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  2. I was a pancake fan until I was purified, by Steel! Ha! Eat that waffle loving fools! Crepes are superiorly superior!
  3. Thanks for the offer but for now I’ll think I’ll pass. if I consider otherwise later I’ll be sure to tell you though!
  4. Um...genies can’t wish for’s the rules.
  5. The nightwatcher leans close and whispers in your ear, “ wish to be a genie, like that guy in Aladdin. That’ll be a great idea!” Your bane is that keyboards and other typing implements explode at your touch i wish for a truth serum
  6. Granted, it however edits what you wrote right before you post/send it to match your intent instead of what you actually wrote. I wish for a marauders map but for the entire world.
  7. From the bookstore: Brandon Sanderson reads from “The Splinters of Power” The well-known American fantasy author Brandon Sanderson will be our guest on May 17 and together with German author Björn Springorum will present his current fantasy novel “Die Splitter der Macht” as a German voice. Of course fans can sign their books afterwards.
  8. Eeeeee! Yes! I literally live in Stuttgart! Only 22 minutes away!!!!! Hey, @Taradiddle you see this? Questions: 1. What do I do to not make a fool of myself? 2. Will he be doing signings/questions? 3. I’ve heard you have to buy a book there for him to sign it, is that true? 4. Does anyone else think that the book he’s reading, The Splinters of Power, is a good title for a Cosmere book? This is going to be my first meeting of an author I read!!!
  9. Beneficial for just the tie and the wearer right? Tie: Hey...don't drink any coffee this morning Sherlock: What? Why? Tie: Trust me. It'll be mutually beneficial to all the parties involved... Sherlock: Meh. You're just a tie. I don't need to listen to you! *goes downstairs and spills hot coffee all over himself and tie* Tie: I warned you!
  10. Don't worry about it then. If its going to be difficult to fix I'll just put up with it. Besides, its not really a functional error just a minor visual problem. I was just worried about others having this problem. Um...Is my computer really that old?
  11. Here you go: Screen Width: 1024 pixels Screen Height: 768 pixels
  12. Your first red heart lined favorite post thingy?

    Cause Congrats!

    1. Taradiddle


      Technically 2nd, but thanks! 

  13. So that meant that the words were immune to gravity
  14. Chaos, You are probably told this every other day or something, but I just want to thank you for all the work you put into the 17th Shard every day. You have become a figure head of the forums. Not just because you are the head admin and creator of this site, but because you take time out of your day to make every second of being on here enjoyable for each and every one of the 22,137 (and rising) users. You even take the time to record and edit Shardcast, the best podcast I've ever listened to. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you, The Forumlurker
  15. Not sure if this is just me or my computer... But does the 17th Shard logo look a little bit off to anyone else??? Am I going crazy here cause I could swear something looks wrong!