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  1. Elend is a pedo? Since when?
  2. Hello yes my bad. Blightbringer the Devout. (not sure if that's what I was supposed to do but it's what I'm going with.)
  3. So presumably adoption either depends on the exact situation, or never works at all.
  4. Billions of viewers tune in.
  5. As do I... I think maybe Megan is planning a strategic takeover of our world. (slight necro but who cares this sub isn't used that much)
  6. That was a weird situation. Shane actually did it, killing himself.
  7. TLT character.
  8. It caused everybody to die.
  9. Granted. However they all wish the same wish and it is the same wish that the first wisher in the wishing thread wished. I wish for some chocolate ice cream.
  10. Yep. Probably too many. That's definitely a regret I have.
  11. Devotary of Spontaneity has died! He was a Northern Aristocrat! The Southern Scadrians outnumber the Northern Aristocrats, and have therefore won! Elim doc: Spec/Dead doc: Master spreadsheet: (fair warning, this one is super messy. I'll fix it up later.) Player List: I'll post my thoughts later.
  12. And that's game. Aftermath might take me a little while, fair warning.