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  1. From the album Radiants

    The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it?
  2. From the album Mistborn

  3. @Illythyrra Dark I've got a Kal and Syl plan going which will feature both of them. This folder will mainly be radiants but I'm open to any Stormlight or wider Cosmere characters.
  4. @Khyrindor That's my current plan. Any suggestions of who to do next?
  5. @Illythyrra Dark Thank you friend.
  6. Are there any tips or tricks for uploading a picture to the gallery? I keep running in to issues.

  7. @Mraize You are far too kind. Hopefully have it up soon
  8. @Mraize Yes! I am in the process of trying to upload a Dalinar.