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  1. Theory makes sense. They can see spren, and in OB, Rock is seen "humming his mother's song to a beat he could almost, just faintly hear" (p. 383). This seems like a Listener rhythm, especially when you add in their spren-seeing ability (even the 'invisible' ones), and their respect (calling spren gods, similarly to how Listeners call (some) spren gods).
  2. Well, there were the Pits. And it's possible that Odium was there a while ago and when Sazed reformed the world he closed, moved, or changed it.I'd like to see the WoB on that though (not that I don't believe you, I'd just like to see his phrasing and the specific question or reason he said that) He was, I believe, the one from the broadsheets main story that we were shown.
  3. Is it possible that you could use hemalurgy without killing someone? If you either did a surgical operation and a needle passed through the heart without killing them (somehow), or, more likely, you did something like passing metal through a gold compounder's heart (and they healed from it,
  4. Yeah that's what I meant.
  5. So can anyone tap or fill nicrosil?
  6. Not eveyone names things the same way. And I dint think the same guy named all those places. So differences would happen in naming.
  7. That's... actually very interesting. So I wonder what Prof's weakness is.
  8. David cannot be Epic. That is a fact, and I will hereby prove it. (wait for it...) He is Gifted some Epic powers by Prof. Also... Megan is weird. And David, while not being Epic, certainly has something going on with him. And I might know a big secret about Calamity. And sorry if what I say doesnt make sense, it's near midnight and I just spent hours reding that book almost nonstopish. That is all. Well, except for this quote chain. I noticed David's non-Epic gift as well. Maybe... Maybe there's something else, and so instead of being an Epic he's... an Awesome or something? Lol. Dunno. Anyway, that was sticking out to me even before it was mentioned about 8 times. Again, I noticed a lot of this. So I'll try to put my responses in order. I hope Megan replaces Prof with a good version, one that doesnt even remember killing everyone, because otherwise he'll still at least be.. different from that... I noticed everything mentioned in the second paragraph you have their. Rather intriguing, actually. I noticed the Epic powers and how he uses them easily in the first book, and was furthered by his development in book 2. I figured something was going on with him the whole time. And as I said above, I dont believe he can be Epic because Prof Gifted to him. Unless his power is absorbing other ones, or healing and shilding that for some reason randomly stopped working...? Forgot everything else I had to say. She tried to make David an Epic to destroy a bunch of Rekoners, suspecting Prof would survive. She did not kill Prof because she wanted a successor. I just felt that David was getting a lot of new information and trying to process it all... Not like the book changed directions or anything. It makes perfect sense. And it's a lot easier and faster to push a button than it is to put a gun to your head and shoot. Also, she liked the gun and didnt want to get it destroyed, and that way she could do it while carrying David if things got too bad. In the first instance, David survives because he was loaded with healing from Prof.The second time, it is Megan. She's there enough to teleport stuff away. As I said earlier, David can't be an Epic because he was Gifted to by Prof. So... unless thats gonna turn out wrong as well.
  9. By the way, I saw Prof going evil the whole book long. Before they even went to Glitter Land (I mean, Babilar). Hey, what would David's weakness be if he became an Epic? Like, other than the water thing. (And I doubt Calamity is quite an Epic. Just throwing that out there as well.) PS I did not realise Megan could teleport. PPS I hope they beat Prof by Megan switching him to a different him from an alternate universe thing. That would be cool.
  10. I don't think we should call it Awakening in this case, since Awakening is more like animating inanimate object. These objects are already animated, so it's more like, uh, Altering?
  11. The whole time I just thought Alcatraz would break everything he wanted to whenever he wanted to to imitate other Talents... break time to use G. Smedry's, break space to use his uncle's or dad's... etc. So I was thinking he would break Oculatory abilities to get Bastille one/them.
  12. On that topic, what if a heart did "skip a beat"? Would it count as no beat, or two? Anyway, I heard one "Are you a Lurcher? Because I can't seem to stay away from you." somewhere. My own: "You strengthen me as much as a Highstorm." "You're so witty it hurts, just like Wit." White Sand (spoiler because it's unpublished...) The Croods random thing I came up with just now: "You make me want to Survive." And the best one yet... ... "I am a Stick."
  13. My sister lied to me. I told my mom sort of what she said. She asked me, "Why did you bendalloy?"