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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you have come up with some cool twinborn ideas, or if you have favourite twinborn combo? One of my favourite combos is Feruchemical bendalloy and Allomantic pewter for longer and stronger pewter drags. Another one is something I saw somewhere named a "Catcher"- basically a twinborn with Feruchemical steel and Allomantic tin, essentially making a Daredevil on steroids or something like that. Anyways what are your ideas? Cheers!
  2. Mistborn, when the gang made fun of Breeze, when he couldnt understand Spooks street slang:
  3. “I’m refined, you insolent farmer" "There were books involved." “I ain't grouchy, I just have a low threshold for stupidity.” "I've always been very confident in my immaturity." "Wasing not of wasing is.” These are the ones I'd use.
  4. @Ripheus23, I swear I have never felt more dumb in my life, but I apreciate you explaining it further and I did manage to understand some of the stuff this time around
  5. @Ripheus23 I have no idea what I just read, but I like it!
  6. Could the Unmade be something like Honor's Heralds, but of Odium? And if they could be, wouldn't it be interesting if they were the "Patrons" of the Voidbinding "Orders"? If Ba-Ado-Mishram could grant Voidlight, maybe she was the "Patron" of the Voidbinding equivalent of the Bondsmiths. I would love to hear your opinions on this!
  7. Well, I am now more confused . I believe all of you have good points, and I have some new viewpoints on Voidbinding, which is awesome, but bottomline is we are gonna find more clues with the upcoming novels, so we can only WAFO(Wait And Find Out) and...you know... theorize, I guess.
  8. You just Awakened only the keypad portion of your keybord and can now only use it to type in numbers and mathematical symbols. Congrats! I want to awaken my sketchbook and pencil with the command "draw out my mental images as I command".
  9. If Atium and Lerasium are named after the holders of the Shards, then why isn't Ettmetal called Sazium, or something like that?
  10. Soo Nightblood sucks up a persons spark when it kills, innate Investiture an all, and erases them on all three realms. What happens to Investiture which Nightblood sucked in, does it go to the user, does it stay in Nightblood, does it go to Endowment.. I'm quite confused on this. For that matter, what happens to soul sucked by Nightblood? I would imagine a Cognitive Shadow out of the picture
  11. @jefftucker0525 Thats an excellent question, I would also like to go further on it. Why does it do it? I mean, is it like a feeding process or something? To try for an answer to your question, it seems to be able to leak it only when its unsheathed so I guess it retains it until it gets a chance to leak it.
  12. WOW, Nightblood savage af.
  13. Do you think a Soulburst (nicrosil compounder) could store not just bare investiture but also a manifestation of said investiure, like for example would he/she be able to store a Gravitation lashing? Also do you think it would be possible for a Soulburst to convert between Investiture from different worlds, for example converting a Breath into Stormlight or something similar? Furthermore a compounder can effectively multiply a stored unit tenfold, so if a Soulburst can multiply Investiture, how will that effect the Shard which fuels the magic system, since the Investiture comes from it.
  14. @Weltall @hwiles, at first I though you guys are contradicting each other, but I think I got it. @hwiles is saying that the holder will die since the power a holder* of a Shard can use is finite, but that will in no way affect the wellbeing of the Shard itself*, as @Weltall implies. Thank you fellas!
  15. Would abrasion be useful for traversing underwater, like could it be used to swim faster?
  16. Sup

    Hi fellas. I have recently finished the stormlight books, which btw were my first cosmere experience. I was wondering what I should get my hands on next, so mistborn, elantris, or warbreaker? What are your suggestions? Mind you I've read "Alloy of Law", because I needed a book for a project also I thought about a new mistborn reading order, which goes by AoL first, then the original trilogy, and finishing with Wax and Wayne trilogy. Cheers!
  17. Sup

    *looks at cookie suspiciously* Thanks for the upvote man, but I was warned bout this cookie shenaningans. I got the warbreaker refferences because of the colours, actually. I guess I would read and see who they were before stormlight, since I'm guessing this happened post-warbreaker. Cheers!
  18. Huh, always thought she was a Lightweaver because of the red colour, but I don't remember the water part, I guess it's a dead giveaway. Thanks mate!
  19. Wouldn't that make it harder to gain speed?
  20. When did this happen? I've read all three of the main series plus Edgedancer, yet I can't seem to recall this.
  21. The way I was thinking about it is getting enough momentum with a jump and slicking yourself to make the momentum last longer. Its the regaining of momentum that keeps bugging me, because, as you said, you gonna sink hella fast.