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  1. No Sanderson "Would you rather?" questions? I scoff at you, poor mortal!
  2. As Aben watched, a kid ran up and delivered a pot of tea to a woman sitting in an armchair. He sniffed. She wasn't having her emotions altered in anyway, so far as Aben could tell. "By your smell, I assume you're a Soother." he said offhandedly. @ZincAboutIt
  3. So can I do something where the fire weapons do extra damage to unholy beings (Demons, Fallen Angels etc.) Maybe as a high level thing? Race: Angel Skills: Magic, Enchantment, Bladed Weapons, Writing, and increased attack.
  4. Shh, Ene might hear you and make a RP while you're not looking. Anyway, I don't have a good enough computer to actually play Subnautica, but I followed the fandom until the full game released and everyone just did Below Zero concept art videos.
  5. So I had this super cool character for another RP a while back. Can I use him? He was an angel with the ability to create weapons out of holy fire.
  6. Jamie heaved an enormus sigh, glaring at the black cloud. "I said we're done here." she slammed back against the pressure with everything she had. The whispers seemed to retreat as if in fear. "You won't have me today, my unrelenting friend." Jamie grunted, giving a final push.
  7. Jamie stopped shooting. They're coming for me. Maybe this is like the waves and I have to face them.... She slowly walked up to one of them, holding out her hand. It came closer almost touching her hand. Jamie took a step forward, making contact. The horrible whispers raced into her head once again. Jamie gritted her teeth, "Not this time, bastard! I am above your petty whispers, your attacks in dreams. Nothing you do can change that!" Jamie grabbed the creature with her other hand, imagining it exploding into light. Its figure glowed brightly for a split second, then was gone. "I think we're done here." Jamie muttered, firing a single shot into the air. The other creatures froze, then disintegrated into dust.
  8. Aben eyed Relin with a crital eye. "Look. Find a place to stay and get some real sleep. Tomorrow night, I can try to teach you a few things." he turned to walk away, but paused, "Meet me here at midnight tomorrow, if you can. My other questions can wait." Aben took a step, mists swirling around him. He took another step, changing into a wolf midstride and shifting away. He appeared a few streets away from the soothing parlor. As he trotted back to the parlor, a horrid smell pervaded his nose. Blood and metal. The two smells alone were fine, but this was something else. Something evil. Aben stepped into the parlor shaking his head. He'd returned to human without realizing. He gulped, but forced himself to awaken anway. ~~~ Radyn reached down and pulled out a combat knife, trimming his nails. He cast his eyes about the room, noting that Aben had woken up. ~~~ Aben sat in the chair, rubbing his eyes. He forced a lazy smile onto his face and looked around. His eyes caught on a young looking man slumped in a chair. As he watched, the man's smell changed, his emtions shifting. Aben's false smile changed to a satisfied smirk and he pushed himself out of the chair. He made his way over to the man and waited, arms crossed.
  9. Aben sighed. “Training, quite a bit of training. It involved sitting here, in the Dream, meditating, for many weeks. I eventually found peace with the wolf. It’s not giving up, and it’s not quashing the wolf either. It’s just peace with yourself. Once you find that peace, you can do just about anything.” Aben shrugged, “Perhaps that’s not how it goes for every Brother, but that’s how I managed to control the wolf. Once you can overcome the wolf overpowering you, it’s simple to learn control of the Dream.”
  10. The wolf shifted into Aben, who shook his head. “You’ve not yet learned to master your instincts in the Dream, brother. That could be bad for you. As the wolves would say:” You must leave, cub. It isn’t safe for you. “But I don't really care. If anything does happen, I should be able to protect you.” he scratched his chin. “What I was I going to ask you? Oh yeah… what’s gotten into you?”
  11. Radyn loosened his sword in its sheath, just a tiny bit. It was a good blade, Power forged and constructed from an aluminum alloy that almost matched that of steel. He would trust it against a Shardblade, though he'd never gone up against one. Radyn crossed his arms, watching with a lazy smile.