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  1. The sounds of battle echoing around the thread, plot having spread to every corner, and introspective journeys fulfilled, a trumpet filled the air. There was silence. Lowercase silence mind you. And suddenly, with a whoop of glee, everyone saw Butt Ad Venture riding a flute of flying Ghanderflaffles over Sophie’s forcefield. Butt shouted, “Onward!” And the swarm of Ghanderflaffles dive bombed the sickly sweet army, tearing the warriors apart with their sharp feathered wings. Butt himself rode a Ghanderflaffle toward Nameless’s and FT’s duel, landing with a crunch, a spear in his hands.


  2. 6 minutes ago, Kynedath said:

    DeTess is the GM, which I'm sure you're aware of, you're smart and discerning, but I was wondering what you hope to accomplish? If I remember correctly, killing the GM has happened before in a prior game of SE, can I ask what happened? Or if I am incorrect, please let me know, I'm honestly really curious.

    I made an agreement to use Stab Votes in a game. To myself or someone, I don’t remember. But as a joke I targeted Tess, I’ll use them though. As for prior game GM killing? It ended PMs, closed the Market, and...something else. But I don’t think you can kill GMs in this game seeing as it’s not a Joe or Alv game. :P


  3. Ok. Blackout game. No one knows anything. Unless you do know something. But...you should hold your info to your chest. Or...um...share it so we’re all on even footing? No. That...ruins the spirit of the game and gives the Eliminators too much info. But I’m assuming people know something, which will be good.

    I’m...well. I made an agreement to try out stab voting so...Eat stab vote DeTess!


  4. On 2/21/2020 at 1:30 PM, Mushroom Catalog said:

    I wish that I could figure out how to help people.

    First of all, *hugs* The world needs more people like this.

    Now, this is something I ask myself too. I’ve learned that listening is a good, no, great start. I’ve started following three guidelines in my interactions with people to just...help them and make their day brighter:

    Smile. Whenever you meet someone’s eyes, give them a smile. They might need the joy.  
    Compliment. Try to give one honest compliment in a conversation. They might need the reminder.  
    Ask. Ask people how they are doing. And listen to them. They need to know that they matter.

    I’ve found that these steps really help me, help others. I wish you luck.

    And I wish the Nightwatcher would make more people see this post. We need more light and kindness in the world.


  5. 3 minutes ago, Retrac said:

    Ene(mind if I call you Ene) Do you enjoy roleplay? Just a random guess that isn't obvious and probably isn't right.

    Mistborn screams out in pain. "OWWWW!"

    1. You’re talking to the Roleplay Queen.

    2. Shardblade wounds don’t hurt.

    3. The Skybreaker used division on the Mistborn’s foot, causing the aforementioned pain. “Foolish Mistborn, feel the weight of justice for your crimes”


  6. 3 hours ago, Reckless Reader said:

    YKYASFW your text conversations occasionally include the phrase "Hoid what the [insert expletive here]"

    I realize I probably need to explain...

    My SO and I were just conversing about the Cosmere. When our boy Hoid pops his head in and I mention that one time he spent several months inside a large stomach, being digested. My SO thought that deserved the above response :D

    You...have a pet named Hoid? Am I reading this right? :huh: 


  7. 13 hours ago, Nathrangking said:

    Whiskers on whitespines.

    45 minutes ago, Butt Ad Venture said:

    And wind spren with highstorms.

    29 minutes ago, Nathrangking said:

    Shiny wide shardblades and stone gray pauldrons.

    19 minutes ago, Butt Ad Venture said:

    Luck spren that fly with a skyeel nearing.

    18 minutes ago, Nathrangking said:

    These are a herald's favorite things.

    13 minutes ago, Butt Ad Venture said:

    Fast running Ryshadium, and hot spicy men’s food.