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  1. That means a lot I didn't expect this thread to still have any replies, so thanks for the pleasant surprise.
  2. happy birthday :D I hope you have a wonderful year <3

  3. Kaladin will obtain all ten honorblades, but will throw them away after having a realisation that he should be a bit nicer to lighteyes.
  4. What about a Shard of Taxation? In order to retain your powers you need to pay it a proportion of your income...
  5. I remember seeing that -25 to -100 was 'Rotting Chull Carcass'. The name is kinda evil, but I imagine anyone with that level reputation has committed some terrible crimes against the Cosmere anyway
  6. Way of Kings: Kaladin single-handedly taking down a Shardbearer and when he leaps the chasm. Mistborn: When Kelsier beheads the inquisitor (and says something cool at the same time ) Other stuff: Typically, Dumai's Wells. Also from WoT, Rand on Dragonmount and when Rand balefires that whole castle. There's lots of others in WoT.
  7. Jost and his family will be referenced throughout the series as a group of troublemakers whilst making one brief reappearance whilst Kaladin returns to Hearthstone in order to protect it from a completely isolated Voidbringer attack.
  8. At that point Sazed was already injured, while they'll be fresh out of the... wherever Skaa crews hang out And don't forget: there's ten of them dude! They wouldn't have to appreciate their own face getting bashed if they have nine others to back them up.
  9. Still gives you some freakish skills of pre-emption.
  10. 10 points - 10x Zinc Ferrings A completely underused power in the series so far. The only scene we see it used is Sazed vs Marsh where Sazed dodges an axe thrown by an Inquisitor, meaning the axe is probably moving pretty damnation fast. Ten of these guys trained would be virtually impossible to handle - they could work out your every move before you could cause any damage.
  11. Yeah, here's mine. It's filled with odd stuff I've picked up over the years so it's not fantasy-heavy to my shame XD Also, I'm getting scared by the amount of people with multiple bookcases
  12. thats questionable. And my answer would be the book - whoever thought you could get so much stuff into one place?