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  1. If you like bonus content, read at least some of the comments. Early on it doesn't really matter, but later on it like doubles/triples the depth of the story, and you can watch as people slowly tried to piece together the background of the setting as you struggle to do so yourself. In addition, it provides a bit of a time-buffer between chapters, which was part of the original format, and helps you experience the story as the author intended. Also, there is Psycho Gecko, who is just AMAZING. Oh, and at one point people are talking about the donation system the author set up, and someone was trying to figure out the average money made per hour of working on it, so the author said how much money he'd gotten from donations (2k something) and the someone replies, SaintSant, I think, with: "Three thousand now, actually." And everyone else is just like "...." Seriously, Worm is very similar to what the Cosmere would be if it was written as a Web Serial. Go read it, and the comments too.
  2. ... Yeahhh, that probably won't quite work out, because Blank will catch on pretty soon due to contingencies. They might wait for a bit because Epoch taking over parts of the city is semi-advantageous for them though.
  3. Yeah. Like I said, I'm planning to start on something once school gets out. I'm just REALLY busy right now.
  4. Eh, but it made things more complicated. The reason it stagnated was really because Drake dropped out at a bad time. This RP naturally fluctuated between activity and inactivity, and Drake happened to drop out when things were being slow. That said, this wouldn't be that hard to start up again. What would have to happen, loosely in order: 1. Winter and I work out roughly what happens with Jacquelyn. 2. The cake scene gets resolved. 3. Everyone enters the stadium, one by one. 4. Profit!
  5. The whole idea of a revive with the same characters was maybe not the best idea. If we had restarted from scratch instead of doing a time-jump, that might have worked better. And like I said, I can probably take over Epoch and Typhon if necessary once school's out, since Drake and I'd talked about some of his plans.
  6. When @Voidus says so.
  7. Yup!
  8. You're betting an AXE? And a misspelled one too? Wow.