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  1. Why didn't Ruin just use the steel inquisitors to look for the atium? He relied on Vin to look for the Atium for him. Yet he was never sure if she was leading him in the right direction. Marsh showed up in Fedrax when Vin assumed Yomen had the stash. He then followed her to Lutherdel in the same hope. Wouldn't it make more sense to just send his inquisitors to look for the cache? He was aware of the storage caverns, at least about the one in Lutherdel. Marsh showing up to stop Sazed at the entrance of the storage cavern proves that at the end of WoA. Marsh has also proved that he can read things written in metal when he intercepts Spook's message in HoA. So Marsh could have just read the metal plates TLR left behind and followed the clues to the next city on so on. He could have accessed the caverns more easily then Vin. Ruin would have been more certain also find out if TLR had set any traps for him or clues to defeat him. Your thoughts??