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  1. IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    Happy Brithday, old friend.

  2. "Ah. So who among you is actually the leader?" the being said, somewhat annoyed, "I cannot very well take all of you with me."
  3. Doc waved offhandedly. "I'm simultaneously too lazy and too disorganized to put all my books in one place. I stick them where they fit. Oh, and something around maybe tewnty people live here at the moment. Although some of them just showed up."
  4. Dapper Prime himself appeared to Ria. "Evening," he began casually, "How would you like to join an expanded universe of sorts."
  5. A figure in a official-looking uniform imploded into existence within the vehicle. "Greetings." it said softly, "I am in search of your leader. I have something to ask them."
  6. Black and white striped, of course.
  7. A lot of the mimes liked The Matrix.
  8. It was decided that they would appeal to the Narrators for something called Mime Time- the opposite of Clown Time. Then they could properly place their counterstroke.
  9. Which had now been claimed by the Egg Empire
  10. "BuT cLoWn TiMe IsN't OvEr YeT!!!!" a clown shouted, "tHe ClOwNs StIlL rUlE!!!" And with that, Overzealous Clown #1 sent the Narrators to the far ends of the Multiverse before ending Clown Time.
  11. Aaaand, Clown Time has been over for about 10 minutes.
  12. Doc nodded, clasping his hands behind his back. "I see. Well, welcome to my home. Quite a few of the others are out at the moment, but I can introduce you to who's still here."
  13. Well it started late today, so it's gonna be shorter than the usual 30 min.
  14. BuT cLoWn TiMe HaS aLrEaDy BeGuN! YOU CAN'T STOP IT!!!!!
  15. All accross the 17th Shardic Multiverse, bells tolled. Clown Time had begun.