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  1. Luckily, what's a saurdino anyway?
  2. And they turned into meteors.
  3. #AcupuntureWorx
  4. Star accidentally left that note in the Physical Realm.
  5. Xena sighed and slumped slightly. "Yeah, I guess you deserve to know. Also, yeah, I'd like to talk about it in a more private location," She smiled up at Aln. "I probably should have just sent a letter, but I have this vegeta... I have this weird voice in my head... no, that's not... a good way... I have this little... suggestion-thing... that tells me stuff. Hehehe...," Xena winced and looked up at Aln with a hopeful air.
  6. It was petrified grass. Ouch.
  7. "I needed to show you," Vesuvius said, standing up out of the ice and stepping into a stable stance, one that would counter the slippery surface of frozen water, "That I am not one to mess with. I am... a man to take seriously," Vesuvius stood still as one of them came forward, closing the distance between them. Thirty meters. Twenty meters. Ten meters. Five meters. Three meters. There he stopped, and just looked at Vesuvius for a moment. Then, the man stabbed a shardblade at Vesuvius. Vesuvius knew a shardblade when he saw one. Vesuvius fell to his knees as the man stabbed forward with the blade, putting his forehead where his heart would have been.
  8. "Er..." Xena said, wincing slightly, "Sorry about that. I needed a way to contact you, and surely a scholar's guild would have a spanreed, and I happened to have two halves of a spanreed ruby without owning a spanreed itself... Yeah, it's rough. I just switched the gemstones,"
  9. Would Hellbent get along with anyone?
  10. I respect pancakes and all that they do. Even if waffles are better.
  11. Vesuvius frowned slightly as the water at his feet turned to ice. There was only a thin layer of it, as whoever built this place knew that a train system would be highly ineffective in the normal sewer environment, but there was still water. It was unavoidable. The ice caught at his flesh foot, which was on the ground at the time, then at his alivened foot, which followed. Vesuvius collapsed to his knees, the ice cracking around his metal knee. A good centimeter of water entrapped him. He was about thirty meters away from his enemies. Vesuvius looked up at the gang who had come to kill him. "You are strong," he said. "That is something I respect," he trailed off, sounding weary. "Too many people are weak, these days," Vesuvius gave the soulcaster a sad smile. "I'll be sorry to see you go," he said, then leaned heavily on his flesh leg to rip his alivened foot from the ice. @Sorana @Ark1002 @Nohadon @I think I am here. @Minatoâ„¢
  12. Xena gaped at the newcomer. 'Uh..." she interrupted, looking back at Aln, the leader. "Uh... my name is Xena. You, er, know me... so I'd like to join also. Ahem,"