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  1. I agree that there's a special bond between Adolin and Maya and in the next book that bond will probably develop. But, i think that being friendly to your brother or helping someone just because you are passing by is trying a bit too hard to fit him in Edgedancers, and there's the murder of Sadeas that goes against the Edgedancers ideals (loving and healing).
  2. If Adolin were to become a radiant, i think he would fit best with the Dustbringers or Stonewards. I think people try too hard to fit him as a Edgedancer just because his shardblade is a Cultivationspren deadeye.
  3. I agree with with @agrabes that Venli may not be in group one. In a recent interview Brandon said that RoW was Venli/Eshonai flashbacks but another caracter was the main character. Also, this is the first book where the flashback character is not one of the main characters, these being Kaladin, Shallan and Dalinar, so the structure might be different.
  4. I agree that there is big evidence that points to Navani, as @ChickenLiberty showed. But I don't think researching fabrials or building new weapons for the war will make her the main character. In all previous books, the main character goes through a major personal arc, at this point I just don't see Navani going through a arc like Dalinar did in OB or Kaladin in WoK. My main candidates are Rlain and Adolin. Rlain because this book is supposed to be the singers book and instead of just following Venli we can follow both of them. Adolin because at the end of OB, he admits killing Sadeas and refuses to be king a decision that goes against his father which he idolizes and was trying to emulate. Finding out that Dalinar was not the man he thought will be a big shock. All this while being married to Shallan and having to fight a war. I know that this book is the Willshaper book and large part of the community thinks Adolin will be a Edgedancer, i personally don't agree with the theory.
  5. If Helaran was a Ghostblood for long wouldn't he have a tattoo or something with the symbol. Amaram had access to the body and still has doubts, i'm assuming he didn't find the tattoo.
  6. Kaladin is Hoid descendent. There's a scene in WoR where Wit/Hoid says "There's a spark of wit in you" and Kaladin immediately thinks that it came from his mother.
  7. horror

    Dalinar is already high king of Urithiru and the shattered plains and as long the alethi highprinces are in Dalinar territory they are under his command, which technically also makes him king of Alethkar. This was Elhokar proclamation in chapter 12 of OB, which he sign before leaving to Kholinar. The proclamation also states that the king of Alethkar is a vassal to the high king. The document itself wasn't revealed but i assume Jasnah as queen is under the same conditions. This raises the question, who is Dalinar successor? If we go by the traditional method, Adolin would be the heir but Urithiru is the city of Radiants so it makes sense that the heir has to be a Radiant. So is Renarin the heir to Urithiru or do you think the Radiants would want another way to choose their king? I agree with OP that Kaladin leadership skills and social views would make him more likely to be the next king after Dalinar dies or ascends or whatever.
  8. Shards are bound by their word, that's why Honor advises Dalinar to enforce a duel of champions. Unless Taravangian breaks the agreement first i don't see a way Odium can get out of it.
  9. I was rereading OB and in the end Odium meets Taravangian and they make a deal in which the Diagram will work for Odium and in return Odium will spare anyone born in Kharbranth, their spouse and the city itself. I think this deal will be very important in the resolution of the first arc. 1 - There's the popular theory that Mr. T is a plant by Cultivation, i think the diagram was Cultivation way to bind Odium to an agreement which he, as a shard, has to follow as long as Taravangian keeps his word. 2 - This deal makes Odium ineffective against someone who was born in Kharbranth or their spouse. So i was trying to find some important character that was born in Kharbranth and was not Taravangian until i found one Hesina, Kaladin's mom. 3 - We know Hesina is not from Hearthstone and from some conversations in WoK we can assume she was born in a city, we also know Lirin lived in Kharbranth from a long time. So we can assumed they met there. 4 - We don't know when they returned to Hearthstone, i didn't find anything saying that Kaladin birth was in Hearthstone. And we know one of Kaladin grandparents is lighteyes, perhaps they were the ones who named him when they were still in Kharbranth. So in conclusion Cultivation plan was to force Odium to compromise with Taravangian, so that she could give an advantage to Kaladin, which might be Honor's champion.
  10. I agree with both of you @Pathfinder and @Calderis. I agree with @Pathfinder in that you don't need to be a radiant to be important, I believe Adolin, in his role as Highprince, can be of the same or more importance than any radiant. I agree with @Calderis in that Adolin was teached to lead from the front so he will be in a position of danger, when fighting in the shattered plains he was mostly targeted by parshendi, in which he hold the advantage because he was a shardbearer, now he will be targeted by fused and thundercasts losing that advantage. If he is to fight in the front and survive without powers, he needs, at least, a very good bodyguard. Because when fighting against a fused in OB and Szeth in WoR he lost both and being the leader of the army makes you a target.
  11. I think it relates with his bond to Syl. Has far as we know, Syl was the only honorspren "alive" when Honor/Tanavast died, perhaps before his death Tanavast did something to her, like he did with the Stormfather.
  12. The argument that anybody can bond a spren is to ambiguous. Yes, anyone can be a radiant as long as they bond a spren, but I don't see a spren bonding with someone because they are nice or have family members with a established bond. Spren will only bond with someone that as the potential to advance in their order oaths. Example, if Maia ends up bonding with Adolin and he is not fit to swear edgedancer oaths, they will be stuck at the first oath. The reason why someone takes responsability is important, in Adolin's case he took it to escape from being king.
  13. I agree with you, what pissed me off the most was the easy resolution, the "She just reminded me off my brother" or the "I never really liked him, Veil did". I think both are lies and seems like a easy way to wrap things up. I disagree with you in one thing, I finished rereading OB some weeks ago and noticed things that make me believe the Kaladin/Shallan relashionship is not as dead as people think. Hopefully the next books will answer. In relation to other possible Kaladin romances, Tarah seems to be the more likely option, after that possible cameo in Urithiru. Laral seems unlikely after OB and Jasnah right know is just speculation.
  14. theory

    In my opinion what Adolin did was not Machiavellian. For me, a Machiavellian plans for the long game taking unorthodox means if necessary, like Jasnah. Adolin killed Sadeas because he was provoked and got angry. Which is understandable in that circumstances, but doesn't make it right. I don't see Adolin becoming a Radiant in the near future, the way he handled the "I killed Sadeas" to Dalinar as an excuse to not be king was, imho, not very Radiant like.
  15. I think Kaladin tried to take advantage of a tradition he didn't fully understand and got punished by it. I understand why he did it and agree that he shouldn't have tried it. I can understand why people blame Kaladin for ruining the chance to kill Sadeas, but without Kaladin the Kholins would have lost all their shards, Adolin and Renarin would at least be seriously injured and Sadeas would be in a position to take control. So for me he still is the MVP of the duel, his team is losing badly and he carries then to a victory, not a complete victory but still a good one. I didn't like how the Kholins get the win, without any consequence, after being checkmated by Sadeas. And Elhokar still blames Kaladin for not killing Sadeas.