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  1. Hmm. Is there a way to follow an album? Cause I don't want to miss more of these.
  2. Yeah, that's on you. Literally everybody saw that coming.
  3. Suburbs of Arizona. Not exactly wilderness here.
  4. Huh, interesting. I also don't get bitten by mosquitoes very often, but I don't feel like I get a lot of spider bites. Then again, there aren't all that many spiders where I live.
  5. I'm not convinced. I still think it's Telsin.
  6. But then he forgot to add the pine.
  7. Could you post the WoB you're talking about here?
  8. Tish died, then burned.
  9. horror

  10. horror

    Hey. Just gonna put an FYI here that I'm putting my character, Tish, up for adoption. I'm just going to be killing her off soon if nobody takes her, so.... yeah. I really though I could stay active, and I wish I could because I have enjoyed participating the few times I have, but apparently I can't.
  11. No, people were objecting because this thread is very old and hasn't been used in a while. Personally I'd say you're fine in this case.
  12. Our dog is named Luna. I win.
  13. I was a Gryffindor last time I took the Pottermore test, but honestly I don't identify with that house at all. Gryffindors tend to be adventurous/curious/passionate to a fault, and honestly I wish that Neville and Hermione had been put in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw respectively so we got some more interaction with the other houses. And it couldn't have hurt to have at least one consistent good guy in Slytherin (Snape and Malfoy don't count).