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  1. Good. Yourself?
  2. You get a compassionate, loving fan base *inserts a virus*
  3. also a joke

    I think you’re looking for the other thread. Chaos is the obvious choice here, so practicaly every one.
  4. joke

    We can stop Voidus with pineapples. But we can’t stop them one at a time! We need a Mod-inhibiting super weapon! Any idea? ...Mestive, what is your weakness?
  5. ...death is a hard clear. As I said. I’d lynch myself in your shoes. Just saying that I dislike some of the things that you’ve said. ...Which I just realized I never said any of those things I didn’t like. So, first is your pointing out of Stink as having ‘lucky’ votes. Then your defense of Bard, who I’m getting a Elim read from...because you’re defending them. Um...writing everything out now, it sounds much less suspicious. Nothing explicitly indicative, certainly not useless though. So our secret weapon could be dead already?
  6. So. It’s a brand new day with much more death. How fun. And it’s time for my...attempts at analysis. First off, Elbereth. You’ve been helpful yes. But I just don’t like what you’re saying. Not your vote, I’d be suspicious of me too. But while you’ve offered analysis and lynch votes, its not sitting well with me. So I’m suspicious. Which also makes me suspicious of bard. I skimmed through Alv’s stuff C1 and C2. Nothing actually that helpful in fact. He’s voted on Wilson, me, Tess, a few others. Nothing actually that indicative. As for votes on him however, C2 is STINK, Wilson, Itiah, and me. C1 is Wilson. I voted for Alv to survive, Wilson for RP reasons, ITIAH for really good reasons. So at the least I’m clearing ITIAH and soft clearing Tess.
  7. Sorry I’ve been a little quiet. This weekend has been going fast, along with this QF. I...disagree with the lynch on me, for obvious reasons. It’s a weak lynch that was used to get me to talk. Which I am now. And Alv’s just using it to defend himself. My vote on Rath was to stop the conversation about the RNG. I didn’t realize that Striker started it, I just saw Rath continue to talk about it after it was dismissed. As for the vote manipulation, someone probably just needed a stray vote. As for why they chose STINK? I have no idea. I like the Alv lynch for a few reasons. One, it gets the pressure off of me. Two, Information is useful. Alvron has expressed opinions in thread and it would be useful to flip him Disco or Conspiracy.
  8. I see. Seriously English. Why? Just...why sometimes? Oh wait...Nevermind. Just my own stupidity. Still, English, spell things as they are pronounced.
  9. @The Last Post ...huh. How did you create our favorite awakened sword in D&D? Does he consume spell slots? Does it increase in consumption the longer he is wealt? Weilded? Is he a one shot kill on all creatures? I remember you asking about Silence as a D&D character. How does a scourge Aasimar shadow sorcerer sound? With a shadow trait as inverted existence? Plus the Scourge Aasimar ability reskined silent version. So it deals force or necrotic damage instead of radiant?
  10. I played a lot of D&D before I moved. I’m not able to play with the very small group here. [email protected] Last Post? A paladin? Not saying that they’re bad. Promise. But what oath? Redemption? Vengeance? The other three? What kind of Aasimar? Scourge? Or the other one? What’s the main goal of your character. Main plot goal? Is there a conflict between these? I’m seriously interested. I miss d&d...
  11. joke

    ...did I do this by summoning Lord Chaos, Webmaster of the 17th Shard and crusher of website errors? Sorry Ene?
  12. joke

    @Chaos hath been summoned! I fear for my, Ene’s, and this thread’s lives. *cowers in fear* But then...if he votes we’ll know who his favorite Mod/Admin is!
  13. I’m actually a little lost when it comes to the current lynch soo...let me do a read through. Try to understand a bit. Current vote count: Elbreth (1): ITIAH Alvron: (2): Wilson, Striker Venture (1): Elandera DeTess (1): Alvron Devotary: (1): Bard Striker (2): Rae, Elbreth Rath So for those of you who were asking, that vote was based off of the discussion on the odds of being an Elim. I’m realizing that what Rath said was probally a joke. However, seeing as Striker was one of the main reasons that discussion continued, I’ll be considering changing my vote to him. Next is STINK. I actually don’t like the lynch on him. It has very little basis, yet Bard seemed that reason to lynch. Then he pulled back, presumably because his evil plan failed. Then there’s Alvron. Who just found his way into autocorrect! His two votes came from Wilson, as a stab vote(TM). Then from Striker to tie the lynch. There is no reason he should be up for the lynch.
  14. joke

    It’s such a hard choice! Mestive or Argent? I don’t know! So I let RNG decide. Alv would be proud of me.
  15. #bestcharacter2019