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  1. My favorite is "The comment quieted room like sudden shout of ' who wants extra bacon' at a bar mitzvah."
  2. I can be a bit short and cranky at times ...as can we all I suppose...but now I have a great excuse ( that no one I know will understand but it will be funny to see their reaction) I will say I just used my superpowers and that makes me cranky!!!
  3. I just finished Steelheart...in one day...starting Firefight now. And I have The Rithmatist ordered from eBay!
  4. Hi!!! since it refuses to stop snowing in Minnesota, I lost it and bought The Reckoners box set. I can't wait to read it. I love BS's writing. I have all his other books except for The Rithmatist series.
  5. @Tesh i can tell by your questions that i could read the series again!!!
  6. voidbringers are..... HUMANS!?!?
  8. this is a decoration on the wall where I work! (it uploaded sideways.) I feel like I'm living in the Shattered Plains! I know who the voidbringers, according to Jasnah, are here! And does anyone know how to rotate uploaded photos???
  9. :o I'm so excited! I bought Oathbringer a few weeks ago and decided to reread WoK and WoR. I only have 145 pages left in WoR then I get to read Edgedancer for the first time then I'll finally get to start Oathbringer! :D I'm so glad I reread the first two because even though I remembered stuff as I read I sure didn't remember it before!! :rolleyes: 

  10. Thank Ammanas! I read the Mistborn trilogy years ago and had never heard of any list either. I just recently noticed on my app that an alternate series description for the Stormlight Archive books and Elantris was Cosmere 1 (2 or whatever) so I looked it up online and although they pretty much said the same as you I did find a partial list and wondered if anyone has ever seen another one. I'm glad I found this site, I think it will help me enjoy the series better!
  11. Hi. I've read The Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, and the first 2 in the Stormlight Archive only to now discover they all take place in the Cosmere and there is even some sort of suggested reading order. I have them all sorted up to #10, Wards of Radiance. And according to Book Catalogue (my book sorting App) Oathbringer is #15. So what is # 11, 12, 13, and 14? I would think The Bands of Mourning, Shadows of Self, and Edgedancer are 3 of 4...but what novella am I missing? Oh and I do own Arcanum Unbounded. Thanks and I look forward to digesting this site!!!