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  1. "Huh. Yes, there is. It makes people forget what they saw, I guess that's what happened to you, but on a lesser scale." Doc smiled, "It's interesting, in a sort of morbid way."
  2. "The simple fact that you remember what happened last night is interesting in itself, but I'm sure you can help us fight the Voidbringers." Doc shrugged, "I feel like someone who doesn't have any powers at all might help us see a new perspective."
  3. "I see.... And you remember what happened." It wasn't a question, but a statement, "Well, I'm not sure."
  4. "Probably. I'm the guy who owns most of this stuff." Doc gestured around himself expansively, "So, what do you need?"
  5. "Sorry?" Doc asked, "Uhh, I don't understand what you mean?"
  6. flamesinger theory

    Rydin was speaking quietly with his ‘rescuers’ “Did he send you with a way to get back?” he asked incredulously. “Uhh.” the one with the friction Stand began, “Not exactly. He wrote me a note, before I broke this guy out of prison.” he gestured to the man in the suit. “If I recall, it said you had something that could get us back.” “Ahh” Rydin made an understanding sound. “I don’t believe it! He wants me to supercharge one of your Stands. I must be pretty important, if he wants me to use the knife on someone.” Rydin shook his head. “Well, that can wait, for a while, at least, because the knife is very dangerous.” he looked back at the suited man. “So, what can you do?” The man smirked at him in an unnerving way that Rydin was sure he’d practiced. “I need a chunk of something solid, preferably something organic.”
  7. Doc shook his head, smiling slightly. "At the risk of sounding like an old person, what will you kids do next?"
  8. Tara observed a group of people seeming surrounding a young girl and threatening her. As she watched, someone atomized a chair, probably trying to threaten the girl.
  9. Tara stared up at the ceiling in disbelief, then shook her head. She'd failed. She had one job, to protect the party's attendees, and she'd failed. A high profile Ghostblood had been assassinated, at a Ghostblood ball, of all places. Perhaps there was some irony in that.
  10. "And, where, exactly, is that?"
  11. The lembas bread smacked into Dapper's face, and he melted into a pile of Joker cards.
  12. Doc was very confused. Things appeared to be happening very quickly, and he still wasn't exactly sure why everyone was so excited. He cleared his throat. "Err, can someone please explain to me what's going on?"
  13. flamesinger theory

    Rydin stared at the sun glumly for a moment, then at the fog. "So, is the sun gonna explode or something? Because then we'd all be dead, and that would be bad."
  14. Jamie was dead tired, and was still asleep. She'd been detained for a bit longer than the others, but had managed to call her parents' lawyer in DC and given him a quick rundown of the situation. He'd talked the police out of locking her up for a while, but her troubles didn't end there. She also had to go get her, or rather Doc's motorcycle out of impound, and ride it back home. ~~~ Doc slid off the roof and hit the ground. He stood there for a moment, then picked himself up and walked into the kitchen, confused as to what was going on at the moment