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  1. Ivy wanted to spit at the ground. By the kings, this was boring. Peering through a servant's window, she watched nobles as they faffed about the hall. The hall she'd have to clean up the next day...or at least tell people to clean up. She stepped away from the window and turned around, folding her arms as she surveyed the chaotic scene before her. "The kitchens, why is it always the kitchens that's a mess" Sighing, Ivy began her...what was it now...seventeenth run of the night? She all but dashed through the rows, dodging cooks and servers as she shouted her throat hoarse. No one really could do anything right in this castle if she wasn't there too manage it. Finally having made the kitchen area....decent...Ivy reckoned it would be time to move into the main ballroom. Feeling the wall to her left....If she was right.....a stone shifted inwards, and then a small hatch swung open. Stepping through, Ivy nodded in approval. Ending up right behind a pillar, out of sight. One really could get anywhere, once they got used to the castle, helped having grown up with the best teacher there was though. Folding her arms across her grey smock and checking her bun, Ivy leaned back against the wall behind her, keeping an eye on the spread, making sure no one under her charge was slacking off... ..but the ballroom was in chaos. People seemed drunk, at first thought...but it was much more than that. People were in fear. And....food was left unattended, one of her spread tables were knocked down carelessly. Bah. A bigger mess. Irregardless...guards milling around...though none had spotted her, which was lucky enough. Something was wrong. Yes...after a few moments deliberation, Ivy felt around behind her for the latch, and crept back into the servant's hallway. Something was wrong, and someone knew the story. Nothing could be kept secret for long back where the nobles never saw.
  2. Does....anyone mind if I also nominate Xinar ( @xinoehp512 x @Shard of Thought ) as best Couple? Nominate @Jaywalk as Friendliest And.... @FelCandy as the superior artist. Oh! How could I forget. @Aon-CHRISTMAS-Ene for best Mod, and @AonDii for Yay-est!
  3. Well. Uh. I said that I would vote each round. But I’ve failed in that regard. As for the sudden, last minute votes...I am reasonably certain there is at least one eliminator in there. I trust myself, Elk, certainly lotus. Maybe ash. Current Elim reads are Matrim and Silber. I kinda feel like Matrim is trying too hard to justify that their defense of Ventyl meant nothing. Plus silber is inactive.
  4. Sorry, Had little to no access to the shard until today. Made it a little difficult to play. But with an Elim killed, and Elk surviving an attack, we are in a great position. Quick me looking at Venty's posts, I like this a lot after seeing Ventyl do this: So, after all of that I like Village Lotus, Village Venture, and Village Elk. I'm left wondering why an Elim would try to lynch a good Elim kill target though. Probably just Village Trust, but that still seems to be going against Elim goals. I'm going to see if I can write up an analysis post on people defending Ventyl later.
  5. ...huh. A last minute push to lynch me. *purses lips* Very well. I know who I want to be lynched. My vote is on them.
  6. I um...cannot detect if this is Sarcasm or not. If it is not, then I just have to say that I go with my gut. This is proof that that works. If it is....well I'm sorry. But complaining does not get votes taken off of you.
  7. 1. I'm most sus of you 2. I'm putting a vote somewhere today. 3. I'm in the mood for a tie. 4. I'm tired, and don't have the time to read the full page I missed, but I'll glance over things, maybe change this message if something strikes me.
  8. Just a gut read? That's it? Also, Lots of people here. Lots of voted. I'm going for the Illewi lynch, you guys can do what you wish. I only think that there have been too many contradictions, misunderstandings or not. Plus Elk has at least partially vouched for Lotus. So um....yeah. Votes: Venture (1): Illwei Xino: (1): Elk Illewi (2): Venture, Lotus Silber (1): Ash
  9. *blinks* Well that's strange. I guess Devo could just be a random kill, and...it seems like that's possible..but if it isn't.... Hmm, that means that someone would have to target Lotus with a kill, and Devo with the alignment change. I find that...unlikely? So yeah, it just makes so much more sense to say that Devo was just killed, and didn't defend Lotus. Which then makes it so that your mystery person claim, combined with Lotus claiming that their role changes, are all the more likely to be telling the truth. Which leaves me suspicionless, once again. I understand. But you're claiming that an eliminator would target another member of the Elims in order to kill Devotionary. If Devo died defending Lotus, why would that make Lotus guilty? I understand, but that also means that the Elims are going after their own Adjudicator. Right? I think that's what you're saying is happening.
  10. "Hello and good day to all of you!" Lawrence shouts, "Nick Knacks and trinkets, Art and oddities! All sold for a bargain here, at my fine establishment." Spinning around to grab a covered display case Lawrence rips it off with a shout, "This is a fine bracelet, made by an old ruler of Elantris for his wife, who was murdered the next night!" He holds it up letting the not-so-fine metal loops catch the light. "See how fine it is? See the beauty of Elantris?" Lawrence smiles broadly, "Well buy the beauty of Elantris from me, and take it home today!" Ah Geez. Devotionary, whyyyy. Just lost a great player, to a horrific muder. So. Lotus admits to having their roles swapped around. Thank you Mr Iadon. Thank you. Unless Lotus was lying. Then we need to harm them in a lynch or something. But I think that I'm willing to accept their story. And it's unlikely that we need to lynch them to prevent the Elims from sabotaging the lynch. By the way, I am currently Suspicionless. Disappointing. But I can do the current vote count, and then put a vote on.....hmmm. Illewi I agree that is it most likely that Lotus was attacked, and that's how Devo died. But that doesn't place suspicion or blame upon Lotus. I doubt an Elim would target themselves, and Devo, as their full name suggests, is a person of action. Defending Lotus was the best choice for the village........wait. Waitwaitwait. Lotus could not be both defended by Devo and have their role swapped by Iadon. So either Lotus is lying, or Devo was directly targeted. So.......maybe we do kill Lotus? Votes: Lotus (1): Illwei Zino: (1): Elk Illewi (1): Venture
  11. Wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Got Xino talking. And if he didn’t, it would be a vote on an unhelpful party. Its a touch harsh, but I’m standing by it. This is becoming quite a meta-game. But I have one last thing to say on this topic of chaos. A quote from A Joe in a Bush: “The more you get caught lying, the less people trust you. If you want people to trust you, the only way to do it is to not lie. Period....I’d rather be trusted than win a single game....I play the meta-game. Not the individual game.” I don’t like this tactic of causing chaos by claiming to Elim. It reduces trust, and removes village advantages. More me against the lynch, and against Gears. Don’t feel too supportive of anyone as of now. *nods* My vote isn’t changing. Afraid I have nothing to add about PMs. They’ve never been my favorite tool. Maybe I’ll work on that next game. *nods, again* I’m writing this down. Maybe next, next game. But I am not supporting it this game. ——— Last post for today I think. We’ll see.
  12. *nods* You see, I'm trying to understand why people like Poke Voting. I've never liked it, but I'm trying it out this game, as well as trying to vote each cycle, to break a worse habit of never voting ever. I just don't see any benefits to claiming to be elim while village. It only harms the majority. And the Village's most powerful tool is the power of majority.
  13. On the contrary, it takes a useful tool out of Elim hands. The ability to negate the lynch, the villages main way of taking out elims, is powerful. And so I feel like it would be in the Village's best interests to either protect Lotus from the elims, by swapping her role. Or protecting the lynch from the Elims, by taking away their ability to manipulate it. So again, I ask King Iadon to swap someone's roles with Lotus. *sighs* This feels like the new Poke Voting. Something I dislike, but don't want to take up time arguing about. Perhaps you being lynched...it isn't a curse, but a reality. You get lynched because you're claiming to be the enemy of the majority of players. Just saying
  14. Ah wonderful. Thank you for posting Xinoehp. So. Gears seems to be pushing hard for us to kill Lotus. And I have to say, playing with someone who's goal is to cause chaos is not fun. Your motives are suspect, and your helpful additions are equally dangerous. Lotus, if we kill them yay. If we don't that's bad. But because all of this is coming from a known chaos seeker, here's my compromise. King Iaodon swaps Lotus's roles with someone. We don't have to kill a possible village, and we protect an important role. Y'know...if they are the adujator. I'm leaving a vote on Gears. They claimed Elim. So kill them. What else is there to say?