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  1. We know that there was supposedly another Unmade involved: Dai-gonarthis. Perhaps an attempted rescue of BAM's prison.
  2. Never said it wasn't.
  3. Probably won't be any of the main W&W crew, sadly. The fact that Wayne has comic books about him in Era 3 implies he and the majority of those who knew him are either far enough off world to be irrelevant or dead. My money is on dead.
  4. Oh, it's a little tradition thing. Here, this thread breaks it down:
  5. I don't know why that would be evidence of something being wrong with him any more than it's just him being philosophical.
  6. Given that Mistborn Era 4 is going to be a space opera with most (if not all) planets involved, I'd say it's likely if not guaranteed.
  7. They're easier to turn to her purposes. Cultivation manipulates things, tries to mess with stuff. An army of child-soldiers with magic powers is perfect for that.
  8. Something about him fills me with an instinctive revulsion. I don't know why and I don't know how, but it does.
  9. Hemalurgy? Is that you?
  10. *squints eyes* Is that you, Dapper? (Nah I know it's you, Wyndle). @Ookla the Stand User Go wild.
  11. Eos smirked. "All except one." She felt again at the ball of metal in her pocket. Atium. So that's what this is.
  12. Probably a good thing, honestly. One Nightblood is enough.
  13. I may have misunderstood the initial thing. My bad. I wonder if it has anything to do with the prolonged contact with Vasher/maybe partially the inordinate amount of Ruin's Investiture NB has locked inside itself.
  14. Azure's sword was shown to recognize people somehow. There's a rudimentary intelligence in there one way or the other.