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  1. 1) I was a long-time itenerant lurker. It was when I discovered this post by Wisdom, containting the most beautiful ketek I had ever or have since encountered, that I created an account; never replied or liked, but merely admired from afar. 2) I now grow cranky if Shardcasts appear later than I think they should. 3) The new expanded video content is quite fun.
  2. Reading Radiant admitting that other proto-personas are trying to form and emerge, I had a fun (though pretty unlikely, I think) ride in a thought train careening off the rails. While reading that bit, for some reason the phrase "shadows of self" sprang to mind, not due to events in the book bearing that phrase as a title, but merely as the phrase itself. Knowing that Brandon likes to throw curveballs in upending expectations... Could Veil and Radiant be considered shadows of Shallan? If so, might there be seven more personas forming, and struggling to emerge, leaving Shallan with nine shadows? As I said, probably not, but fun to ponder.
  3. That would be the literal interpretation, yes. Degradation of spirit via division is more the direction I was pondering.
  4. Or possibly Malata, if she's still around. These lines have always bugged me: "Malata blew off the ash. The Surge she used, Division, caused objects to degrade, burn, or turn to dust. It also worked on people."
  5. Thinking back to Navani's rather disparaging thoughts regarding Renarin's use of illumination and it's "odd" behavior...did he show her a possible version of herself that she didn't much care for?
  6. The Black Fisher as a name is very similar to depression often being described as the black dog. I like this notion.
  7. Yes, Maya is Cultivationspren. In earlier chapters, Khaladin mentions there not being enough Honorspren willing to bond candidates. There is a new Amazon blurb that Shallan and Adolin have a mission in Shadesmar to try to convince the Honorspren to fully commit and join them in the fight. I think it would be very convincing for the Honorspren leaders to witness the full restoration of any form of Radiant spren carried out by someone other than the human that originally killed them.
  8. I keyed in on that as well. In Oathbringer, Adolin not only got Maya to tell him her name, but also pled with her to manifest after only 7 heartbeats, and she complied. A gradual path to full restoration, hopefully culminating at Lasting Integrity with the leaders of the Honorspren witnessing it.
  9. I'm wondering if that obsidian fortress ever manifests in the physical realm. Say, somewhere in the Purelake?
  10. Also, I found myself thinking of this Gunship video during the
  11. Regarding the new Amazon blurb...
  12. A Herald saying "I want out" coupled with Gavilar's statements...was Gavilar trying to, or did he possibly succeed in, taking the place of one of the Heralds, and joining with the Oathpact? (I should have finished reading the entire thread before posting this. Too eager. )
  13. Don't think so. More of a taboo in mentioning being a spoiler for someone new to SA.
  14. The notion of Earth being an echo of Mirandis immediately made me think of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber.
  15. Fun episode. Regarding the excitement about getting to see a Lightweaver that is stage presentation oriented as opposed to visual arts oriented: <cough>Hoid<cough>. I suppose one might argue that he wasn't yet technically a Lightweaver during the grand tellings of Fleet, or Wandersail, or The Girl Who Looked Up, but does the spren actualize the Radiant or does the Radiant actualize the spren?