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  1. Anybody read sherlock holmes? What is your favourite story?
  2. religion

    For me, as a christian, my God means a lot to me. When I mess up, I know He forgives me and will help me solve the mess one way or another. I am not a very good person, I did things that were wrong at times. Without a good God to guide me through my life, I will hate my father and mother. But after I know God, I came to love them. God's presence is felt by me many times in my life, and miracles happen, sometimes, in answer to my prayers. Jesus is my best friend, so is the Holy Spirit, and Abba Father is my papa who I love dearly. Yes, I can be confused sometimes by what it means to be three persons and yet one God, still God helps me at every stage of my life. I am thankful to God that He saves me from being a completely evil person, and looks forward to spending eternity with Him. It is my prayers that those who are not christians will come to find hope in the Christian God as well.
  3. Glad I am not the only girl who prefers fantasy to romance.
  4. Whoa, you joined in 2012? What made you decide to come back?
    (Definitely not complaining, just curious.)

    1. chongjasmine


      I decided to reread the brandon books. Joined in 2012 bcos of wot.

  5. I enjoy the first book on flitz as well. Will continue reading the rest after after I finish brandon's cosmere.
  6. Bought the dark magazine issue 17 and 19 on kobo. Epub version.
  7. Detective Conan is my favourite anime. I highly recommend it.
  8. I agree that this is a wonderful online community.
  9. Wow, there are actually brandon's fan. I thought I was the only one.
  10. I didn't know AoN exists until I came.
  11. I happen to be a girl, but don't like romance books and prefer fantasy. More like a tom-boy, I guess.
  12. I wonder if anyone here loves to read short stories? I like fantasy short stories by beneath ceaseless skies!
  13. Just started reading elantris, and among the three characters, I like Raoden the best.
  14. I like Galad from WOT.
  15. I enjoy reading sandman.