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  1. Rutabaga, the one vegetable to bring them all and bind them...
  2. You know, overwhelming power and whatnot. Ah...
  3. Riathor entered the room. "I want to join this cause!" he declared.
  4. Ioc sighed. it had wanted to dance. Oh, well. The sight of mistbeavers, and the memories they had brought had been almost as good as a good dance.
  5. era 2

    Then, the adhesioned bomb blew up.
  6. funeral

    Riathor wouldn't give a speech. He hadn't known Mara at all. But he knew about loss. That was why he was there.
  7. Hahaha... I have a secret weapon. You can't revoke pancake priveledges... IF THE PERSON TRYING TO STEAL THE OPINIONS IS A PANCAKE HIMSELF!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  8. Rutabaga, the one vegetable to rule them all...
  9. Twas no joke. I had thought Kidpen suspicious, that is all. ~~~~~ Bro Beige examined the ballroom he was in. There were other people there, and he didn't trust the any of them. Each of them showed tell-tale signs of nervousness. He sighed. he only knew a little bit about each person in the house, but it would have to be enough. ~~~~~~ Cadmium Compounder. I had the impression of forced innocence in their posts during the last cycle. However, this vote may change.
  10. era 2

    Then, a dinosaur attacked. Then, a metoior hit, killing the dinosaur+everyone else. Then, Ark's character spontaneously combusted.
  11. era 2

    Ioc thought for a second. Then, it got another idea! Ioc took another, much smaller bomb form it's bag, infused it with Adhesion, then threw it onto the arena. The bomb would be big enough to do some damage, but not kill, any character close enough.
  12. But Nobody cared. Nobody was a nice guy.
  13. Put me in as George R.D. Mackleberry.
  14. Speaking of which, I vote Kidpen.