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  1. The notion of Earth being an echo of Mirandis immediately made me think of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber.
  2. Fun episode. Regarding the excitement about getting to see a Lightweaver that is stage presentation oriented as opposed to visual arts oriented: <cough>Hoid<cough>. I suppose one might argue that he wasn't yet technically a Lightweaver during the grand tellings of Fleet, or Wandersail, or The Girl Who Looked Up, but does the spren actualize the Radiant or does the Radiant actualize the spren?
  3. The Jezrien-ending blade surely hasn't completed its work, so Knife of Woe.
  4. The hornstorm. So that's how humans and singers ended up creating the horneaters. Easy.
  5. One thing that remains very unclear to me: was Nightblood created on Nalthis? Or could he have been created on Roshar? It seems that the ready access of free investiture available on Roshar via stormlight would enable immense Heightenings to permit the five scholars to carry out super advanced R&D.
  6. "The darkness becomes a palace" reminds me of Dalinar's Purelake vision. "It was a fortress. Dalinar halted, looking up at the peaked, castle-like structure that rose straight from the still lake waters. He’d never seen its like before. Jet-black stone. Obsidian?...Finlike sides rising toward peaked tips above, towers like arrowheads . . . Stormfather. It’s majestic." They're searching for a Sja-anat corrupted spren during that vision, and encounter a thunderclast.
  7. Fair point. Exactly the same thoughts I had as Argent was walking through his idea. Particularly since the Shin remain so physically distinct to this day, and since the Stone Shamans of Shinovar seem to be the stewards in some sense of the Honorblades of the now-known-to-be-Ashynite Heralds, it may be the case that the first wave of humans to show up in Roshar actually adhered to the restrictions set by Honor and Cultivation, and didn't stray beyond the mountains. It seems reasonably plausible that a second or third wave of humans may have been responsible for the kickoff of the Desolations. Hmm...since Hoid mentions a grudge against both Rayse and Bavadin (weakly implying they may share some aligned goals/purposes) wouldn't it be fun to learn that one of the waves of human arrival on Roshar post-Ashynites hailed from Taldain? Baseless speculation is fun, even absent a shred of evidence.
  8. Hmm...seems as though smiting someone would be completely diametrically opposed to the Intent of Preservation.
  9. I nearly choked laughing at the (unintentional?) double entendre "he's tapping youth" during the discussion of the Lord Ruler possibly siring children as a 900-year-old. I salute you, Eric!
  10. Regarding the disparity in the level of grief displayed by Navani: I cannot help but wonder if the deep mourning when Navani thought Jasnah was dead was something of an overreaction due to intense guilt. I'm guessing we'll learn that it was Navani who ultimately made the decision to have Jasnah committed to the insane asylum.
  11. Another fun episode. Thanks for all of the effort! A line of signing questions sprang to mind during the Block of Rock (™ Argent) portion: Is Jasnah's soulcaster tuly fake, or is it a functional soulcasting fabrial? (If answer to 1 is "functional") Have we seen Jasnah use her soulcasting fabrial without tapping her ability to access her Radiant surge of transformation? If a radiant uses a fabrial matching their inherent surge(s), is the radiant subject to the sort of physical effects a non-radiant experiences when using the same sort of fabrial (i.e. Kaza's body's degeneration into smoke)? Do gemstones in fabrials crack while being used by a radiant with a matching surge due to some sort of unstable resonances between the two?
  12. Of course there isn't. "The South" is hardly a homogeneous monolithic entity. But language, particularly regional idiomatic language, can trigger intense emotional reactions. Few would argue there's much rational thought present in a rant triggered by an emotional outburst. :-)
  13. Not Cosmere, but the character of Cody in The Reckoners referring to individuals as "y'all" caused me to--for the first time ever--literally throw my Kindle across the room. And then his using "all y'all" to refer to groups of individuals was even worse. Make up in-world slang all you like, Brandon, but please use existing English slang properly! "Y'all" is very much a plural term. When addressing an individual, use "you", and when addressing two or more feel free to use "y'all." </rant> My biggest in-Cosmere beef would have to be: publishing a work in which Kaladin kills Szeth, and then changing that in later revisions.
  14. I really hope the Jezrien-ending knife's power is only along the lines of ending Heralds. If it also involves capturing a Herald's power to transfer to another, that would be far too similar to the blinding knife from the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. As Hoid opines at the closing of Way of Kings, timeliniess is valued more highly than invintiveness, and even if Brandon came up with such an idea ages ago, sadly it's no longer a novel notion for me since I've already read of such a thing elsewhere.
  15. Another fun talk. A random thought I had during the Listener forms section: did/does Sja-anat "Enlighten" the types of spren Listeners invite into their gemhearts, and if so, what is the effect?