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  1. They were so epic that the universe had to modify itself to be able to support them. This time, instead of only a few turtles, it was turtles all the way down. Then the story continued as before.
  2. He was secretly a referee.
  3. It would be better if they knew without having to be told, though.
  4. She decided to hire some competition to motivate her.
  5. It's one that a friend of ours wrote. It hasn't been publiched. Side note: said friend doesn't even know about the Cosmere. She said something to the effect of "I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm honored that you're including my goldfish in it." Also, thanks for the upvote!
  6. "Wipe your memory" they responded. "Oh. That's all right, then. I was worried about death or something" he replied. So they did, and since he had no memories, they took the opportunity to steal his Shards.
  7. Then the ghanderflaffles decided to help out. (They ignored being destroyed with the non-canon characters, as it was rather annoying.)
  8. When you read a Dominion card titled "Night Watchmen" and you repeatedly read/think/say "Nightwatcher" instead. When you read a comic strip in which a goldfish beats up the grim reaper and, after a long, somewhat convoluted conversation with your sister, decide that the goldfish is Andonalsium.
  9. The wiggle worm is like a mosquito, but it wiggle inside things instead of biting them, is a worm, and explodes. Repeatedly. In it's anger, it antagonized some fire-breathing dinoceros'.
  10. Except the mosquito, the fly's next door neighbor, who got angry and started biting people.
  11. Oh! That sucks.
  12. * Proceeds to Push on metal dice*
  13. Then Butt decided to make another movement to remove a certain narrator from his place as narrator. Er, overlord.
  14. I think that would probably be great, excepting the fact that some people think I'm in the DA because I posted there once. Thanks for the recommendation!
  15. The problem was, everybody liked pineapples on his pizza.
  16. Everyone was a giant, so he needed a lot of pizza.
  17. Great! Thanks. Now I'll need it again though, darn it! I just had to perpetuate the situation.
  18. That was irrelevant, however. I really like the whole "upvote the post before" tradition, but what happens if I'm out of upvotes? I guess I'll fix it tomorrow.
  19. Mraize didn't mean to shoot it, so Butt wasn't mad.
  20. Butt thought they were cool, though, so he decided to try to convince the ghanderflaffles to accept their bad hair as a new hairdo.
  21. My dead, dead brother. This is about the character, not their circumstances. It hurts me to read that post from you.
  22. --who promptly died again.
  23. It was a giant purple bouncy house. The second present was from Dalinar.
  24. So everyone loved it. Alright. I'll not critique you further for it.