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  1. Devotary, what do you think my normal village is? EDIT: Ninjad.
  2. In other news, a young girl named Mancia has obtained a truck full of toilet paper. How she got it remains unclear, but- WE INTERRUPT THIS BROADCAST TO DELIVER A STATEMENT FROM THE ASHYN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. If you have a disease, this is a WARNING. Research has shown diseases have a good chance of spreading through PMs. Please, PM responsibly. NOW, BACK TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING. This is true, as my 'disease' is making me paranoid that it's a symptom of something else. Maybe it's a thing where if you use the ability, the disease gets worse? But yeah, if anyone WANTS to get a minorly useful disease, PM me. I'll try to give it to you, on the condition you tell me if you catch it, and whether it changes/goes away after use/disuse.
  3. I have caught a 'disease' that is named after a common SYMPTOM. This makes me worried, as does the fact that it doesn't appear to have a downside, aside from when it's used.
  4. And this was the issue with Ashyn. People thought the illnesses were fine, but stuff went down and the cities fell. I'm saying we should take preventative measures now. It's possible that diseases have 'stages', for one, with early ones being innocent, but it turning harmful later.
  5. Nope. Well, I have an action now, but I didn't before. So much for minimizing transmission . It's not a very good one though. Also, how do people feel about tracking diseases publicly? Silber's death could be REALLY BAD for us, and public tracking could help us determine what the vector of transmission for various things is.
  6. Okay, lots of suspicion on me. For the diseases, if they spread, I reasoned that there are two/three ways that transmission might work: PMs, votes, and action targets. As the second was unlikely, I attempted to minimize contact through the other two.
  7. We know it is. That was how the ability was described in the writeup. With? You mean 'I'?
  8. I believe someone mentioned backgrounds the previous day. If they’re a village-only thing, this soft-clears them. Illwei, I think your suspicion of me and Mist is due to the end of the previous game.
  9. That’s assuming all of the outcomes had an equal chance. I tried specifically to minimize the odds of the second set of scenarios happening.
  10. This needs to be pinned.
  11. ... Oops. I meant to tie that... Can someone do some rng to see what would have happened if I DIDN’T mess up?
  12. So I'm at a crossroads here. On the one hand, I don't like betrayal. Illwei and I have been working together for a while, and I don't want to betray an alliance for no real benefit. On the other hand, the Practitioners have played pretty well this game. It wasn't too hard for me to guess the cultists, even without the help I received from Illwei, and the Practitioners were fairly consistent about hitting them with their inquisition. The Practitioners also avoided the lynch very well, leading to basically 100% Korathi lynches. True, Striker in PMs seemed a pretty obvious Practitioner, but then again, I already knew his alignment, and he had good reason to think he had leeway to be risky, as I had said that I had him basically locked as the other Korathi. So, I was in a dilemma, and I also kinda thought it would be cool to win solo. Then, I had an idea. Unfortunately, this ended up changing a bit, so I'm unable to lynch myself here, but I am able to make things more interesting AND not exactly betray anyone. @Elbereth, the game is up to you now. Pyro. Illwei, let's see if your luck holds.
  13. So to the person who PMed me, I am not responding because I am attempting to pm less to lower my chances of catching something, even if canonically the diseases give superpowers. I think the whole thing was that they give powers, but they disrupt the thing that makes the cities float? Idk. Who do you mean when you talk about lying? Also, to the thread, why are people voting on Illwei?
  14. Thanks. Want to be able to say I won via lynching myself as a vanilla villager. Pyro
  15. Okay. So Illwei's the Korathi cultist, who I have been in contact with for about two cycles now. I'm the last Korathi, and Mist's the Practitioner. I'm sorry, but the only win I can see's the Cultist-Korathi.