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  1. It's kinda hard to write an Epic who isn't evil. Except if you're me, apparently. I seem to have the opposite problem.
  2. Do they ever have an answer? Besides same universe WOGs and death battle videos I mean.
  3. Different settings have different levels of different types of power. SCP foundation is more sci-fi than fantasy, and so has more creeping threats than immediate ones. But still, if the foundation figures out Kokichi’s power, they can probably send them to one of the many alt dimensions they have access to and trigger an isekai plotline.
  4. I did that with Drake once because I had a character who was better at predicting other's actions then I am, and they should have predicted Drake's response, as the conversation was leading that way.
  5. Because if they're already there they would have probably been targeted by Taya instead.
  6. I had an idea for a character that would fill that role well. Maybe they can enter the city during the timeskip?
  7. Huh. Well, I'm not sure if the word doc got cut off or not, because I can't access the PDF, but you might want to check that. The imagery was nice, but it went on a little too long at times. I get that as a blind man, the protagonist would think of metaphorical images more, but at times it started distracting from the story. Also, during certain parts you described the appearance of characters, which was a little weird as you're writing this in third person limited, and those tend to not describe things that the current lead couldn't know about.
  8. Cool! I liked it! If I may ask, why me?
  9. Ah, sorry. Also, don't worry about the illusionists. They'll be fine. You could use or something like that.
  10. Um, @Kenod, there may be a problem with your character concept's weakness... Also your character's actually REALLY good against both the illusionists, but especially Blank with the Stranger power.