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  1. I'll bring thissentenceinwhichitalkfastwhichformstherequiredconditionstobringitin.
  2. I'll bring the word "I'll."
  3. I didn't read everything. Just, like, one or two pages. I just didn't want to bother reading everything.
  4. Heheheh. What thread is this from?
  5. 10/10 best meme on this whole thread
  6. Welp I finally looked it up out of frustration. I'll fail to bring my shame and guilt.
  7. Harold was all like "yeah ok" and then he killed himself. After he killed himself it turned out he was actually Lil' Cal all along.
  8. Headcanon where 'Who's Hoid' is an entry in literally every characters search history.
  9. They used sodium spikes distilled from the salt water of the oceans.
  10. Gross Original Word: Old
  11. To clarify, this is Joel's ability in terms of pure knowledge and skill and Melody's ability to control chalklings? Or some other combination?
  12. Dude's definitely gender neutral. Actually I called my 6 year old sister dude today and we went through this exact same conversation.