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  1. When you have a bad stomach ache and all you can think about is: Why in the world is the Dor trying to force itself through me, I'm not even an elantrian... *Draws Aon Daa in the air to check* Nope not a elantrian ... Also when you draw the random Aon Daa in the face of your enemies
  2. The Nightwatcher, not knowing what either of these things are asks you to explain. After a long talk she creates these: Christmas tree: Tree with VERY sharp needles pointing out from it in all directions. It has decoration on it, little cremling shells pained in all colors Roses: Some VERY spiky flower,with a green stem and a white top that curls around in a nice patter Your bane of choice is that the preferred food of whitespines is the Christmas tree. The Nightwatcher also liked the story of alice in wonderland's roses, so she siks a beheading loving queen who hates white roses on you! I wish that @Arith Matic would change his profile picture to something less..."meme"
  3. Butt ate the ghanderflaffles
  4. Have a happy happy birthday @TwiLyghtSansSparkles!
  5. But Order, formerly Chaos, still existed, he yelled, "But Butt can't go, he still needs to kill Uncle Brandy" Chaos, who is now Order, used his new ordering powers to buy a new universe from Amazon.
  6. granted! The only way this is possible however, is if they are all pulled into the real world from their cognitive realm or physical realm respectively. that means all you get is a bunch of shardblades! they're alive for the time being, and you're meeting them so it all counts, you just can't talk to them, and because they have no oaths in this realm they all become dead shardblades! doesn't that sound wonderful! too bad you're not a surgebinder then you would be able to hear their tortured screams in your head. alas this is all you get! i wish for more capital letters
  7. Dear Frustrated in Eugene, Cats are not weird as much as sleeping in the Shard. Why read Hoid when cats are insomniacs. But the Shard of Internet hates me, that’s why you are not receiving those cat messages. Sincerely, Google Dear Coppermind One of my friends just finished the Stormlight Archive and is now reading Alloy of Law. Unfortunately, whenever I try to have a meaningful conversation about the Cosmere with him he just says, “I am a stick” It annoys me to no end! What do I do? Sincerely, Fed up with Memes
  8. So I’m winning!
  9. Chaos was annoyed that the ghanderfaffles didn’t celebrate for a simple round number, so he told them to celebrate 50 more days or else he would Destroy them!
  10. Raoden drawing the chasm line to fix AonDor? I see what you did there Dor = Door
  11. Then Roses Sprouted From Noses to signify chaos's anger.
  12. “Sorry to break it to you Le Sigh, but I searched the Coppermind and all of Arcanium and came up with this,” and by combining his two surges he formed something that could only be created with intense searching, time, effort, and meta-gaming, a WOB...
  13. Which meant he was driving forward circles with a forward car!
  14. The musician’s mirror twins played negative music so no one could hear anything. That’s why no one in-world said anything for the next ten minutes
  15. “Deneppah elbodercin gnihtemos ,neht!” Said Ttub