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  1. Well apparently I didn't have this thread set to be followed. Wups! Sorry, everyone! This kinda fell by the wayside for me because I ran into a couple technical difficulties at around the same time my second child was born. As you might be able to imagine, I find myself quite busy at home. Perhaps with enough help, we could get it off the ground. Send me a PM if anyone is still interested. There'll be some grunt work to be done first. While the map files are still all fine, the History and Landed Titles will all have to be re-done If I remember correctly, that's upwards of 700 counties, not to mention the higher-ranking titles. @Raymond Luxury [email protected]@Cosmistorian
  2. Kenton has the option to gain either +1/-1 or +1/-1...
  3. My absolute favourite part of the series is when Steris teaches Wax the joys of accounting.
  4. Windrunner Kaladin is done Skybreaker Szeth Dustbringer ?Ash? Edgedancer Lift Truthwatcher Renarin lightweaver Shallan is done Elsecaller Jasnah Willshaper venli/eshonai (a death ) Stoneward Taln Bondsmith dalinar Is done Could be one of the heralds. Maybe paired up with a contemporary member of their order. Perhaps if Adolin is able to reawaken maya, him or lift might be at risk. I could see Jasnah or Renarin dying before their books, but I certainly hope not
  5. Last one looks like Shallan and pattern in shadesmar
  6. Is Mraize’s chicken Jek-son-of-none from the middlefest fair?
  7. It just seemed interesting, seeing as Nalthis is all about colour, and the 10 rosharan gemstones are differentiated by colour, rather than composition.
  8. Is there a notable connection between the significance of the number 10 on Roshar and the fact that there are 10 known heightenings on Nalthis?
  9. This looks pretty good! i don’t know about using the touch/distant ranges as a way of differentiating the surges, though. I’m of the opinion that being able to use cohesion (as well as transformation) at range is a byproduct of the willshapers’ and elsecallers’ Transportation surges.
  10. Can ChayShan produce more complicated effects like an elantrian’s lasers or healing?
  11. I’m of the opinion that the shades in the forest were there prior to the Evil occurring in the homeland. Why else would the old name for this continent be Hell? Additionally, if the only problem in the homeland was shades, what was the point of even coming to Hell in the first place? Whatever the Evil is, it is FAR worse than shades that can mostly be avoided by following a set of rules.
  12. What I want to know is whether Yolen had sleepless or something like them, and if so, whether it has been confirmed that Bavadin was a human.
  13. Anyone suggest Tom Hiddleston for Kelsier yet?
  14. But has this been verified explicitly by Brandon, or is it simply the in-world explanation we have been given?
  15. Hi, all! I’ve been thinking lately about Feruchemy, and its place in the cosmere canon. A few things have been nagging at me, and so I searched the forums here to see what anyone else has been talking about in regards to this issue. Not finding anything, I figured I’d best get this conversation started. It has always bothered me that Feruchemy was considered a system of both Preservation and Ruin. Particularly now that we know a third entity has been influencing the system. It makes sense to me, then, that Feruchemy might be based in the investiture of this third party. Now presuming Trell is an avatar of Autonomy, our first piece of evidence should be in the very way Feruchemy functions; A Feruchemist draws their power from themselves. If nothing else, I feel this alone makes a reasonably convincing argument. Ummm... I had other points, I think. Sorry, I just finished work. My brain died a little.