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  1. True. Some of the Unmade intents make sense: amplifying gluttony, amplifying bloodlust, imitating violence... but others do not. RAFO, I guess lol.
  2. On this same subject, is it a logical conclusion that Dai-Gonarthis, The Black Fisher, might be the Unmade in question considering this quote from the death rattles? We have a good idea how the most of other Unmade operate, and none of the others really make sense. They all seem to take something inherent to humans and try to twist it, amplify it, or imitate it in a perverse way. We already have a good idea what Yelig-Nar, Ashertmarn, Moelach, Nergaoul, Re-Shaphir, and Sja-Anat do (of these, Sja-Anat seems a possible candidate but it seems unlikely since Shallan doesn't remember corrupted spren). Ba-Ado-Mishram seems to have something to do with granting Voidlight, so that one seems unlikely as well. Sure, it could be, Chemoarish, The Dustmother, but the name doesn't seem to infer the sorts of things happening in the Davar household. An Unmade that feeds off and amplifies emotions surrounding sorrow, however (if Dai-Gonarthis is really the 9th Unmade), would have a hey-day in a home like House Davar where misery ran rampant. We don't have enough information yet, but by process of elimination, it seems a possibility.
  3. Nice! My husband burst out with a loud, "OH SNAP!" or something similar when Lin said that line (audiobook) since Dalinar's "You can't have my pain" scene is one of our favorites in the series. Some very intriguing clues in play, and that's interesting regarding the question about Ruin as well. Shallan is going to have an interesting time now that her brothers (who don't yet understand how she's grown) are at Urithiru. Makes you wonder if the Unmade just like Jah Keved or if there is something about that particular family that has drawn one.
  4. This isn't a particularly new theory, but my husband and I noticed something interesting on our most recent reread of Words of Radiance. (Spoilers will follow) I've seen it postulated before that Shallan's father may have been influenced by an Unmade. We see a hint of this when Hoid (as the messenger) tells Shallan as a child that the things she (and her family) fights aren't entirely natural. In the "No More Weakness" flashback, after Lin Davar beats the maid, he says something that stood out to us: While, at first glance, this seems like typical abuser mentality, it jumped out at us when we realized this is exactly the attitude Odium tried to get Dalinar to embrace when he almost made him his Champion. Odium wanted Dalinar to attribute his evil deeds to mere passion, to the interference of The Thrill. Dalinar narrowly escapes this trap by taking personal responsibility for his actions and accepting them so he can grow. Lin Davar seems to be an example of the opposite-- he decides his rage isn't his fault and that he just needs to be able to express it. He dodges personal responsibility, attributing his deeds to the influence of passion and the doing of others. While this could be just human nature, the combination of Hoid's warning and the similarity to Dalinar's encounter with Odium (who seems to thrive off people "giving him their pain" and passion) makes me wonder if this is further proof of an Unmade influencing the Davar house. Does anyone have thoughts on that, or has anyone noticed further connections to suggest that? There was alot of weirdness in that household-- Jushu's tendency towards excess, Wikim's towards depression and suicide, and Balat's for cruelty and destruction, for example (on a side note, makes you wonder if Balat might even end up as a Dustbringer eventually).
  5. Venli and Rlain. It just occurred to me that they both think they are the last Listener alive. Others that would be interesting are Lift and... well, anyone, but a few that come to mind are Vin, Kelsier, or Wayne.
  6. You know, the former Unmade theory might make sense considering how Sja-Anat seems to be trying mighty hard to defect.
  7. Oh, gotcha. That makes sense.
  8. So I am nearing the end of a reread of Oathbringer, and an odd thought occurred to me (which might be totally incorrect lol). It seems generally speculated that the three Bondsmiths would bond The Stormfather (Honor's Cognitive Shadow), possibly The Nightwatcher (who may be connected to Cultivation in a similar way even though she still lives), and The Sibling. This suggests that, perhaps, the Sibling would also have needed to be connected to a Shard, and it seems unlikely that this was Odium. Is it entirely outside the realm of possibility that this was Ambition? We know Ambition was mortally wounded by Odium above Threnody, but that she fled. I couldn't find a confirmation where, but it seems like Odium went to Roshar next. Is it possible Ambition made it to Roshar, splintered there, but that The Sibling remained, similar to how The Stormfather remained after Tanavast was splintered? I wouldn't be surprised if there are problems with this theory, but I was just wondering if it had been considered. The Sibling is an odd piece in the Roshar puzzle (as is the Nightwatcher, if she had anything to do with The Bondsmiths).
  9. This is a slightly out there theory, but I figured it was possibly worth asking. When Shallan was sitting with Hoid in Kholinar, there is a specific moment where she sees two different versions of herself in her lightweaving-- almost as if she is seeing herself had she made different decisions. I believe shortly thereafter, she accuses Hoid of tampering with her light weaving. We already know Hoid is basically a Mistborn because of the lerasium bead he took from the Well of Ascension, and we have seen him subtly use Allomancy on Roshar before. Did anyone else wonder if perhaps Hoid burned Malatium (or an unknown metal) then used his own light weaving to project what he saw? I don't know if this is possible since supposedly all of the atium on Scadrial was burnt (assuming you need atium to make malatium since it is an alloy?), but it did cross my mind. Just curious if anyone else wondered this or if this is totally bonkers lol.
  10. Kabsal! I actually couldn't stand Shallan throughout Way of Kings, but she won me over by the end. Kabsal however was a toolbox. I would say others would probably be Blushweaver, Kampaar, and possibly Sarene.
  11. Quick question. I know the Drifter who shows up at the Well of Ascension is Hoid. My husband and I have a disagreement: what exactly did he apply to his corpseboat Spanky (and why did that particular dead body not get sucked into the spiritual realm) and his oar? My husband thinks it was stormlight or some use of his Yolish light weaving, but I think he was applying something else-- liquid metal? Sand from Taldain? No clue. Do we have any WoB or strong theories on this?
  12. I did a Mistborn Casting list over at IMDB, but here are a few highlights. Vin- Millie Bobbie Brown (By the time the film is in production, she'll be about the right age) or Hailee Steinfeld. I would have loved to have seen Willa Holland in the role, but I think she is too old now. Kelsier- Bradley Cooper or Aaron Eckhart Straff Venture - Ray Fiennes Quellion - Tom Hardy Ruin - Eddie Redmayne The Lord Ruler - Tom Hiddeston, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Adam Driver (the latter would make a good Jastes Lekal too) Marsh - Aaron Eckhart or Michael Fassbender Hoid - David Tennant Tensoon - Idris Elba Clubs - Danny Trejo Breeze - Stephen Fry Cett - Stellan Skarsgard or Brian Blessed Ham - Jason Statham or Kevin Durand Shan - Priyanka Chopra or Marion Cotillard Preservation - Ben Kingsley Sazed - Aamir Khan Tindwyl - Veronica Falcon or Gina Torres Dockson - Karl Urban or Liev Schreiber
  13. I think you have sold me on this theory!
  14. That... would make for a spectacular cosplay prop lol.
  15. Oh dear, I have so many lol. I would say even tie between Wit, Nightblood, and Szeth. Lift might also be in there. It's such a great series. I can't believe it took me so long to get into it!