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  1. On that section, he was discussing whether or not the point I made affected his read on ME, as evidenced by the fact he rated the post NAI. I could have interpreted that wrong though. For low activity players, I don't recall that. I've made several posts about how I don't like lynching HIGH activity players though, which is probably what you're remembering. For the offensive bit, you'll recall there was a big blowback when I said I was going to be posting less this game, which was actually a decision I made before joining. So I posted more, but wasn't sure what to post about, and there was suspicion on me, so I was defensive. THEN people said I was too defensive, and so I should be more offensive. And now you're saying I'm too offensive. I guess I just should settle in the middle? Is that what people are telling me? Id even k anymore LOL.
  2. I don't support all three lynches, and Karnage's back and forth has discussed several times. Even Orlok acknowledges that there's a point to it, as viewed in his review of post #177. He states that I made a good observation, though that doesn't make me more or less likely to be a Constable in that particular case. I have also stated several times that while I'm slightly suspicious of Straw, I am against lynching active voters early for a variety of reasons, and several other people are more suspicious than he. I have not posted any thoughts on the Sart lynch that I can recall, and I have said that some of TGK's stuff was shifty. That's one of three.
  3. I don't understand. Was that an attempted tag?
  4. I like how your post just repeats stuff that other people have said. Several people think Karnage is fishy, and Straw and Sart are two other frontrunners currently. Your post is just trying to blend in by restating popular opinions, which is a very suspicious tactic for someone not under a lot of pressure.
  5. Thanks. Also, for people who don't get the joke, 108 is the 'arbitrary number' in japan, which doesn't have a good cultural equivalent here. Think like 13, except neutral instead of unlucky.
  6. Check again. I don't know about the rest of your list, but I'm actually neutral on straw. Yeah, he was after me for a bit, but he actually explained what he wanted me to do. He's been consistent, which is my big concern with Karnage, and he's explained what he wants me to do instead of just saying he's suspicious of me, unlike Orlok. He's good enough that it could all be fake, and there are some other problems with him, but right now lots of others are worse IMO.
  7. ...damnation. Thought that was a good idea. I still have my PM. Anyone want to talk to me more privately? I don't really know what to do with it right now.
  8. So I've been thinking, and I had an idea. This is for all the extortionists out there. When you extort somebody, target the constable kill action. As only one elim can perform the kill, and this ability FORCES the player to use that action, it might cancel out the original kill for the new one. So, if you go around redirecting people to others the village is suspicious of, you might be able to control the night kill and make it hit someone that doesn't make us lose as much when they die. Then, if we keep that elim alive, we can mostly control both the night and day kills (excluding bleeder and barkeeps), thus winning the game. However, this might not work if the elims have an extortionist as well, since I don't know how multiple redirects interact. @A Joe in the Bush, could you please tell me how this would work?
  9. I mean, my first game I tricked several people into seriously analyzing whether I was an alt account made by an older player, so if that's doable, then the reverse should be possible as well.
  10. I don't think they trust in their analysis enough, and so are just going with what more experienced players say are the right things to do. I did that in one of my earliest games. I'm suspicious of them too, but Karnage's worse, and more likely to generate some information on death. If they're an elim, maybe the whole 'team' thing could have been an attempt to connect Sart and Xilo because Sart was getting voted on and they wanted to make Xilo look innocent/guilty (depending on which way Sart flipped). That's the only real explanation for their actions I can think of.
  11. Karnage's posts seem like they're just saying whatever they need to for the moment, not justifying themselves, but coming up with excuses for their contradictions after the fact. Just Orlok I think.
  12. And yet you were just talking about how Poke Votes are useful. Emi Karnage. It feels like you're just saying whatever'll keep you alive longer, not caring about remaining consistent or having an actual point.
  13. It's fine. Straw just want to know who you're suspicious of, and I was advised to be more aggressive. So, I'm voting for you.
  14. Apparently they don't, if they wanted to retract their vote completely.
  15. You've been posting small replies, with the few actual analysis posts being largely incomprehensible. I'm still a little suspicious about Elkanah, but I think Emi is a lot more suspicious right now. Re the Straw/Xino team, I think that's unlikely. Straw has been suspicious of me, but he's been relatively clear in his intentions. Orlock has not told me what he wants me to do, or how lynching me could help the village. I think Orlock's actually more suspicious than straw right now, and like others have said, lynching active players sets a bad precedent. Xino has been a little off, but he still seems pretty clear to me. I'm not really seeing the connection between them, as waiting a bit to vote on someone while you think over their decisions is something I do all the time.