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  1. I have woned. You have wont.
  2. Shade.
  3. Then he was unsmited by the gods of compassion, understanding, and breaking patterns. It started raining water.
  4. Zinc, I feel the need to say that this, and all of your art in incredible. They all speak to me in their own ways. And this one. This comic is so wonderfully sad, and so happy. I don’t...Alleyverse. But I follow along, and to see this scene in images is amazing. I wish there was a word more intense than just bittersweet to describe this. The compassion, the hope, the honesty. Even if it’s a little bit misplaced on Viv’s end. So...yeah. Great art, keep up the great work.
  5. I’ll take pinch hitter if I can, or if you don’t get enough signups by the start I’ll join.
  6. *cough* Bacon and spices. *cough*
  7. Butt fell from the sky and landed hard of the ground, waving hi to the new narrator.
  8. Wi Wink Wou Wean: Wack wom wha wead, wust wor whis
  9. Hey, @BrightnessRadiant! Thanks for a great game! I had a lot of fun. Thanks to the remainder of the village for rooting out the Elims. Plus props to the Eliminators for keeping me clueless and on my toes! And...I don’t know if there was a dead doc because I never received one. Nevermind, just me.
  10. *bows to the power that is most upvotes ever*

    Happy Birthday!!! :D May it be joyful and pug filled!

  11. game

    Seeker, it might be useful in today’s world? And if I do find something then magic exists and I’m happy. Would you rather have to write the story your life up to today from memory? Not stopping until it’s perfect. Or have your life narrated for you, so that everyone around you can hear your thoughts and actions?
  12. *slaps awake*
  13. This seems to keep on happening to you Xino, I’m sorry. Ahem, The Nightwatcher looks down at the puny mortal asking to manipulate the rules of time...again. What was it with them and changing time? Didn’t they know it would always lead to misery? Still, it was within her powers so... “Granted” she whispers. A cloud of mist fades to leave a massive machine, covered in gears and pipes, and glowing with a malignant light. “This will speed up and slow time at will” and it will will fulfill the spirit of your request rather than the word.” She pauses. “And finally, your hand will be stuck to it for the rest of your life, and death, and else. As long as this machine exists you will be stuck to it. You become an observer of time rather than an adventurer or traveler.” The mists thicken and pull you into a small clearing filled with others who had suffered similar banes, for even the Nightwatcher is not so cruel to deprive you of all conversation forever. I wish for a gallon of hot chocolate. ~ ~ ~ Oops sorry salad. Granted you now have sentient fruit, and they are all infatuated with you. And there is always more fruit watching you and following you everywhere. And good luck eating any fruit again...
  14. So, when writing a glyph, those symbols you used are the parts that make up the glyph. So if you looked at this Then you’d see the original “stance” glyph, and then you’d see each of the different lines are a symbol, a letter symbol. Then you mirror what you have drawn over the y-axis, because symmetry. The glyphs themselves are from left to right and stylized. Heavily stylized, sometimes to the point where it can be difficult to distinguish the separate letters. But it’s a kind of art, with every glyph looking different.
  15. @Feruchemical [email protected] The glyphs are read symmetrically from left to right as a single symbol. The symbol is a word. They symbols aren’t separated into letters. You then would stylize the general shape into the noun.
  16. *gigantamaxes my castling king*
  17. *considers* I want to see if this is something that would be fun to try out. If no one minds, I’d like to join the Sanderson Puzzle Hunt with...a promise to attempt to be active. Sorry if I can’t do any better, but IRL has been really busy lately and I don’t want to miss out on this.
  18. *casts Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting*
  19. *parrys*
  20. You didn’t waste anyone’s time Ene. I’m glad you’re feeling better. And again, supportive community. We will always have your back.

    1. AonEne


      THANK YOUUU :):wub: 

  22. Because they were incredibly rare and even considered to be extinct. And even having the corpse of a near mythical creature would elevate social status somewhat. Therefore, Larkins are valuable.
  23. *.fiN*