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  1. game

    Oh, I meant to put Ishikk.
  2. game

    Shardhammer, Ghostbloods, Sigzil, Hrdalm, and T'Telir are the remaining Stormlight choices. T'Telir has not much real link. Hrdalm fought Sadeas' army, presumably, but I think the link is tenuous. Sigzil was in Sadeas' army. Ghostbloods do not include Sadeas. Shardhammer was used by Sadeas. I think it's Shardhammer and Sigzil.
  3. Granted, but all the authors maintain their below-average-even-for-the-20th century standards and morals. I wish that Robert Jordan had not died.
  4. Granted, but every time you take control of a single insect you must first make it eat an ounce of your flesh before issuing any other commands. I wish for Guns n' Roses to bring back the classic lineup and go on tour with a new album.
  5. game

    I'd like to join as well
  6. Granted, but you don't own any of them and after a couple hundred years of immortality you become suicidal. I wish for all of the nuclear warheads on Earth to detonate all at once, in whatever military bases they're kept in.
  7. game

    I'd go with Ghostbloods or 17th Shard cause those are the cool ones.
  8. Granted, but only within a minute of you truthfully saying "This sentence is a lie." I wish for more paper.
  9. The Lord Ruler took off his mask, revealing that he was actually...
  10. game

    Since we're in agreement, Ambition and Arelon will be our first two guesses. Svrakiss does make sense for Sel instead of Elantris, but I don't want to be the one to commit that.
  11. game

    Arelon does seem like a definite. Roial was an inhabitant of Sel - and a fairly prominently featured one in the narrative. Svrakiss were cultural elements. Literally just Demons but on a Selish religion. Roial was more prominent in Elantris, so I'd guess him over Svrakiss, but it could go either way.
  12. The reason Allomancy doesn't match Preservation is because Shardic Intents are not self directed. I don't have the WoB, but Shard Intents are applied to the Shard's outward actions, not to themselves. Preservation isn't about self-Preservation, and Ruin isn't inherently suicidal. Preservation's magic system preserves all the power of the user - it doesn't expend any of it, as happens in Feruchemy. In Feruchemy, everything comes from the user. Stuff is expended, not preserved. Allomancy has power coming from Preservation, thus preserving all the person's power.
  13. It's also possible that he wasn't an Allomancer, rather an allomantic carrier. He has the sGenes for it, but they aren't expressed.
  14. How do you transfer it to the Cognitive Realm? You can't use a Perpendicularity, because no Shard's Perpendicularity would be big enough.
  15. She was definitely raised with Southern Scadrian culture. Why else would she have their mask-wearing habits? It doesn't mean that she has their religion, but she definitely has some major cultural elements from them.