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  1. Yup. That'll happen.
  2. Meanwhile in the Physical Realm... Pedro Romanov tried to do a one-armed pushup. It didn't work out so well.
  3. Oh yeah. Highlight of my career.
  4. Narrator Ganvcho, because he was a narrator, decided that he would not, in fact, rue that day. He actually quite enjoyed it.
  5. Vesuvius smiled as Hellbent crossed the forcefield. obviously, this man meant to attack. They made a mistake. The trap that would destroy the children was no ordinary trap. all they would do is maximize the damage. "I hope you know what you're doing," Vesuvius growled. "Because your choices will have dire consequences," The child he had been holding had transported away. That hardly surprised him. He knew investitures in the alleyverse that could do such things. However, whoever had done it had neglected to remove the small explosive embedded in the childn's arm. A simple bulge in the childn's skin. Vesuvius pressed a small button on his alivened arm. The explosive went off. Not that any of these people would know it, but it was still worthwhile. He could almost imagine the short scream. Vesuvius met Hellbent's eyes. "Hand over Benson," he said. His last reminder.
  6. Narrator Ganvcho, who had taken his place as the puppetmaster, laughed evilly from his perch in the heavens.
  7. Shoot. Narrator Technovore survived too.
  8. But it is too late. Ghanderflaffle, you were in another universe, and Jaywalk, you were at someone's house when the mimes attacked. And I, Narrator Ganvhco, cannot die. Of course it is us three posting! THERE ARENT ANY OTHER NARRATORS LEFT! Edit: Ninja'd, but it still works. :)
  9. Fitting, that the two narrators that post are the two narrators that escaped the mimes. Now, what does that tell you?
  10. Because Narrator Ganvhco saved everyone from the mimes. There weren't any more mimes, so there wasn't any more plot. Things without plot don't exist. Thus, the Narrators no longer exist.
  11. guild

  12. Thus, all of the Narrators save Ghanderflaffle and Jaywalk were doomed! Mimes were all-powerful beings! There was no way the Narrators could escape! There was only one chance... Just as the mimes began their incantations of Dhoom, Narrator Ganvcho teleported right too them and smote them all into hyperspace. Narrator Ganvcho had Returned*! *Again