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  1. *Attacks babies with bears*
  2. Except it was actually just ground up cremling shells mixed with sugar and water.
  3. Ooh! Yes! More torture! More chaos! More SoT! The void could not be silenced, but it was. It hurt. So the void, in a slightly muffled voice narrated, "The silence absorbed SoT as her very being was eaten away by the opposing power. It hurt, but there was a freedom that came with the pain"
  4. The void of chaos turned her indignation into meatloaf. Thus the emotion center of her brain was meatloaf-ified.
  5. SoT's tongue turned into meatloaf.
  6. Who is this Keanu Reeves dude? *Googles* Oh...it's him. Eh, I don't know about personality but I've always pictured TLR as younger. If you could perfectly control your age why would you want to be old?
  7. Um...is she confirming the fact that I shouldn't leave SoT alone?
  8. Unless they don't because TVG just mentioned it...
  9. And it will never be beaten. Also @Mestiv, does your really cool signature still eventually discover my name if I post enough?
  10. ...school just started...but I really want to join...so...I guess I'll sign up. *Instant regret* Cornelius Steel is ready to murderize some folks!
  11. A swarm of pigeons attacked SoT. *BAWCK* ..and Bozo.
  12. Butt disappeared along with SoT and gave her presence a hug.
  13. Metaphorically killed mind you, not sure if literally. He’s ruined more than a few lives. Butt fell from the sky right in front of SoT. Like that poor guy.
  14. The void expressed its love of D&D.