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  1. Awsome episode. The two have great chemistry. Lovely couple.
  2. I love it. The sample has me hooked. I need it now.
  3. Have you read all the points people made about Lirin? How can you say he is a coward so definitively when it’s clearly not a matter of black and white. Me as a pacifist I am certainly inspired by Lirin and view him as a hero in is own right.
  4. Lirin is a great man.
  5. I disagree. The title is more than awsome. Before I knew the title my excitement was at a 5 out of 10. But after I heard the title it skyrocketed to an 11. I‘m so hyped now.
  6. Thank you for that post. It moved me very much. For me it's the same, although my condition doesn't seem so severe as yours, I still had that reaction to Sandersons work. I felt understood. He touched me deep inside and motivated me to keep trying. I'm glad he could help you too.
  7. I love the interludes especially in Way of Kings. Those got me through the book. I never read a book that long before. I normaly prefere short novels or even short stories (Brandon is just that good that I can’t help it in spite.). The interludes gave me the necessary breathing space before I could dive back into the big epic. The purelake interlude is probably one of my favorite chapters of any Sanderson book. Does anybody else love the interludes?
  8. Now that I have Shallans backstory I would love to go back and read her chapters TWOK again. I’m sure there are many hints at her backstory in there that you miss if you don’t know it. By the way I love Shallan especially because she isn’t an actionhero. But I’m not very much into action generally. My favorite part (the entire part as a whole not favorite moment) in Oathbringer is part two.
  9. If you disliked the shallan chapters I would read those first so you can look forward to the other ones. In TWOK I found Shallan kind of boring. But as soon as I read her flashback chapters in WOR she became the character I identified with the most. Apart from Dalinar shes my favorite character in Oathbringer and her Wit chapter is my favorite chapter in that book.
  10. I think one of Hoids main motivations is curiosity as evidenced by the story where Hoid tries to become elantrien. He tells his dark sphere (whos name I forget) that he swallowed a frog once. That perfectly illustrates Hoids character for me. Of course he has other motivations but they are very difficult to pinpoint because of his curiosity driven erratic behavior.
  11. I think Kelsir uses investiture but doesn’t notice it. Because the story is told from his point of view it is not mentioned. I agree that he probably got the investiture from the well of ascension and from fuzz.
  12. Oh I forgot White Sand. I read that at the same time as Oatbringer.
  13. It is outdated by now but it’s a good starting point in my opinion. My reading order was quite chaotic. I mostly don’t like to read two books in a series in a row. Mistborn Final Empire Elantris Well of Ascension Hero of Ages Way of Kings Warbreaker Words of Radiance Arcanum Unbounded Oathbringer Alloy of Law The bulk of Arcanum Unbounded I read were I put it in the order but some stories I read earlier.
  14. When I started reading the cosmere books I used this diagram as a reference.