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  1. Happy birthday Sorana!

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      Thank you!

      *throws some confetti at him*

  2. Lance thought about asking who Bob was, but thought better of it. No time for that. "You're right, they probably won't delay us too much. Let's get onto it, then," he said, striding along the path laid by the tracks. @Emperor Stick
  3. Lance popped his head out from a roof a little ways ahead. "Found something, eh? I'll be down shortly!" he called, making the requisite leaps back and down with careful Pulls. "So. What's the odds of this being a trap? After all, it's like they laid out the welcome mat."
  4. ...would anyone buy writing commissions here? This is purely hypothetical (mods please no anger).
  5. There is one more Allomantic metal that anyone can burn. It was forgotten because of how useless it is. Mercury. It grants you the ability to die. That's it.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's just the whole "eyes to the spirit" thing manifesting like the glowing metal. Since it's Hoid's physical body the representation of Investiture gateways stays the same, with the glow. Unnoticeable in most people, but Hoid is full to bursting with the stuff, so no doubt it leaks out.
  7. Leaving it in the PM works, but you can post it here if you want. Didn't you have a thread like that a while back? Worldbuilding Advice or something similar? If I'm misremembering, that's a wonderful idea, and if I'm not misremembering, we could bring that back (or start a new one, that works too, I'm just thinking in terms of thread-condensing). I'd be perfectly willing to toss my hat into that ring.
  8. From my searching I've determined that Blacephalon is an Ultra Beast and I have yet to get that far in Sun or Moon so I'm contextless to the relevance of that to the exploding head.
  9. Did you read Aether of Night yet? It's not published, and this is the only place you can currently get it. Just go ask for a copy in the thread!
  10. They were there to be commanded by Odium's forces and as a reserve to test new forms before they abandoned the forms for dullform while composing their history songs. This one? If so, this just means it isn't a Scadrial situation, where the Shards created the humans. Adonalsium did create the entire Rosharan system and everything in it very specifically, so yes, there were humans in the system before the Shattering, and technically the humanoid strains were there before the Ascension of the relevant Shards, but I doubt it happened on the planet of Roshar. Odds are there was some form of Oathgate-ish transport between Ashyn and Roshar and humans/singers/Aimians (maybe Aimians) could cross back and forth, with all the requisite relationships that would come from that. However, the footnote and last section of the below WOB seems to contradict some of those exact things, so I'm suitably confused.
  11. "Fair enough. Guess we should get going. Keep up if you're able!" Lance said as he jumped off the edge of the roof, Pulling towards the nearest metal in the canal's direction.
  12. "Alright. Seems like a good idea. We looking for Scarlets?"
  13. "I've broken enough around here, I think," Lance replied. "But it still would have been fun."
  14. @Sorana (again)
  15. @Sorana
  16. "So much to do, yes, but if you do them in the state you're in now, you're going to hurt yourself. Worse than you already are, I mean. Go rest. Everything will be fine. The downstairs is taken care of already. Just go rest. Trust me, you need it," Lance said. This poor girl reminded him of his sister from so long ago and he couldn't bear to see her worse off than she had to be. Especially if it was partially his fault.
  17. "No need. I'll get it myself. I can tell you're still hurting from what happened earlier." Lance, having now finished washing the blood off, came around the panel and grabbed Nerin by the shoulder in a firm and hopefully reassuring grip. "You should, honestly, still be resting."
  18. Lance stiffened. That sounded like Nerin, but she shouldn't have been out of bed yet. "I was not expecting anyone to be out here. Pardon my assumption, but I needed to clean my hands off something awful." @ZincAboutIt
  19. Stravomenos hefted a good-sized whiskey bottle, anger flaring and his eyes going a little ferally canine with the emotional burst. "I didn't ask you to sit here. Stay here and the only thing you'll be minding is this bottle over your head. I don't have the patience to deal with you right now."
  20. Stravomenos sat on the one remaining barstool, calmly sipping a blue sunset (extra gin), completely unphased by the events unfolding. Stuff happens. It's just an everyday occurance, even if there appears to be someone frantically cleaning the bar near him. ==================================== Lance, a walk, an apple, and a fight having cleaned his mind but dirtied his hands, returned to the parlor, hopping into the stall where he had located the washing bucket to rinse his arms of their acquired gore.
  21. I mean yeah that's fair, I probably am taking it too literally. I don't usually bother with alignments in my games.
  22. I can't believe it's already jumped to 27% from the quarter milestone it was just at. Sandman is on fire.
  23. Per the DnD definition, yes, but that's massively over simplified to apply to real life. Arguably it's oversimplified for everything.