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  1. ...dang. I'm realizing that I haven't actually posted anything since April 7th...

    Maybe I'll come back some time.


    ...also sorry for the ping??

  2. Happy happy birthday! :D

  3. A facemask Scarf for their grandchild.
  4. And so did The Goatfather.
  5. Because it came from the book The 14th Goldfish.
  6. [REDACTED] was teleported away from harm too, and joined his brother [Redacted] in the safe place where he would not be harmed or have pain or anything happen to him because he is innocent.
  7. [Redacted] was teleported away into a safe place where [Redacted] could not be harmed.
  8. Covered in mozzarella cheese.
  9. It looks like an 8 sided die, but that’s just me... Cause...I don’t own the game. Just looking at the manual.
  10. I did not know. I would imagine only the Suits knew. If I was the combination, I wouldn't tell anyone not confirmed good, or, just the suits. I think we're all at a loss after what happened. Our glorious leader has been arrested, one member of the Suit has betrayed us, and lots of this game is in docs. And mine is...silent. Or just pretty quiet. *sighs* S'okay though. There isn't much to talk about, but someone has to die. So...as Alvron has stated before, a no-vote is boring. So.... Abstrusity (1): Elandera Coda (1): Bard Huh...actually....I kinda like where the lynch is...but...Abstrusity? *reads* Yeah. Yeah Abstrusity. Good luck.
  11. Know what? I’m pretty good with that? Except for Bard’s vote so let’s address that. The Tess vote was a joke vote, I admit. However I’m making a stab vote at Alvron here, not a joke. I just chose him for death, and he has later shown his approval of my actions.
  12. You probably get this enough, but I was looking through all your art and got kinda emotional. It’s all so passionate and beautiful. Lita in the Alleyverse, finding friends, dying or killing. And....it’s all so amazing. Absolutely legendary. The mottos and The Color of Finality most of all. I really loved them most of all. Thank you for drawing, and please keep on doing it.

    1. ZincAboutIt


      I’m so glad you like them! Really, you’re too kind. I just doodle what’s on my mind. It makes me happy that anyone at all like them! I’ll be sure to keep it up :3

  13. DeTess Yay! Lots of good discussion! I’m happy. So, a no-vote? Um...that gives me a 6 percent chance of death. I don’t like that. Rather have someone else who’s guilty with a 100 percent chance of death. So... Alvron One post, and they’re being nice, which means they’re not a killer, so that makes them not a Set. Which, makes them an EBI and someone to be killed. EBI agents in the docs....oops. I was under the assumption that they weren’t. Well... *checks* All good then. Subsets, use your actions well. And do use them. Please? The village will have much less actions than normal because people share them.
  14. The sounds of battle echoing around the thread, plot having spread to every corner, and introspective journeys fulfilled, a trumpet filled the air. There was silence. Lowercase silence mind you. And suddenly, with a whoop of glee, everyone saw Butt Ad Venture riding a flute of flying Ghanderflaffles over Sophie’s forcefield. Butt shouted, “Onward!” And the swarm of Ghanderflaffles dive bombed the sickly sweet army, tearing the warriors apart with their sharp feathered wings. Butt himself rode a Ghanderflaffle toward Nameless’s and FT’s duel, landing with a crunch, a spear in his hands.
  15. I made an agreement to use Stab Votes in a game. To myself or someone, I don’t remember. But as a joke I targeted Tess, I’ll use them though. As for prior game GM killing? It ended PMs, closed the Market, and...something else. But I don’t think you can kill GMs in this game seeing as it’s not a Joe or Alv game.