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  1. That must've been awkward...maybe you have do do specific things to get there? I'll have to do a project INSIDE the hardware store sometime instead of going home and see if that works. Also, NO!!!! I'm out of upvotes!!!
  2. I can also second this notion. Third this notion? Maybe they're Productivity's perpendicularity.
  3. When hardware stores are really fun because there are so many ways to connect them to Sanderson. Actually, that's most places, I guess...but especially hardware stores.
  4. When you're at the hardware store, in the nails section. and you think "It's the spike depot for Hemalurgists" when you see the big spikes. Also, when you wonder if the alloys are good in said big spikes.
  5. Then they decided to keep it PG and skipped ahead to when they had 12 daughters, but still no firstborn sons.
  6. The next day he woke up to find a spike in the back of his head with the soul of a girl who met his parameters in the back of his head. Her soul kept saying "I'll be with you if you can return my soul to my body."
  7. When there's a quote on your wall that says "Believe in children--there is faith in their eyes, love in their touch, kindness in their gestures. Thrill with them in life's big and small moments...hold them close." and you find it ominous.
  8. I liked it, overall, and I would say a lot more, but what I have has already been covered.
  9. As do all of the narrators.
  10. Cause it really is okay.
  11. Nerd was confused as to how there were still other Shards, because he thought Butt had become Andonalsium, which wouldn't leave room for other Shards.
  12. @whattheHoid Also ninja'd.
  13. But the narrators had decided that Butt was irrelevant.
  14. "Stupid narrators." said Butt. But the narrators didn't care-they were having too much fun participating in the break dancing party.
  15. Butt was all like "Stupid narrators! Are you just going to leave me here to keep being possessed by Hagrid and let all of the other characters have fun dancing all over a non-Cosmere planet!?"
  16. When you name your Spore character Renegade Kandra. (For those who don't know, Spore is a game where you build other species, and the fist couple stages of the game revolve around killing and/or befriending other species and getting new body parts by so doing.)
  17. They realized that that was probably true: it was Butt, after all who he was possessing so he could talk through him, as he was the only one powerful enough to channel the almighty Hagrid. That meant that he could listen to all of their plans through Butt.
  18. Or both...I'd probably video first for the YouTube views, and then approach and shake hands enthusiastically, eager to meet them. either that, or I'd let go or logic and go up to them and start dancing around them screaming with them...
  19. Sadly, by the time he showed up it was over. Butt had picked of the Shards united against him one by one, finally becoming Andonalsium in full.
  20. Ah. Thanks. New knowledge is always good.
  21. What else would OB be? I'm legitimately confused.
  22. So afraid that he leaked vodka, his favorite drink.
  23. Then he remembered that Butt was his favorite cousin, as of page 2 and/or 16. (We met Butt, as Elend's cousin, on page 2, and found out he was Elend's favorite on page 19.)
  24. Then Butt and Arnold's souls fought for dominance. Butt won, of course, being a Shard and all.