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  1. ...I should probably get into this again... What would be up with Nicroburst and Jacklyn?
  2. 6 months for the former I think? EDIT: Flame On!
  3. I'm still here...
  4. ... I mean, not really? But people don't tend to lie about that kind of thing. Makes it easier for people who know them to be like 'you don't do that!'
  5. Nah, I'm either more subtle than that, or more brazen. I don't straddle the line too often as an elim.
  6. You know, this feels like Elk the elim hedging in case the kill's blocked.
  7. entire analysis was about how if people chose the safety table, there was a good chance of us winning. Also, elim, I'd like it if you killed the other villager due to RP reasons. Thank you.
  8. I mean, I did tell you guys Ash was village. But remember, the game isn't over yet. Because of the rules on ties, even if BOTH villagers rolled something unhelpful, the elim and the villager vote on each other, and rng decides the victor.
  9. So, you're admitting you're an elim?
  10. You can apply a similar logic to my defense of Silber. Though, tbh, I have known to strongly defend villagers as an elim, it's usually because I've been collaborating with them in pms.
  11. ...did we ever get conformation that that weird action was real?
  12. ...Oh, THERE'S why I was suspicious of you. I forgot for a moment. Yes, I am voting on you. The lynch is 2-2. And it's not for being coerced, it's how I handled it. The more points, the more likely the table is to block the elim kill, or else win the game for the village in some other fashion. It doesn't account for a couple of things though, as that would take WAY too long to chart them all out. Re:Illegal table, it's almost certainly worse. It is also really hard to calculate because of Narcotics, and would be even harder if I wasn't ignoring the fact that other players can take actions here, since an extra kill would affect some of the results that you could get, as well as affect results you could only get if you chose narcotics.
  13. There's some other stuff too that Elk reads me village for, like how I defended mint at one point + stuff. Also for my earlier bits with the illegal table, and the bit where I was coerced.
  14. @Zillah, is narcotics just choosing randomly, or is it rolling a d3 to pick the table, then rolling from that? Also, messed up on survival. Fixing. EDIT: Wait, got it right. Nm.