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  1. Aben glanced at Lance. Floating within the ko'di as he was, he felt only a slight annoyance, and even that was muted. "I won't worship you, but you are a master of your craft, though some would call your style... crude." as he spoke, he wiped his sword on the coat of a hazekiller, then sheathed it with a flourish. "Then again, those some are haughty; they have little respect for those who wield other weapons than the sword." Aben's voice was flat and unemotional, though he did mean what he said.
  2. Maybe some of them do, but it's likely a closely guarded secret, and they probably wouldn't share it with Renarin.
  3. But the Stormwardens don't know how to read either, they use their own script, specifically because they can't read.
  4. Dapper appeared atop a building in a somewhat dilapidated committal district on the outskirts of the city. It had started as a project to bring business to the outskirts which had become all but slums after the lower classes were pushed out of the city center. Dapper shook his head, feeling the cool wind against his face. It had failed, and the district was worse than it had been before, with large swathes of it controlled by various gangs. Buildings here were also dirt cheap, if one knew the right people. Dapper did, and he'd bought this building outright some time ago. Now it was his home, and office. He strode over to a deck chair on the roof, which looked out over the skyline of the city center. Puffing on his pipe, he opened his briefcase, removing his phone and composing a message. After he'd sent it to his client, he sat back, sending smoke rings into the wind and watching them drift across the tops of the building until they blew apart.
  5. I'll trade you a real tooth for it. It is made from ivory, after all. I have a Shardplate gauntlet but not the rest of the suit.
  6. Dapper blew a smoke ring, arranging the words to the verse in his head. Once he was sure he had it right, he stood, pipe between his teeth, and waved once at the camera he knew was there, hopefully getting the attention of someone in Records. Quickly he snapped his briefcase shut, picked up his staff, and began to speak quietly, yet with clear, precise words, reciting the verse. He finished, and the air around him seemed to flicker for a split second, then Dapper wavered and disappeared, leaving only a faint whiff of pipesmoke.
  7. flamesinger theory

    "Now, that's where you're wrong. I don't want for anything." The man blew a ring of smoke before continuing, "That assumption is likely a result of your nature, being a being of very literal darkness. My own nature is somewhat different, as I’m not an actual Magic, just a man. I like to think this allows me a somewhat more unbiased view of the Universe, but perhaps I’m wrong.” The man stopped himself, smiling wryly, “But enough of that. Why don’t we speculate on why, exactly, you’d need my people to do that. Likely, the Gathen have some kind of device that could detect you, if not totally prevent you from interfering with whatever they’re doing at the moment. And your minions as well, which is why you’d need me to do it. “Regardless, I will not order my people to do your bidding, because then I would have associated myself with you, which is something I don’t intend to do anytime soon.”
  8. flamesinger theory

    "I'm not dead yet." The man said, sitting back, a chair appearing behind him as he sat. With a wave, he summoned his pipe from where he'd left it. It was heavily carved and lacquered with many colors. The pipe was suddenly lit, smoke rising from the bowl as the man puffed on it a couple times.