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  1. Shardhammer, Ghostbloods, Sigzil, Hrdalm, and T'Telir are the remaining Stormlight choices.

    T'Telir has not much real link.

    Hrdalm fought Sadeas' army, presumably, but I think the link is tenuous.

    Sigzil was in Sadeas' army.

    Ghostbloods do not include Sadeas.

    Shardhammer was used by Sadeas.

    I think it's Shardhammer and Sigzil.


  2. 30 minutes ago, Glaedr Firnen said:


    I wish for all of Brandon Sanderson's unwritten books to be finished and published, to retain the ability to read them, and for infinite time to do so.

    Granted, but you don't own any of them and after a couple hundred years of immortality you become suicidal.

    I wish for all of the nuclear warheads on Earth to detonate all at once, in whatever military bases they're kept in.


  3. Arelon does seem like a definite. Roial was an inhabitant of Sel - and a fairly prominently featured one in the narrative. Svrakiss were cultural elements. Literally just Demons but on a Selish religion. Roial was more prominent in Elantris, so I'd guess him over Svrakiss, but it could go either way.


  4. The reason Allomancy doesn't match Preservation is because Shardic Intents are not self directed. I don't have the WoB, but Shard Intents are applied to the Shard's outward actions, not to themselves. Preservation isn't about self-Preservation, and Ruin isn't inherently suicidal. Preservation's magic system preserves all the power of the user - it doesn't expend any of it, as happens in Feruchemy. In Feruchemy, everything comes from the user. Stuff is expended, not preserved. Allomancy has power coming from Preservation, thus preserving all the person's power.


  5. On 8/15/2018 at 11:31 AM, Fatikis said:

    We have no idea how Iyatil was raised and have no reason to suspect she reveres the Sovereign. In fact being a worldhopper she more than likely does not revere the Sovereign as she has a greater understanding of the cosmere. It is 100% not evidence. It is seeing strings you want to see.

    She was definitely raised with Southern Scadrian culture. Why else would she have their mask-wearing habits?
    It doesn't mean that she has their religion, but she definitely has some major cultural elements from them.


  6. 31 minutes ago, Child of Hodor said:

    I was thinking more along the lines of depth of character. People like Sadeas and Amaran are far more interesting, fully drawn characters.

    Speaking of Sadeas reminds me of another one of my big issues.
    In Way of Kings and for much of Words of Radiance, he was a great character. He was genuinely trying to help Alethkar in the way he thought best, despite how it set him against one of his oldest friends. Near the end of Words of Radiance, though, he lost that. He just became another power hungry villain, and Ialai stayed that way in Oathbringer. They actively work against the best interests of the kingdom and lose all appeal as good characters.