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  1. The fountain pen spewed a little bit of water.
  2. The purple goddess sighed. "I didn't want to say that," she said. Then, she revealed her true form. She was Narrator Ganvcho.
  3. Vesuvius stood up. Thankfully, it seemed Althea hadn't been prepared to strike while he was vulnerable. However, he was not grinning. His arm was only weakly attached to the rest of his body, and he couldn't control its actions anymore. It swung back and forth like a dead limb. Neo was still moving forward. As Vesuvius watched, Neo kicked up, probably to either knock Vesuvius out or flip the aluminum headband off. Vesuvius mentally prepared his counterattack. Above him, a large metal spike fell from the ceiling. Where had that come from? Althea? She was a soulcaster, after all. Vesuvius changed his strategy, and instead of knocking Neo aside, as he had planned, he raised his flesh forearm to protect his head, bending backward slightly. He put his arm at such an angle to make the spike glance off of his weak bone and slide. He would be bruised, he knew, but the spike missed Vesuvius completely, and instead fell right between Neo and Vesuvius. At the same time, Vesuvius noticed one function he could still perform with his crippled alivened arm. He couldn't move it, but he could still command it. And, with his mental order, the metal hand slid right off his arm, revealing a long, thick knife blade attached to the wrist.
  4. "I wish for you," the purple goddess commanded, "to make Narrator Ganvcho the king of Ozia United! I made a promise!"
  5. main plot

    Xena laughed. "No, silly," she said, gesturing to the red river. "Not the spren people. The blood thing. Do you know what it is?"
  6. lgbtq+

    Oooo, can I have one?
  7. "And you will have good reason to believe it," the purple goddess continued, "Because I never liked Ozia United,"
  8. main plot

    Xena knelt down beside the red stream, ignoring all of the chaos marines. She wasn't scared of them... very much. She turned to one, knocking on its chest to get its attention. "Excuse me," Xena asked, "Do you know what that is?" @Grey Knight
  9. "And," the purple goddess continued, "I promise to make Narrator Ganvcho the king of Ozia United," Narrator Ganvcho was pleased to hear this.
  10. "What even are you?" The enemy named Max said as Vesuvius was attacked. The closest danger was Max. He was about to summon a shardblade into Vesuvius' body. as it appeared form mist, Vesuvius twisted backward, as if performing in a limbo competition. He smiled as his counterattack also served to negate one of Ronin's kicks. 'Ah,' Vesuvius thought, 'It's nice being powerful,' Then, a shardblade shaved an inch of metal from the back of Vesuvius' alivened head. He had subconsciously tilted his alivened head half upwards, so it was the only affected part, not his precious flesh skull. However, luck was not on his side. Ronin swung two weapons, one of them the fiery ax, the other a shardblade probably magical sword. Vesuivus, still bent backward, twisted again to catch the fiery ax by the hilt with his alivened hand, grasping it just below the handle. However, he wasn't able to counter the sword, which cleaved off a suitable portion of his elbow. His arm, he knew, wouldn't bend properly with such an attack. Already, he felt it dropping. Also, Max had successfully summoned the shardblade, which sprang into appearance just above Vesuvius' alivened shoulder, and neo was coming up with those skates of his, probably to knock Vesuvius out or, at least, take Vesuvius' headband. Vesuvius growled and twisted his body back around, throwing his non-functional metal arm to swat aside Max's shardblade. He continued his twist and blindly released the firey ax in his hand, hopefully towards Althea, behind him. He touched down with his flesh and, now in more or less of a plank position, and he kicked off, throwing himself into a roll to get away from the others. He counted on Althea being not directly behind him, and that, hopefully, either she'd be too distracted by the ax or too surprised at his motions to strike at him.
  11. Vesuvius looked up after he had thrown the rock. Neo was on the move. Max was on the move. Hellbent was on the move. Althea had teleported away. He wasn't sure if the attack had done anything to her. They were all so close. Vesuvius was on the ground. This had turned out well once. Let's see if it could again. He rolled backward, tucking his legs to his chest immediately and rocking back, away from the three. He knew it was the wrong move. Too many shardblades coming towards him. Somehow, he finished the roll without dying, and he hopped to his feet, his alivened foot scraping against the ice. Neo was kneeling next to Althea, healing her. Ok. Hellbent was, somehow, momentarily paused. Ok. Max was still moving, glowing with stormlight. Fine. A stab. Give a man a shardblade and he stabs with it. Vesuvius adjusted his alivened arm to slide along the flat of the blade, deflecting it. [As Max fell in closer, Vesuvius did the same to the knife's blade with his flesh forearm. He was scraped, but not bad. Both of his arms were in motion, and both of max's arms were in motion. Vesuvius could only use his head, which he did. Vesuvius slammed the alivened half of his head against Max's glowing head.]
  12. Sorry. Got ninja'd, and my computer didn't let me edit.
  13. And four-wheel drive.