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  1. People Who Make Decisions Based On Their Calculations Answer:
  2. I'm having trouble thinking of a situation in which Armageddon would do anything but help the Endbringers. That being said, if he really did want to for some reason he'd probably throw away the lives of a ridiculous number of people without it making any difference. Also, hi! I haven't been on here for a while.
  3. soooooo what's up
  4. this thread But she soon forgave him.
  5. gosh this is excessive Deceived by the ghost of Death, who probably died somewhere in the last 804 pages.
  6. I really really really shouldn't join this, but I really want to. But I won't. If you want pinch hitters though I can be one of those. Or I could just take a spec doc if you don't need pinch hitters.
  7. Quality 3000th post right there. I'm pretty sure I'm an Elsecaller. Maybe not though! I really like Bondsmiths, they're cool.
  8. I'm also doing it! My novel doesn't have a title cause I have trouble with titles, but it's basically the only two people to invent time travel competing for literally just controlling everything ever.
  9. I might be exaggerating a little bit. It honestly isn't that bad, I think I'm just a point right now where my writing is rapidly increasing in quality, so I tend to see all the ways I could've done better a month after. It's not that it was bad per se, I just look at the negatives more than the positives sometimes. That said, I really liked Tish from the horror thread. Of course the inevitable inactivity and character death happened, but I liked for for as long as I had her!
  10. this is all my characters ever. literally all of them. I have never once wrote a character I didn't think this about a few weeks later.
  11. I mean that was actually me expressing my mind going blank at the concept of some of them, especially the first one, but thanks for the clarification anyways.
  12. what what what what what what ... ... ... what
  13. I mean one I was really just saying it for the joke, not because I thought that's actually how it works. But two the highspren and and Radiant may not interpret 'laws of physics that way' and three one could think of it as the laws for the Physical Realm as opposed to the laws for how the universe at large works.