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  1. main plot(ish)

    A blur appeared next to Dwig and punched him in the chestplate. He laughed, anyone who punched a power armor user was obviously a novice to this. He tapped steel and everything slowed down and his assailant became visible. He raised his pistol and fired a shot in the man's direction and held out his other hand, summoning Pureblade. Then the tower began to crumble. Dwig groaned and ran towards the side, jumping off and Pusking on the weapons. He flew forward in a gentle arc. He tossed a nail when he was about 15 feet up and Pushed, slowing himself down until he landed with a thunk. He had forgotten about Pureblade in his haste, and began to summon it again.
  2. main plot(ish)

    Dwig ran down a hallway, through a door, up some stairs and onto the roof, gun drawn and steel burning in his stomach. He pulled some nails out of a compartment in the vambrace of his power armor and held them in his hand, ready to Push them into enemies. He scanned the fray, looking for a challenge. A woman, not wearing armor, stood at the center of the battle. Fireballs materialized in the air around her. A channeler. That would work, Dwig felt the coolness of the medallion he wore against his chest and grinned. A worthy challenge, providing she didn’t just tie him up with Air. Dwig shoved an eager Shardbearer out of the way, firing a shot into their helm and Pushing on it. He ran, jumped and Pushed his way towards the channeler, careful to not use his speed. On the way, he holstered his revolver, and drew his laser pistol, jamming a new clip into it. Dwig stopped a few feet away from the channeler, and fired a shot past her head, to get her attention.
  3. Welcome to the Ghostbloods!
  4. A bit spiky for my taste, but sure. Ahem, this a bad spot for this post. If you're going to post about Skyward, use the Skyward disscussion board. (Unsure if the spoiler period is still in affect)
  5. Awesome
  6. Angry
  7. Thingy (Spoilered for length)
  8. I've been thinking about writing an Alleyverse short story.
  9. *cough cough* Rand al'Thor *cough cough*
  10. The break is where he will write Mistborn Era 3, I belive.
  11. Why do I feel like I should do a drawing of all the characters on a big sheet of paper.
  12. Ciera rubbed her eyes "My brother apparently left the front door unlocked. Doesn't mean we're open, though." she spun around and flipped at switch. LED light strips flickered to life around the shop. "If you want a job, sorry. This store is shutting down soon. Dwig, he's my brother, is liquidating most of his assets so he can start a new company."