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  1. I'd like a spec doc, or I'll be a player if by some miracle it gets extended to the Saturday after that Monday or later.
  2. On that subject, if a dead person could link that doc, I would like to see that as well!
  3. Oh gosh, that was incredibly close. Thanks BR for the game! We all totally understand that you got busy, it's perfectly understandable. That was a hard game. I was not at all confident in the Striker lynch, and honestly that could've gone completely wrong. Plus one to wanting to see the spec and elim docs at your earliest convenience, @BrightnessRadiant! No rush though!
  4. I built some backpack hangers for 10 teachers at my old elementary school. I'll post pictures later.
  5. ,I just became an Eagle Scout! The LDS church separated from BSA as of the beginning of this year, and I had been using that to participate in it, so I kind of had a deadline to finish it unless I wanted to pay. For a little while I thought I might not have made it, but then I did! Honestly right now I'm just glad I'm finally done.
  6. Off the top of my head? Alright. First, although I would geel like it's a bad idea to make any wish at all from this strange thing, I would wish that I would be able to fully understand all the consequences resulting from a wish before making it. Second I would wish for omnipotence (no saying that it's arrogant to think I would do the best for the world, it's no less arrogant to make wishes at all. If I'm omnipotent, I can make myself make the right decisions.) Third doesn't matter.
  7. @BrightnessRadiant quick clarification, the exact wording in the original post seems to imply that even if there are an equal number of traitors and loyals, the traitors still won't win until they outnumber the loyals. Is this accurate, or will they still win even if the numbers are equal (say 1 loyal and one elim)?
  8. Alright. The more I look at the thread, the more I'm convinced that Striker is the elim. Kynedath's posts feel good to me and her voting patterns are a lot better too. @Elandera and @Kynedath both of you should vote.
  9. Another thing that I really should've noted in advance is that Lemon told only Elandera about knifing Elkanah in advance, and if she's an elim she could've just submitted the kill instead of Elkanah. I'd say honestly she's practically cleared, so it just comes down to Kynedath and Striker (and me I guess). I'll submit a vote and a full analysis in the next 8 hours, but I've got stuff happening right now so not at this exact moment. Edit: Ack, I'm sorry, I was tired last night and had school the next day so I went to bed. I will put up something real soon.
  10. Nice.
  11. Winning because it's almost 12:30 AM and I'm bored because I should be working on stuff but I'm not.