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  1. Did you personally make your pfp? 

    1. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      Oh no, that wasn't me. It was... someone. I can't remember who, actually. :huh: There was a thread where they were Photoshopping pun-filled profile pictures for various members. I think I'm the only one still using the pic from back then.

  2. Happy birthday @thegatorgirl00!
  3. Evil was in the crowd and was very surprised to hear this.
  4. Somebody's sudden flood of knowledge was coupled with the knowledge that Anybody does not no how to play.
  5. Happy, happy birthday, 

    may all your dreams come true!

    We wish it was our birthday,

    so we could party too!

    -courtesy of Applebee’s staff 

  6. Everyone sighed and tried to slog through this unnecessarily confusing wordplay.
  7. Granted. You steal luck from everyone around you. Because of the "really", everyone in the world but you has extremely bad luck, and die very quickly.
  8. These specific walls held up the self confidence of Uncle Brandy.
  9. Archer's canonization deceived everybody, including Nobody, Somebody, and Everybody.
  10. The wall did not break, exposing Archer for the fraud that he is. I'm sorry for picking on you today Archer.
  11. Archer forgot to put it in last time the mimes rebuilt.