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  1. I agree with you, what pissed me off the most was the easy resolution, the "She just reminded me off my brother" or the "I never really liked him, Veil did". I think both are lies and seems like a easy way to wrap things up. I disagree with you in one thing, I finished rereading OB some weeks ago and noticed things that make me believe the Kaladin/Shallan relashionship is not as dead as people think. Hopefully the next books will answer. In relation to other possible Kaladin romances, Tarah seems to be the more likely option, after that possible cameo in Urithiru. Laral seems unlikely after OB and Jasnah right know is just speculation.
  2. theory

    In my opinion what Adolin did was not Machiavellian. For me, a Machiavellian plans for the long game taking unorthodox means if necessary, like Jasnah. Adolin killed Sadeas because he was provoked and got angry. Which is understandable in that circumstances, but doesn't make it right. I don't see Adolin becoming a Radiant in the near future, the way he handled the "I killed Sadeas" to Dalinar as an excuse to not be king was, imho, not very Radiant like.
  3. I think Kaladin tried to take advantage of a tradition he didn't fully understand and got punished by it. I understand why he did it and agree that he shouldn't have tried it. I can understand why people blame Kaladin for ruining the chance to kill Sadeas, but without Kaladin the Kholins would have lost all their shards, Adolin and Renarin would at least be seriously injured and Sadeas would be in a position to take control. So for me he still is the MVP of the duel, his team is losing badly and he carries then to a victory, not a complete victory but still a good one. I didn't like how the Kholins get the win, without any consequence, after being checkmated by Sadeas. And Elhokar still blames Kaladin for not killing Sadeas.
  4. I agree with @agrabes, particularly in the show vs tell debate. There's a scene in OB when Shallan embarrasses herself to attract shamespren and the only person who notices is Kaladin. My point is, if Shallan and Adolin spend so much time together he should be picking this hints. The conclusion to the triangle still fells very odd to me for various reasons. The main one being the Helaran subplot not being resolved. To the OP question, i fell Tarah is going to be important in Kaladin moving forward.
  5. The known way is the Kaladin-Syl route, swearing an oath. I don't think it applies to Adolin. In the last chapter of OB, Dalinar says he wants to find a home to oathbringer. Which makes me believe he will try to revive her using his bondsmith powers. If he is successful, perhaps he can help Maya.
  6. No, she will be in strategy meetings and maintaining the highprinces in check. Gavilar was in the front lines when uniting Alethkar and Elhokar was in the Shattered Plains not Kholinar.
  7. I disagree, Alethkar is an occupied state and i don't see the alethi highprinces staying in Urithiru. They will take their armies to recover their lands. Someone will have to lead and rule the highprinces and that is the queen's role. If Jasnah was to stay in Urithiru researching the heralds and hunting the ghostbloods, i don't see the point of her becoming queen of Alethkar.
  8. I think Venli is in group 2 for two main reasons. 1 - acording to the newest update all of group 2 is finished and Brandon is considering which character fits the flashbacks better before writing then. Perhaps he wrote all Venli POVs to decide which flashback character fits better with the current day storyline. 2 - Brandon said, in another update, that RoW structure would be more similar to WoK than WoR or OB. He also said that in WoK Kaladin storyline was one group and Dalinar storyline was a diferent group. So same location may not mean the same group. Group 1 - Kaladin, Shallan, Jasnah, Adolin and another character, perhaps a new POV. I personaly would like to know more about the other Highprinces. Group 2 - Venli and Leshwi or a new Fused. Group 3 - Dalinar and Navani.
  9. I still think Kaladin x Shallan will be a thing, just don't know when I believe Tarah is going to appear next book, she still have a role to play.
  10. For me a great example of a chekhov's gun is Hoid's flute. It's been referenced many times that ignoring it would violate chekhov's gun. Foreshadowing is something way more subtle that most of the readers only pickup on a reread.
  11. Was Syl the only honorspren alive after the Recriance? If so, the new ones were created before or after Honor death?
  12. I agree, don't believe either Kaladin or Shallan will die before saying their fifth oath/truth.