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  1. Gonna unfollow this. I'll finally be free.
  2. My main thought is that maybe you could just use the scroll wheel to choose metals?
  3. This is a really cool project! I'm curious, are you planning to put this on or gamejolt or any other such game sharing website? Or just keep it as a download on here? Both are cool, mostly just wondering!
  4. Huh. Alright then. Slightly worried about this but I mean I appreciate that people are actually voting now.
  5. Posting again cause this has a vote. I'm not in love with these lynch options, but I'm even less in love with every other lynch option. Between the two of them, I think Mist is the better option. Plus I feel very strongly about preventing vote manip.
  6. I don't like this situation. Give me a minute to look at some of mist and walins post. I know I haven't been active but everyone else is supposed to be better than me!
  7. Not sure how you know that, but based on that I agree that you should reveal to the thread @Ashbringer
  8. I have, in fact, misunderstood. I maintain that hunting elims is overall the better strategy, but I'm not like actively opposed to hunting the kandra in that case.
  9. Oh hey good job everyone. 2/? done. I'm back now. Quick thought, I don't think kandra hunting would be super productive. If we lynch the kandra someone else just becomes the kandra, yes? And the kandra is defeated anyways if we kill all the elims. Even if we did find the kandra and decided to keep them alive or something, they could just kill themself and we'd be back to where we started, right? Or have I misunderstood something?
  10. Happy birthday @WeiryWriter!
  11. Oh just saw your post above. Ok. That seems like a reasonable and villagery reason to vote on XP. This, however, seems a bit off. I shall investigate more to determine the Vibes.
  12. I'm vibing with ash so no. On the other hand, where did the XP lynch come from? That seems moderately unsavory to me.
  13. So uh. I may have made a huge mistake. My dad informed me a couple hours ago that we're going on a work trip, to a place I won't have any service. I realize this puts me as overall not that great of a pinch hitter, but if I'm lucky I'll be able to comment right after rollover tomorrow and then be back halfway through the day. If I'm unlucky I'll be unable to see the shard well before rollover and I'll get back well after rollover the following day. I'll try as hard as I can to make the first scenario the thing that happens. I really am sorry about this, sometimes my schedule does things that I couldn't have predicted.
  14. Pyro it's just the vibes. I don't know what else you want out of me pyro. Are the vibes not enough for you? Actually though, I feel like this game has reached a point of complexity that any attempt on my part to go by actual evidence is doomed to failure, or at least doomed to have 50% or less odds. Even in the last couple games I've played where it was significantly less complex, my attempts to think through things and second guess my gut feelings have led to me not lynching a single elim. So this time I'm changing things up. It's all about the vibes now pyro.