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  1. I prefer the remixes. They, instead of Flubbers, had Blubbers.
  2. “Throw it away!” Butt says, “Fire is useless against Zambies! It just attracts more of them! It was me and my water guns that defeated the Zambie attack! Yes, you may all bow down now.”
  3. Most of the time they saw blood, veins, and assorted tissues.
  4. plot

    “MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!” Translation: I hate you guys!
  5. plot

    “Mmph! MMPH!” Translation: Yes! Listen to Ember! She’s the greatest! ...Wait send me back? No! No please!
  6. plot

    “Mmph!” Transation: Let me go! I said I was sorry!
  7. plot

    Butt shut up. “Sorry bout that...” he mumbled out
  8. plot

    “Me? How? I’m a sweet guy!”
  9. I would imagine it’s a surprise...
  10. We made a RP thread for the plot. TLT(m) should be safe and completely plot free!
  11. plot

    “Ember? Or Star? No, wait. You have flaming armor. Sorry, I have a headache...what happened?” Butt asks. “Did something happen? Did you willingly help me?” He asks with skepticism.
  12. “Who made you the boss! If anyone it should be me! I’m the coolest and I have a pool noodle!”
  13. “Aaak! Zambies! You think they’re weak to water?” He whips out dual cheap, miniature water pistols. “Cause I got this!” OOC: I’ve fleshed my character a bit more. He has hallucinations of gods and other arbitrary beings. He is also an author who writes about his hallucinations. He’s a teen and was at a pool party when the apocalypse started. He also has a pool noodle...covered in shards of broken glass!
  14. plot

    Wonderful! Hope that clears everything up “Silence, how are you doing this? Going against your writer? And why?”
  15. plot

    Universe prime has nothing Star related except for Butt, Silence, and Pheonix right? Universe S has everything normal except no Butt. IDK about Ember and BoS Hope I got everything correct.