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  1. I really was just trying to get through it the first time. Really liked lightsong. However I had already read whatever cosmere books were already out at the time and it didn't live up to mistborn or stormlight. But later when I was reading all of the cosmere again... I really enjoyed it. And then read it a third time later and loved it even more. So to everyone that didn't care for it, try it again. I don't know what it is about warbreaker that makes it more likable each time.
  2. The only issue I have with this is that he isn't broken. I don't accept murdering sadeas as "breaking"him. Not only does he have no remorse for the act, it's just not enough. I think it will be something else. Maybe finding out the fate of his mother? I feel like knowing father killed your mother would mess anyone up.
  3. I see everyone asking why she's hunting zahel. I'm not so sure she is. I think the "criminal" she is hunting for is Nightblood or Wit. Otherwise she would have asked more questions about Kal and Adolins practicing zahels kata. She talks a little on "burdens"that she sat down as she touches her hilt. I think she's literally referring to setting down Nightblood.
  4. I think you could be right on him being alive. Now we know he wasn't part of the ghost blood, but the skybreakers. Nale brought Szeth back from the brink of death. So it's possible. Helaran also NEEDED to loose that shard blade to bond a spren. So he could still be alive and in hiding or training with the skybreakers. The only thing that gives me doubt is how Kaladin killed him. Through the storming eye.