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  1. This looks pretty good! i don’t know about using the touch/distant ranges as a way of differentiating the surges, though. I’m of the opinion that being able to use cohesion (as well as transformation) at range is a byproduct of the willshapers’ and elsecallers’ Transportation surges.
  2. Can ChayShan produce more complicated effects like an elantrian’s lasers or healing?
  3. I’m of the opinion that the shades in the forest were there prior to the Evil occurring in the homeland. Why else would the old name for this continent be Hell? Additionally, if the only problem in the homeland was shades, what was the point of even coming to Hell in the first place? Whatever the Evil is, it is FAR worse than shades that can mostly be avoided by following a set of rules.
  4. What I want to know is whether Yolen had sleepless or something like them, and if so, whether it has been confirmed that Bavadin was a human.
  5. Anyone suggest Tom Hiddleston for Kelsier yet?
  6. But has this been verified explicitly by Brandon, or is it simply the in-world explanation we have been given?
  7. Hi, all! I’ve been thinking lately about Feruchemy, and its place in the cosmere canon. A few things have been nagging at me, and so I searched the forums here to see what anyone else has been talking about in regards to this issue. Not finding anything, I figured I’d best get this conversation started. It has always bothered me that Feruchemy was considered a system of both Preservation and Ruin. Particularly now that we know a third entity has been influencing the system. It makes sense to me, then, that Feruchemy might be based in the investiture of this third party. Now presuming Trell is an avatar of Autonomy, our first piece of evidence should be in the very way Feruchemy functions; A Feruchemist draws their power from themselves. If nothing else, I feel this alone makes a reasonably convincing argument. Ummm... I had other points, I think. Sorry, I just finished work. My brain died a little.
  8. WoK was the first Sanderson book I read, and until I was more than halfway through it I was convinced that humans had originally crash-landed on Roshar and that the Spren and Shardblades were scattered nanotech designed to react to human thoughts
  9. Does no one else think the Stormwardens are up to something?
  10. Yup! She burned them by hand. I didn’t even know she could do that
  11. My wife got my mom reading stormlight archives recently. Check out the cutting-board and tea coaster my mom made for my birthday!
  12. Could one spike themselves with connection to a location on Sel in order to gain the ability to use the corresponding Selish power? If so, could one spike themselves with enough connection to said location that that power would function for them on another world? Do Cremlings have gemhearts?
  13. Ah, yes! I forgot to mention the honorblades. I was going to posit that they were swords due to the fact that they were such large splinters of honor. The thing about preservation’s dagger, is that Sanderson is typically very diliberate about his word choice. The way Leras personifies the knife shows to me that in the very least there’s more to that knife than we currently know. I’m obviously not going to go around claiming this theory as fact; it was just idle thought, but I found it an interesting one. Apologies for the spoilers in the main board; it was a long day and I wasn’t really thinking.
  14. Hey, all! im a fairly new cosmerenaut, but since first discovering Sanderson this past December, I’ve dove right in headfirst. I’ve just finished my first re-read of the stormlight archives and have read everything else, save Elantris. I am now re-reading Arcanum Unbounded, and was struck suddenly by an idea. Investiture is inherently drawn to the shape of a sword or bladed weapon. Adonalsium himself may have been such a weapon, or at least on occasion took that form. Some points to support this theory: - Radiants, so far as we are absolutely sure, left their abandoned radiantspren only in the form of a blade. I originally assumed that some of the fancier old fabrials were once radiantspren, but now doubt it. - We have seen Nightblood and Azure’s sword as recreations of shardblades, but no comparable version of shardplate using Breaths. - In Secret History, when Kelsier is telling Preservation to stab Eland, we get the following quote: (Fuzz reached to his belt, and his hand shimmered. The knife appeared there. He looked down at it, the blade glistening. “Old friend…” he whispered at it.) - In Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell, Silence describes her dagger as the symbol of the religion devoted to the God Beyond. A religion known across the cosmere. I would like to propose that Adonalsium took the form of a Sword or Dagger, and that all Investiture, if gathered in a large enough magnitude, tends towards the same form. When adonalsium shattered, the investiture reformed into 16 more bladed weapons, including Preservation’s knife. These were the original forms of the shards’ power. As the vessels power diffused throughout the systems they were investing, the tendency to hold this shape may have diminished. Did I miss anything?
  15. Awesome, @Tellingdwar; thank you!