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  1. character development

    Ciera jumped to her feet, still embracing saidar. "I've heard of you. Like I said, you're the only other channeler I know of in the Alleycity." she paused thoughtfully "Hunting down other channelers... that could be something well suited to out tallents. Or should I say Tallents." she winked, and a silver line carved itself into the air behind her, rotating into a gateway. The gateway led into a homey looking penthouse with a spectacular veiw of the Alleycity. "I think I've got another adjacent apartment you can use, if you want."
  2. sci-fi

    Yera approached the central part of the station, a rotating wheel where the tourists could be comfortable. Yera herself had spent most of her life in low or zero gravity, so using magnet boots to walk was nothing new. She made her way over to the ladder leading to the wheel. Now came the tricky part. She locked both boots into place and reached up to a bar above her head. She pulled on it and the boots detached from her normal footwear, which were also boots, although these were shiny and black, as opposed to the matte grey of the magnet boots. She swung so she crouched on what, until just second ago, had been the ceiling and let go. She stood up and grabbed the boots, from the new ceiling and placed them in a nearby locker. She closed the door and touched the control panel. a cool voice spoke in her head: Passcode required to lock door. Ah she thought, How wonderfully blunt That is not an acceptable response. Ok then, Passcode: Lockstep. Passcode 'Lockstep' approved. Well, at least this system had a voice. Some of the less advaced systems would require you to give a response with no promtinh whatsoever. She smiled to herself and slid down the ladder into the wheel. She quickly made her way to the briefing room, noting that some of the civililians had already arrived.
  3. What our resident Type IV Awakened object campain mananger meant was that you can now use 'unkeyed' metalminds to gain Feruchemic powers.
  4. character development

    Ciera nodded and closed her eyes, drawing deeply on the Source. She laid the completed weave on Galvris and immediately began the weave to bond him as a Warder. She laid this on him as well, a full half minute after he had been Healed. She breathed out and opened her eyes, "It's done."
  5. What?
  6. *sprinkles tiny metal shards in coffee* *sip* This is entertaining. Please, go on.
  7. Go check Longpoint Station. It should have all my worldbuilding in the OP.
  8. Yeah. Quite a few of the military types have more tattoos than are required.
  9. Fun fact (Yes I know this is a double post) Most cybers have tattooss on their face and hands identifyimg them as such. The usually differ from person to person, but they retain an overall circuitlike design. Also, @Darth Sir Woodrack Groot are you going to make a character?
  10. The fascinating thing about living Shardblades is that they can instantly change their shape based on their wielder's needs. Imagine you had a Shardgauntlet that could move with your hand. Or storms, a full suit of armor. (Like the funny nanotech suit in Infinity war)
  11. I would say they might exist, but not in system or in any way that will directly effect the rp besides lore. EDIT: @I think I am here. you're good to go.
  12. A line of misty soldiers charged at the Orgin, stabbing it with spears and swords, hacking at it with axes and machetes, and spraying purple bullets at it.