar eens alvast mijn nieuwe mobiele telefoon (iPhone 5) besteld... februari loopt mijn huidige pas af, maar dan heb ik het vast gehad (plus ze hebben nog tijd nodig voor het hele nummerbehoud en contract overname dus beter te vroeg dan te laat)

  7. Playing Dishonered at the moment. I've got mixed feelings so far I'm not that far yet though
  8. I finished the reread yesterday... As for the rings, I think that Gawyn might be able to use them because of the warder band, the benefit he gets might stop the blood "poison" What I find "good" about that though is that he still regards Egwene as a full Aes Sedai because if he did trust her. He could show her 1 ring and let Elayne, or Aviendha figure out how the rings work. Yet he probably thinks the Aes Sedai will "demand" the right of owning the rings because they are Ter'Angreal. It might proof helpful for avoiding the future Aviendha saw at her Wise One Passage in Rhuidean? And who was that woman Aviendha met during her travels to Rhuidean? Gawyn starts as a very unbalanced character but remember he has been in a division ever since Gathering Storms where he had to choose between the younglings and the Tower Guards, then next to that the person he loves is in Aes Sedai politics. I think the whole purpose for these 2 in the books was to set them to the last battle no matter what their believes. They both are in a very emotional state in ToM, where their motives are being questioned by other people but also by themselves. They both get "Advice" from persons they admire/respect most. Gawyn from Gareth Bryne/Siun and Elayne. Galad from his stepmother Morgase Trakand. There is so much going on in this book to wrap things up My most favorite part of this book is the part where Perrin makes a power wrought weapon. That is some excellent writing right there.
  9. didn't Rand open a portal to TAR ? or at least he was there in the flesh and found out about Aes Sedai in Salidar
  10. I also believe that one of the reasons Nyneave is so strong is because of her profeciency in all the five powers and maybe because of her bonds to all 3 Ta'veren.There are two know Aes Sedai surpassing Nyneave in the one power is Alivia a former Damane and Sharina Sedai an older woman novice/accepted that joined in salidar. Although her stuborness is also a part of it
  11. That TAR Theory does sound plausible and would make sens for most events during that part (like you said being wherever it needed to be). The first theory could be true too, It was the first book lots of aspects still had to be defined (although Jordan was thorough) the second theory - Rand would have to have the Dark One's permission on this (or so people say) we still don't know if the dark one wants that the last time rand used the TP agains Semirhage theories are because of his Link to moridin that he could access it. we still don't have a definitve answer as far as I know.
  12. Hmm, I'm currently re-reading Towers of Midnight. (started after my own post) and yes it seems the pattern is thinner. So you could be right on it. Being Ta'veren maybe gives you certain powers maybe Rand knows of a way to bend it at his will indeed. That sounds very plausible, but then again like I said If he could bend the pattern like that, why not bend it so that it makes him win? It must be difficult and dangerous. It would also be very bad for the whole story I think. It does make for an interesting idea though
  13. Project X - What the storm...

  14. I actually have 3 phones (Only 1 has a Plan, the other 2 have Data plans) - iPhone 5 (Personal phone) - iPhone 4S (Data Plan phone) - Samsung Galaxy SIII (Data Plan Phone) I'm an app developer so gotta test on multiple devices. I don't really have a big preference, I generally like the iPhone better because of the connectivity in between Devices (I own 2 Macbooks, an iMac and AppleTV and 3 iPads) Which allows me to share basically all my music, videos, photos, documents etc in the cloud. I love Android for it's Tweakiness (it's not a word I know) but I don't generally do much with it which basically makes it the same as an iPhone (or vice versa) So yeah...I like them all to be honest
  15. I was able to download it through Audible with my own information so European users can download through Audible (Netherlands btw)
  16. I just downloaded it from the Netherlands, I entered my real info! I'm listening to it now!
  17. I don't think that is the case, if this would be true then the whole purpose of the pattern would be useless. if Rand would find out how to do this or even do this at random he could either finish this whole thing and be done with it or break the whole world. No I think this is just a early idea error too. It's also not the true power, cause even in that shape in the Eye of the World Rand would've noticed it.
  18. This could prove very difficult. You could create something like google does with their translate api. after spacebar is pressed typing a word in english, the api translates it to the chosen language. The problem with this is that you would need to make a very good font (can be done and create it in .otf/.ttf) and very good reference for translation. It is definitely an idea I might look into in my spare time. (creating a base for the translating process not the actual font and translation) EDIT: Here is a quick test, this does not use any javascript (except for the interactive demo) Basically it uses the @font-face capability in css3 to add the custom font to a h1 tag (or any other if you wish) as long as you use <h1 class="alethi"> for the h1 class then it will work it isn't very accurate though. here is the git: EDIT 2: Finally check it on github:
  19. Ofcourse I'm on goodreads!
  20. For me it's a Heroic Fantasy book by David Gemmell (may he rest in peace) called : Sword in the Storm (Rigante Series) In regards to Heroic fantasy (and Character development) I think he had his writing perfected for him. It's very based on principals and human error, he let's you feel for the character. It's very difficult for me to tell how much I like Gemmell, just because all of his books mean so much to me personally. On the other hand if you like intricate worlds and a lot of well explained fighting tactics (be it swords, axes or whole armies) Gemmell has a very good way of putting it down to paper that let's you imagine it exactly in your head. On a Fantasy level. Anything from the Wheel of Time and Mistborn.
  21. Hello everybody. So I came across this site because mr Sanderson posted a link to it on his Facebook I never had heard of this site but when I clicked and saw that it was a fansite for anything Brandon Sanderson I immediatly registered. My name is Shuyinsan (or Patrick whatever you prefer) and I am a huge sci-fi/Fantasy fan. I love to program in every code I can (HTML, PHP, OBJ-C, Javascrip, C, C++ etc etc) Most people call me a Nerd or iPatty (probably because I have alot of Apple stuff) while I'm not an Apple Fanatic. Anyway I started reading sci-fi fantasy with books of David Gemmell (Sword in the Storms was the first) The went and read Sword of Truth, Wheel of Time, Song of Fire and Ice the big series. From Mr Sanderson I read almost every book (Mistborn, WoK(SA), WB, Elantris, IB, Legion etc etc) I love how Brandon creates the whole aspect of the worlds and his characters in it. I also Admire him for being so loyal to his fans, this guy goes around the world finishing up one of the great series (WoT) and while doing that manages to play Magic, Ghost Autographs books in stores, goes to Cons, Writes dozen novels/novella's in between and also write scripts for games (IB) that is alot! Anyway I'm rattling Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all on the forums! Patrick
  22. Thank you for the welcomes! And I do have some previous experience with VB but that has been a while ago. (school times) Dare I say I am an Allround programmer, my current job (now for 2 years and 4 months) had me programming stuff like: • iPad/iPhone (Objective-C, C) • Webbased (Javascript, PHP, Node.js, mySQL) • Facebook stuff with Django • Ruby on Rails (big imagebank servers) • Android (Java) Next to the professional coding jobs I also do stuff in my own time for the let's say "automated" stuff in python and or shell. Now enough bragging hehe, If you ever need some different perspective on a piece of code I'm always willing to help