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  1. Doc rubbed his eyes and hung up the phone. His lawyer had said since most of those involved were minors, or acting in self defense, they would get off easy. No jail time. Doc could deal with fines and tracking equipment all day if none of his Knights ended up in jail. He sighed, and his phone began to, yet again, ring loudly. It was Cassie. He picked up. "Hey Cass," he said in a tired voice, "They let you out, or are you calling from the station?"
  2. Quinn simply winked at the thug and rolled up his sleeve. Tattooed on the inside of his forearm was a four-leaf clover. The tattoo was more faded than the various Celtic signs that swirled around it, as Qyuinn had gotten it right after joining up. "Listen, friend, if you kill me or harm me so I'm delayed at all, some very, very powerful people will be angry. And when they ask why I was late, I'll point them in your direction." instead on continuing, Quinn simply paused and shook his head pityingly.
  3. Quinn lit a cigarette calmly and took a drag. The whisps of smoke spun lazily into the sky, mixing with the cool night air. "You know what I hate?" he commented calmly, "The lowset class of criminal. Thkose who rely on violence alone to fufill their often nauseating desires. It makes my skin crawl." he shook his head, taking another drag on the cigarette, "I respect even the most petty pickpockets more than you."
  4. (Regarding the universe thing) What is it Pucci? Why do you want to reset the universe?
  5. Quinn had been lighting a cigarette when her heard the pale man mention 'magic'. He tossed the cigarette on the ground and looked at the man with a new fasination. He could be another kind of Investiture user. Quinn mused, Or he could be insane, or trying to scam me, or... Quinn shook his head, smiling to himself, and continued to listen closely. He heard the girl mention storing and tapping and his stomach dropped. He checked his watch, noting the date and time. His package could wait a few days to be delivered. He had plenty of time to figure out what was really going on here.
  6. "Never seen anyone who looked like that before. Then again, I'm new in town." Quinn smiled at the pale man, "I'll be sure to buy him a drink when I see him."
  7. "Is that so." Quinn said to the new man, who was so pale Quinn swore he could see light coming off of him. "Did you get a good look at the guy?" he asked, rings glinting in the light of a passing car.
  8. Jamie grinned in what she hopped was an unnerving way at the mirrored wall. "I don't know who you think your fooling," she remarked calmly, "I know you're watching me." She was an old hand at these kinds of interviews, and in her experience, mouthing off usually led to a response. She wasn't disappointed. Within a minute, the door opened and an older man stepped in, wearing a uniform. "Jamie Darton." he said flatly, "Current resident of Washington DC, registered owner of several firearms, and now, suspect in a mass shootout. So tell me, was it gang related?" "Depends on your definition of 'gang'. I would say it was closer to a mob war. Execpt for that fact that it's literally nothing like a mob war." "Most of the other... living combatants are underage. Care to explain?" "Well I could, but you wouldn't believe me." Jamie responded, smirking at the man, "I will, however, tell you that every single one of those deaths were in self defence. Those people, they attacked us, tried to kidnap some of our own. I'm not sorry that I had to do what I did, but I wish it hadn't happened like it did." The cop raised an eyebrow, seeming a bit uncertain.
  9. Quinn had gotten about halfway through his club sandwich when the screaming started. He sighed, looked at the bartender quizzicaly, and said, "That sandwich was on the house right?" taking the barkeep's blank look to mean 'no' he barreled onwards, "Alright then. My friend's a regular here, he'll be picking up the tab." Quinn stood up, "Calls himself 'Big'" With that, he turned smoothly and followed the girl who'd screamed outside. Any excuse to escape the music, which drilled into his head, as if a corkscrew had been jammed into his ear. He sighed. No one appreciated good music anymore. His musings on the current state of pop culture continued until he saw the body. "Huh." he remarked, "At least he's still breathing." Quinn addressed the girl, "I'm going to assume this wasn't your handiwork?"
  10. flamesinger theory

    Rydin sighed and began to mess with his Stand Knife. "Careful." Three cautioned, "I don't wanted to be Requiem'd just yet." "Yeah, I know, I know." Rydin muttered, "Go turn some people into stone, why dont you."