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  1. guild

  2. He had exactly 137 personalities, but only 136 ever went to his shows. Vladimir Hudg'kinns was always too busy picking sunflowers to be bothered by comedy.
  3. Uh... isn't it illegal to detonate any type of bomb in any state/country?
  4. guild

  5. Vesuvius growled in disgust, stood up, and walked out of the building. A cookie dropped on his head, and he smashed it to bits, bending the tiny spikes within into small metal orbs. Hemalurgy was such a punk.
  6. @Marzipan have you by chance heard of a show called 'Homestar Runner,'?
  7. I agree. Yall, save yo' posts for the longest thread! Everything we post here is another post that the LPW can catch up on us from!
  8. It was kinda sad.
  9. His best friend was a breadmunk.
  10. This skunk, quite frankly, stunk.
  11. Hemalurgy is such a punk.