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  1. I came into this episode expecting to dislike it, because I so viscerally hate Moash, yet I left feeling it was one of the most enjoyable discussions I can remember. I love Big Idea thematic sorts of conversations, and this delivered thanks to many nuanced points made by everyone, I think. (As an aside: during the upcoming Cosmere lull, I'd be giddy if there were a "what is the point of the Cosmere" discussion. Yes, it's a framework to allow Brandon to tell lots of really cool stories, but what is the overarching Big Idea of the Cosmere that led to it becoming Brandon's life's work?) As for what's behind Moash becoming blind, and what his future is, for a while now I've been having largely inchoate thoughts along these lines. Despite his betrayals of Kaladin, I think Moash to a large extent almost worships Kaladin (the "he can't be killed" talk, for instance). If Dalinar fails in the contest of champions, and becomes a tool of Odium, I don't see how he could continue to hold any of Honor, and so someone else would likely then be able to take up Honor. If the son of Tanavast is that someone, then Moash's near worship of Kaladin might transmute into undying zeal to be in service of Kaladin-as-a-god. Kaladin/Honor could probably make effective use of a devoted blind prophet.
  2. These epigraphs made me wonder if Navani would agree with Thomas Jefferson on his thoughts regarding invention and profiteering (with bonus point regarding peculiar uniqueness of flames):
  3. Mixing of allomantic abilities is not what Khriss was referencing with respect to blending investiture leading to an added effect, I think. It was specifically in reference to Twinborn, which is mixing allomancy and feruchemy. My more general question is whether or not hemalurgic allomancy blended with hemalurgic feruchemy would lead to that added effect.
  4. Tangential thought, having just finished a reread of Bands yesterday, Khriss says in the ars arcanum Does this extra "effect" only arise for natural-born blendings of Investiture, or does hemalurgy also grant the same sorts of effects? Tying it back to Kelsier, does he possess the extra "effects" from blending allomancy and feruchemy?
  5. On the topic of Kelsier's body being somehow being formed from a mistwraith: could the fact that mistwraiths were originally formed from Terris feruchemists partially explain how he then gained feruchemical powers? Interesting line of thought.
  6. That was a blast! Thanks for making this happen!
  7. On the ancient spren as fabrials front, I've been wondering if perhaps the ancient spren historically chose to manifest as a fabrial as a temporary coping mechanism after experiencing the death of their bonded Radiant.
  8. The Bridge Four Kickstarter poster inspired me to learn how to make picture frames. That was sufficiently fun that I decided to splurge on a signed Way of Kings giclee from Michael Whelan's store. That demanded I up my game, so I learned how to make custom moulding and inlay. Then I learned how to cut beveled mats. Turned out okay.
  9. Fun to watch, as always. Many thanks to @FelCandy and @Paleo for such a fun journey, both pre- and re-view. You guys have a great dynamic, and bring some subtly different perspectives from the regulars on Team Shardcast. Fingers crossed that there will be some future topics where you guys will be the hosts!
  10. Very fun episode! In my head, every time I hear a phrase along the lines of "the strike on Ba-Ado-Mishram" I end up thinking of it as "the strike (not at Shayol Ghul but) on Ba-Ado-Mishram." I'm truly curious how much of the capturing of BAM and its unintended consequences was possibly influenced by that amazing short work by Robert Jordan from 1996.
  11. I just got to this point listening to that livestream, and came to the same conclusion regarding the similarity Brandon mentioned. My next leap in thought was: before she was unmade, was BAM the spren of Roshar itself, and so capturing her (being the spren of the land) had a similar sort of effect as the earthquake did on Arelon, in disrupting the proper flow or maybe alignment of Investiture?
  12. Mapping physics concepts onto Lights reminded me of an article I had read recently that made me think theoretical physicists may have re-interpreted fundamentals as something that might be called "Investiture."
  13. Four mentions of "Nightblood" in RoW. Two are from Szeth, and those at least make sense as to how he could have learned what others have called it. The sword itself likely told him at some point. But the other two mentions are by Taravangian. How would he have come across that name, especially post-diagram-inception?
  14. Back at the end of Oathbringer, I had assumed the knife Moash used to end Jezrien would be unique, and predicted a book 5 title of Knife of Woe. Knowing what we know now, at the end of RoW, I will make a small alteration and predict Knives of Woe.
  15. She sent her copy of Rhythm of War along to Kholinar via Oathgate.