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  1. Gwen chuckled, staring down Oreo as he started to squirm and ask for help. Perhaps revealing her hand was not the logical move, but it was the smartest one. She was not weak. She would not feel guilty, she would not feel pity. If pity is how one intends to survive in Nebrask, then they would get everyone killed. Better to end Oreo's suffering now.
  2. Info lore Dump: Kings_way is using the Matson Defense Frozen Mint is using the Sumison defense Vapor is using a damaged Taylor Defense Boom. Yur welcom. This is me asking for protection. You can protect me or not. But I want some. But also do some killing, maybe start with Kings_way. No one needs roleblocks do we. If I survive by the way, I'll continue to give everyone open information. So I'd reccomend at least one protection.
  3. Oh my Shards. What a turn. I'll be writing up a post for tomorrow, M'kay? Have fun guys! 62 views. One Reply. *claps*
  4. Heyo guys! I just want to say that if I die during turnover, I want someone, anyone really, to kill Illwei. M'kay? Thanks.
  5. Gwen sighs. Everyone continues to play it safe. And still TJ refused to come into contact with her. No one in fact would communicate with her. For the best perhaps. She enjoyed working alone. She was beholden to no one, and no one to her. Someone contact meeeeeeeee. Or put me in contact with @Frozen Mint
  6. Or you're in a FFA game and every death brings you one step closer to victory. *shrugs*
  7. When the best part of your day is when you see someone killed in Sanderson Elimination.
  8. One of the known Osborns. Like.. *turns around dramatically* TJ SHADE? The guy I was just talking to?
  9. Well I can't really scheme in a PM without a PM to scheme in, can I? It creates quite an issue. I have to ask for a PM in-thread. Making me more of a target, but it is the only way to get ahead.
  10. *shrugs* I meant more, talk about the game. As in, discuss how we can further each other's plans for victory. K'know. Cause lots of people were murdered. Makes sense that people would be scrambling to set up new alliances in the wake of a mass murder. So...uh..yeah.
  11. Well. What did I say. I think that classifies as much more chaotic. Truly, that is not a good thing at all. But with the number of students shrinking, the chance for victory rises. Of course none of that matters if we all die at once. How cool would that be, a game where no one wins cause we're all dead. *chuckles* Gwen sighed. All that planning for nothing. Too many contacts dead. She needed to get back into contact. Too many plans murdered in one fell swoop. She shouted across the room, "Character TBD (@TJ Shade)! Let's talk!" Then she kneeled back down, getting back to drawing line after line, with perfect precision. It was time to change strategy.
  12. Between the Taylor Defence, and from what I can assume, fear that many people have about being eliminated early, it makes sense that this was a quiet turnover. Just saying that I predict tonight to be quite chaotic. Gwen grinned as Shard was taken away. That fool didn't deserve to be here anyways. Shaky hands, stumbled the second he met her eyes. The next targets though, they would not be so easy to take out. She hadn't considered the implications that alliances created. One mistake made. She would soon rectify that. She needed to be the very best to win. That demanded perfection.
  13. Gwen looks around, grinning as she surveys the battlefield. Everyone scrambling around, trying to prepare for the coming battle. She was calm, prepared, ready. Truly, she knew her strategy would ensure victory. And no one would stand in her way. Setting down a chunk of chalk, calmly dusts her hands off, before looking at each of her opponents, attempting to meet their eyes. Attempting to see any flaws, any weaknesses, any mistakes that would give her a chance for victory. She was ready. Let the game begin.
  14. Heyo, Venture here! Decided to get back into Sanderson Elimination, and I'm excited to do some heavy duty thinking about fictional murders again. And it's a Sart game, just my luck. Say Hello to (Drumroll please) Gwen, the exchange student from Mainford Academy, here to show the Armedius academy fools who really knows how to win a Melee, and has no reservations about announcing that to everyone.