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  1. Azir?
  2. Ah, a fellow person of culture I see.
  3. How about...Azir?
  4. This directly contradicts your WoB Also, the power difference Brandon mentioned can be explained by this WoB:
  5. Hey...I know you won’t see this for a little less than two years. But happy belated birthday. Thanks for making the choice to go on a mission.

  6. Actually, this is true. Lerasium rewrites ones spiritweb. They gain connection to Preservation. So you would become a normal mistborn. Not a mistborn with an extra boost on your atium burning. Plus I’m pretty sure atium seers don’t exist anymore.
  7. “Wait” screamed a voice. “Those are the cat’s legs! Not it’s arms!” And the voice’s mind exploded in that instant.
  8. But only the version of the empire in that dimension. All the others rode the blast to rise even higher.
  9. Granted, however you now hear the sounds of hundreds of chihuahuas being crushed under steamrollers for the rest of eternity. I wish for a car door.
  10. *coughs violently* You’re an Ookla now FT
  11. I claim the win in the name of the cognitive anomaly!
  12. 10/10 All the context needed is this is Luna. Who will probably be famous in a few years, become a mod, redefine what it means to have a high post count, and just be an amazing human being. Not sure if that’s excessive, or inevitable. I’m Ookla the Journey
  13. Quick as a whistle FT’s head is chopped off and replaced with the head of an ookla.
  14. I claim this win in the name of the other, bigger, Roshar.
  15. Granted, however you now have the unresistable desire to make all things impossible. I wish for magic building, like in the game Fortnight.