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  1. I'm not getting involved in the main convo (that's a lie I'm absolutely going to get involved later) but you're absolutely not asking too much. If you haven't seen this wob: So he is absolutely planning to include more characters and protagonists that fall under one of the spectrums eventually, it's just that he's worried about doing it right. I understand if people disagree with me but I think he's doing his best when it comes to LGBTQ+ characters and I appreciate it, even if he's not at a point yet where he's confident enough to write a more major character as LGBTQ+. Ack it's getting real difficult to not respond to some of the above comments but I'll resist until tomorrow when I'm on a computer at least.
  2. Oh heck I haven't posted yet today. I demand a lynch, and am almost indifferent as to who gets it between those two, so StrikerEZ.
  3. ???? Am I misunderstanding this somehow? It looks like an implied elim claim. I suppose it could just be saying that Joe's reasoning is valid but wrong, but that seems unlikely given the response you've had to Joe thus far.
  4. Arthur Smedry looked around in terror. Just moments earlier, he had seen and heard a mysterious apparition within one of his private discussion areas. He could be wrong, but it seemed, perhaps, to have been... The ghost of the 30th president, @Calvin Coolidge! But no, that's nonsense. Everyone knows that the 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, isn't real. Even if he was real, everyone knows that the ghost of the 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, would be even less real then the president himself. But then again, there were all those legends from the free kingdom about the 30th president, Calvin Coolidge. Perhaps they had some truth to them... No, of course not. A scholar such as Arthur had never payed any mind to those legends. The one about the 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, that is. Perhaps it was just a trick of the light. Or a trick by some mischievous person, intending to make Arthur believe that the 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, was haunting him. Yes, that surely is the answer.
  5. Unless it's different for me somehow, you can always sign in with your email. I just checked, and on the sign in page it says 'Username or Email Address'. Even if it doesn't, just try entering your email where you would enter your username.
  6. That is true. I meant to write 'although it also generally seemed that Elkanah was a pretty reasonable candidate for the lynch.'
  7. I was very clear throughout in my high preference for lynching over jailing, and I wanted to guarantee that would happen. That was my main reason, although it also generally seemed I'd like to point out that Elkanah's edit seems to very clearly imply there was only one Crystal Knight. Whether we should take that as it seems or assume Elkanah is misleading us deliberately, I'm not entirely sure. Edit: Also, Elkanah couldn't have converted anybody yet. The rules say 'That is, conversion is available Nights 1, 3, 5, 7... assuming every possible conversion occurs.' Meaning, as I interpret it, that conversion is a night action that wouldn't have taken place yet.
  8. Alright, the Sart vote is dying off and I didn't love it to begin with. However, Elkanah seems like a wonderful lynch to me for similar reasons to everyone else that I will try to outline before the end of the cycle, and plus it seems to be the best candidate for an actual lynch rather then a jailing.
  9. Elandera(1): The_God_KingKynedath(1): FifthSart(1): xinoCoda(1): Sart 6 hours until the end and we have 4 different votes on 4 different people. Obviously this is an undesirable situation. It seems to me that locking someone up is not at all helpful, we get no information from it. With that in mind, I'm going to vote for Sart. I don't think Coda's codes are alignment indicative, and I dislike Sarts vote on him. Plus to me it feels likely that an elim might want to divide the vote even further by voting for someone not already being voted for. That being said I do understand the feeling of being desperate to vote on someone, and I'd very much like a lynching rather than a locking up this cycle, so if one of the other candidates gets another vote I might move to them.
  10. Did I miss something specifying what information is released if someone is locked up and how much if they are lynched? Cause I didn't see it specified in the rules, although I thought I remembered someone saying that all roles and alignment are revealed in either case. Other question. Do you guys think we should be using our pm abilities as much as possible, or as little as possible, or only when we actually want to communicate with someone? Any elims might be covered if we all started making PMs, but also any power roles for the village would be. Last thing, maybe we should tell each of our starting pm people who the other is? I feel like that could provide useful information, although I may be forgetting something.
  11. Hello folks! I exist, and that's about all I have to say for this moment.
  12. Why is the flavor like this exactly? I don't remember any pillars like that in the book.
  13. I have discussed with Joe and Wilson and decided to keep the world and setting, although sel was actually going to be my second choice.
  14. I would like to help with this! I love board games, I've played a ton of them. This would be after the stormlight game, but an Alcatraz bluffing game comes to mind as a possibility.
  15. To clarify, can multiple special basic mechanics be established? Assuming they're straightforward enough you don't veto them?