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  1. I like your take on the fear spren. And I'm sure Sanderson would appreciate the lack of stylized blood. If I remember right from his podcast, he said he's a bit squeamish with blood and gore, which is why he didn't finish A Game of Thrones.
  2. I read this on Monday, just re-skimmed now, and have to say I like the flow. The ending was great. If D kills herself, that would blow my mind. The fact that it can be read both ways is pretty awesome. It has me itching to read the next chapter to find out. I was digging the whole idea of L's people. That was a blast. D's threat was cool. I didn't like that she didn't want to have to go through with it. It took away some of her thunder. I wanted her to be ruthless, which is why I thought she killed L at the end. The exchange between D and L was well done and sucked me in again during my re-skim. Now, just tell me if D killed herself. She did, didn't she? damnation...
  3. Love it! Looks like a cover for a Stormlight Archives graphic novel.
  4. Just found your stuff. I can't believe how many panels you've done. It's awesome that you love Gaz. I'll be interested to see your take on his side of the story.
  5. Old Man Logan!
  6. ketek

    Just found this thread. Lots of awesome stuff! I challenged myself to write one on the spot. I didn't want to spend too much time on it, saw my guitar, and thought of Wit telling Kaladin the story of Fleet. Also, is it mentioned if Keteks are given titles? Running in tune. No waiting for song. On fleet on! Song for waiting, no. Tune in running.
  7. Thanks for the helpful video. Never thought to look for Mary on YouTube. This will be a great help as I just joined RE.
  8. Honestly didn't know I needed fan art of Renarin. You're awesome and I'm a huge fan now!
  9. Great work! Thanks for reminding me of that moment
  10. @TheVillageIdiot I don't know if I have to keep on tagging you so you get message notifications. My bad if it's unnecessary. Definitely count me in as a Time Wells pre-order! And I hope your current book is going good. Are you part of reading excuses?
  11. @The Gecko Easily my fifth favorite finger is my pointer finger on my left hand. And thanks for the cookie! It's impolite to inspect free stuff. A free spike is a free spike. Cant' complain. @TheVillageIdiot Sixth favorite food is a BBQ'd hot dog. Time Wells looks awesome! Is there a story in the works yet? Great to meet both of you!
  12. Hey all, my name is Zac. Great to be here! I am a substitute teacher/freelance copywriter/and, most importantly, an aspiring author of fantasy and science fiction. Brandon Sanderson is my writing savior, and I can't believe I haven't joined the 17th Shard sooner. My main reason for joining is Reading Excuses. I have taken Brandon's writing class via YouTube and am halfway through Writing Excuses season 10 master class, so it's time to start sharing my writing with others. I don't want to, as that means I'll find out just how hacky and fan-fictiony my writing really is, but I'm determined to help myself and others grow. And to finish off the intro, here are a few of my favorite things: Favorite book: Way of Kings Second favorite movie: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Third favorite band: Cold War Kids Fourth favorite TV show: The Leftovers Thanks for taking the storming time to read this!