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  1. *unsure whether I'm still allowed to just do random crem in this thread* So he enlisted the help of Hal Jordan to help him.
  2. *episodic short form mistborn tv show flashes through my mind in this style* *it is glorious* This looks amazing! I love the style and the animation looks really cool.
  3. Loved the show! I'm gonna get around to reading the books at some point. I think. I'm assuming people here think I should?
  4. Wait, what? Flash bullying Peter and being obsessed with Spiderman is one of the main Flash traits, from what I've seen. Admittedly I'm mainly thinking of Ultimate Spider-Man, the Disney show, and I haven't seen the older movies recently, but that's always been something I strongly associate with Flash. Like people have said, Mysterio was obvious. Although honestly I thought his story was partially true but he was just evil from another dimension, which honestly kind of annoyed me cause I feel like that has too much potential for abuse in the MCU. Also I didn't like that the spoilers showed M.J. figuring out Peter's identity. That's all.
  5. *casually plugs hpmor for now reason except that it's a web serial like worm and also literally my favorite piece of fiction I've ever read* Anyways has anything happened?
  6. Oh yes, same. Kind of. July 3rd through July 7th I'm camping and I don't want to have to write my roast on my flip phone.
  7. Why do you have Have I Been Pwned as your website URL?

    1. Archer


      For a while, my url was a link to a walrus meme. While unashamedly hilarious, it was ultimately just a meme. So, I decided that if I'm going to advertise something, it might as well be a worthwhile website to promote. is an actual website. It's premise is that you can tell it your email address, and it will tell you if it knows of any entries on the dark web that mention it. It's the site that told me that one of my old emails had been caught up in a data breach connected to a virtual classroom site I used back in... grade 8? Sometime around then. Suffice to say, that served as ample inspiration for me to change my passwords away from variants of the one that had been exposed. I figured if it was useful for me, it might help some other people as well. I highly recommend checking it out.

      Good question. 

    2. Kidpen


      Alright, makes sense. I used Have I Been Pwned a while ago and definitely needed to change a ton of passwords. I was just wondering if you own the website or something.

      Also, the walrus meme was indeed hilarious.

  8. I believe you're actually thinking of IW.
  9. Granted. However, changing the past resulted in a chain of events that resulted in the destruction of the universe as we know it. (side note, I never thought that I'd be the one on that side of that wish) I wish @Archer hadn't wished that I had asked for a boon.
  10. @Sunbird and you would be friends I think. Good luck with stuff! Your second bird is amazing.
  11. Dang. I noticed that and wondered if it would make anyone suspicious. Kudos to you. Also, thanks Alv for running the game!
  12. I enjoyed that a lot! Trying to come up with clever actions to take was fun. @Elandera so how'd you know I was only pretending to be a zombie?
  13. Granted. However, every power is avatar style bending of a different type of noodle.
  14. Hmm. Meta zombie again? Strange. Meta sure there is reason, but can't seem to remember.