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  1. Granted. Everyone gets a metric ton of Reeses Pieces. Except no new RP are created, instead extra people are killed. I wish for complete willpower and self mastery.
  2. Granted, but you are constantly dissatisfied at your inability to produce perfect work. I wish for more potatoes.
  3. Mae govennan.
  4. PaanKo, blaming the explosions on acts of radical human terrorism, orders the construction of a fleet of massive ships for the sake of a great crusade across the stars to eliminate all humans.
  5. Ponko, as it turned out, is a misspelling. PaanKo is the real name of the kandra who takes the form of the Alpha Dog.
  6. Indeed. The humans tricked the puppies: their great show of devotion convinced the puppies that they were merely humble slaves. But lo! They were not. The humans, in the middle of the night, stole away and escaped. Unfortunately, they were still infected with rabies. As their spaceship blasted off from Dogsmar, they began to die. The spaceship crashed.
  7. Just a few minutes? If you can make bodies fast, like Tensoon, that wouldn't be an obstacle. Keep the second spike in a pocket or somewhere, and all you have to do is the 5 second transfer of toss a spike in the air above you, eject the spike in you, and let the one in the air fall. The process has to be fast, or they'll lose more and more of themself each time they do it. Why would it take longer?
  8. Koloss retain the effects of the spike without the actual spike. Kandra would be similar - give them the effects, without the spike.. Why can he give Koloss psuedo-spike so they birth Koloss - not human - yet not do so for the kandra?
  9. People have theorized similar about Hoid. His healing heals his spiritweb, so it's theoretically possible to use him as an infinite source of spikes.. Of course, the WoB about it just says that spiking Hoid would work very weirdly.
  10. It's likely, but not certain, that Sazed could.. After all, that's what he did with Koloss.
  11. Unfortunately, the plague of rabies did not end here. All of the exploding animals had been infected by Adolin. The fire of the tailor shop caused all sorts of people to gather round. Several noticed the remains of the animals, and were infected due to very little natural immunity.
  12. Proof: Candy. Theory: Everyone got Rayse and Ati mixed up. Rayse actually was Ruin's vessel, and Ati holds Odium.
  13. Shortly after, Bob the Tailor's doors are bust down. Rabid Adolin's silhouette is framed by the conveniently empty doorframe.
  14. There's also the WoB Calderis brought in earlier. If you're burning Awakened metal, that's fundamentally the same as burning a Breathmind. It was said that you get the Breath back, as well as Allomantic power, not that he'd get an abundance of breath.
  15. Adolin, upon a visit to Dogsmar, contracted a minor sickness from energetic puppy licking.
  16. Sadeas attempted to stop Dalinar from eating the puppies.
  17. Of course, depending on bind points used, you could probably incur smaller abnormal changes.. Even so, 10 spikes - 4 each from the koloss, 2 from koloss-host - is a lot.
  18. The only real benefit would probably be control of deposit/withdraw.. You can store and take from a metalmind very easily compared to storing Breaths in items. It might not be useful for most Awakeners, but if you're regularly in combat it could be. It would also allow you to have internal Breath storages aside from just holding Breath regularly.
  19. It's also worth noting that Trell has, as of BoM-epilogue, decided to destroy Scadrial. Doesn't make much sense to give up on making a beachhead for an evacuation, and then decide to destroy the site.
  20. The burden of proof isn't on the critic. Additionally, we've seen Odium impacting things directly in Cognitive/Spiritual before: he can harm Spren, and could've killed the Stormfather; he has shattered Shards(most Shard-Investiture is in Spiritual). Nightblood's no different. Here's a question for you: why would Odium need a template? Nightblood is just a very heavily Invested piece of metal, commanded to Destroy (Evil). Why would Odium not know how to do that?
  21. I'd just pick any of the Great Houses. All noble houses have Allomantic blood, and so could theoretically have Mistborn, but the Great Houses are more likely to.. For the simple reason of a single Mistborn easily being able to bring down a House that doesn't have one. Of course, they weren't frequently deployed, but there's also the fact that the Great Houses have more resources available to increase their bloodline's strength, and it would be within a Mistborn's best interests to tie themselves to a Great House.
  22. Horses being expensive isn't unique to Roshar. They're definitely more expensive there, except historically horses were very expensive.
  23. He acts quite similarly to Wit in Secret History.
  24. I don't think Cultivation would take steps to Cultivate herself, seeing as how Shardic Intents aren't self-directed(thus Ruin isn't suicidal, Preservation isn't the Survival Shard, Odium respects himself as what makes Humans human, etc..), but I can easily see her taking up Odium.