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  1. I don't know really anything about Godot but I'll look into it. I'm using the free version of unity (idk how much the paid one changes but it might not be much) and once I'm in college I should be able to get the student version. Anyway I've been brainstorming ideas and problem solving and I have lots of cool concepts in mind, but I need input on some concerns! I'd like to take this to discord if you have that so it would be easier to communicate but here's my idea vomit from a note on my phone: I imagine you would press a key to change what kind of line you were going to draw (like changing your mouse function in Photoshop) and then click to place it. My next biggest questions would be about controls for your character. I think the right click controls like for MOBAs would work nicely but I also kinda hate those so idk.
  2. I'm going to learn Unity and attempt a month long game jam to see what I can get done before I leave for 2 years. Wish me luck! It'll just be a 2D game for now, if I can get a line of vigor to bounce off a line of forbiddance and break a line of warding I would be ecstatic
  3. This is definitely a thread necro, and I haven't been active on the shard for years, but I've been fantasizing for about a week about a MOBA-ish take on the Rithmatist's magic system. I'm imagining a third person game more focused on tactics of what to draw when instead of actual drawing, because the only way to make it control naturally would be to use vr which seems restricting. Circle fidelity would be determined by some sort of skill check. Chalklings would come from a predetermined list with specialties and weaknesses and each would take a certain amount of time for your character to draw. Lines of forbiddance and vigor would just be point and click. I like the moba aspect because multiple rithmatists running around on a dueling field drawing chalklings and lines of vigor, and then settling down to make a proper defense for teamfights sounds really epic to me (tell me if that doesn't sound as fun to you lol). Also there would be lots of opportunity to add our own mechanics to balance it, especially since there's no sequel for additional source material haha The biggest things tho are that I know very little applicable programming for making a game and I leave on my mission in a month so I wouldn't be able to work on this for a while. But tell me what you think!!
  4. I never guessed that one of the hardest days of my move would come 9 months afterward. I moved to Arizona at last October and that was really hard leaving all of my friends and nearby family for a new place, but I was coping pretty well for a while. Then covid hit and after just 4 months I no longer had contact with people which means my process of finding new friends was halted and I couldn't find new people to spend time with. I was really bored until these last few weeks when I've been up in Utah and Idaho visiting family and friends. It's been extremely fun but tomorrow is my last day in my old city. Along with saying goodbye to all my old friends once again, which never stops hurting, I found out that 2 of my closest friends in Arizona are moving away. That means I'll have even less to go back to than when I left (and since I left during self isolation, those were some of the few people I saw) and saying goodbye to old friends is even worse. These combined have made me feel really depressed all day.
  5. @Cynicalwindmill I'd rather not, because they're all plays on my real first and last names. There are some pretty wacky ones though. Even more so on the Shard... Only just Stick. But hey, then you can say 'I am a stick!'
  6. I'm very late to the game here but I blame Libby, who make me wait 12 weeks for it! Well here's my blunt opinion on the book: I didn't like most of it. Disclaimer: when watching movies many nights in a row, I run out of steam and stop enjoying the movies at all. I just finished a WoK reread so this could be the case. But anyway, most of my reasoning has already been said: one-demensional, if endearing, characters, lack of real plot twists (Jorgen was surprising but until the epilogue, there wasn't any real gravity about the discovery), too-convenient developments, and not enough of the favorite existing characters. It almost completely left the first book behind, and loving Skyward, I couldn't get over that. Overall, it just felt too different from Skyward (which has one of my favorite Sanderson endings so far). In contrast to Skyward's constant intensity, Spensa's hilarious mind, and new characters like M-bot that opened up realms of new possibilities, Starsight was built almost completely off of passive interest in the new aliens, which just I couldn't get excited about. It detailed an infiltration that went almost according to plan (what? In a Sanderson book?!). I read Sanderson books either because they spark curiosity in me or because the intensity captivates me. WoK, for example, despite the lack of stuff happening in the beginning, retained my attention because of the curiosity I felt about the magic. Starsight tried that with the alien species, but there just wasn't anything that stole my attention. I mostly just thought about old theories I'd made during skyward and DE. Overall, starsight just wasn't an interesting read for me. A lot of it, I'd bet, was my tired brain not getting involved like it normally did in books, but it almost felt like a chore to read, something I've never experienced in a Sanderson book. I didn't dislike it, I was just a little disappointed in how little it carried over from the first book.
  7. Here's a cosmere one I came up with a few days ago: Lots of people look up to cryptic spren. You could even say they're figureheads.
  8. I think it's worth mentioning that Discord increased the max number of screen sharing participants to 50 for the quarantine. So it might work better for this now.
  9. I might choose Firefight. Or Steelheart. In real life, I have so many nicknames I can't even count them (it's entertaining to read them all off to people) so I might choose one of those. I'd probably settle with Ben Dover though.
  10. When you watch Captain Marvel and have Skyward withdrawals. When you watch the Avatar (TV series) finale and watch Aang and Ozai fight on the shattered plains. When your cup has remains of red Gatorade in it and you think "my glass drips with the blood of my enemies!" (The whole two days it took me to read Skyward were filled with moments like this)
  11. I thought about saying something about how Covid-19 had killed be thread, but then I thought that with people stuck at home, they would be on the shard more. Then I realized, this thread is somewhat old and might be in the high risk category.
  12. Frozen 2: Simplest one to date
  13. Speaking of which, the girl next to me in English class walked in with Mistborn last week. I kinda freaked out. I just hope my mini cosmere rant didn't scare her too much... She still isn't done (I check in almost every day).
  14. I'm not super familiar with Discord, but I could figure it out if I had someone to test it with. It seems like a much better alternative, other than the fact that it can only have 10 people in a screen share/video call at a time.
  15. Sounds interesting. I could see watching the stream on my computer and playing on my phone or something. Problem though: Youtube streaming has substantial lag (15-20 seconds or something) between what the streamer does and what viewers see. Not sure about Discord though. I'd be in though, and it would be cool to be able to work together on making these too.