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  1. worldbuilding

    I'm gonna pitch an idea that might work based on the second category there: a dying demi-god/ascendant god/other higher being that would be capable of that fused itself to the character. The being was known for animal-based magic, and so via the fusion, the character gained the ability to turn into animals with the power of the higher being that has been fused to their spiritweb. What do you think?
  2. I do think Nale probably had a level of involvement with keeping the Skybreakers in line, and that might have even been what it took to get him to reveal himself as a Herald once more to them.
  3. worldbuilding

    I was thinking they'd be able to change via a gift/curse from a more powerful being. I hadn't worked it out that far yet. Though, yes, @kenod is free to weigh in. I don't want to step over my bounds and stuff.
  4. worldbuilding

    Hey @ZincAboutIt can I just make a skinwalker as my character? I feel like that would be a fun thing to do.
  5. I agree with Calderis, it's probably the cook. He beat me to it though (>:( )
  6. It might not even need to be flared. Copper is probably easy to become a savant in, and that might enhance the strength of a Coppercloud.
  7. Are you looking to hire some mercenaries for your next caper? Are you a mercenary that needs a job? Come into the Odd Job Tavern, where people of all origins, skills, and ideas can mix to help you get a job or complete the job you're working on! We also have food (mostly desserts) and drinks! NPC List: Bartender (when Malu isn't here) (Alec), Cook (Dain), Dishwasher (Ferdinand) The Odd Job Tavern is not responsible for any mishaps that may arise from food or drink delivered from our sources. Existing Listings: If anyone makes things and would like to post some up in the Tavern for sale, simply contact me and I'll consider it based on your product.
  8. That we saw, yes. They had an entire Enclave they could be hanging out in doing important stuff for TLR.
  9. It would be a waste to have them scouring for the occasional skaa Coppercloud. TLR liked to use them for more grandiose purposes.
  10. Yes it does but (Also SH spoilers):
  11. Wayne is one of my favorites, along with Hoid (mostly because of his whole attitude and how it amuses me).
  12. worldbuilding

    Fair to both of those. I'll leave the Loci for later and go a different direction for now.
  13. worldbuilding

    What if I'm okay with them not leaving? I like stability with my characters, which is why Malu pretty much doesn't leave the Tavern. I like them to be in their place. If you would prefer for me to just not be a Genius Loci for plot reasons or something, tell me. Submit here or on the character doc first?
  14. worldbuilding

    I'm okay with that if it's allowed. I like my characters to have their place and more-or-less stay there.
  15. worldbuilding

    Out of curiosity, would I be able to make a character for this section that is the Genius Loci of an intersection of ley lines?
  16. Odds are it can be done. Since ettmetal is Harmonium and Harmony is both Ruin and Preservation, with Feruchemy being the balanced system and Sazed himself having been a Feruchemist, it seems logical that they'd be able to replicate Feruchemy too.
  17. The heat can be taken care of with a receptor for F-Brass instead of a clunky icebox.
  18. Doubt it. Missing chunks of souls are issues, unless you're a gold compounder. Then, maybe. Otherwise, probably not.
  19. Sadly, it would still hurt. The Physical damage of the spike isn't the biggest issue with Hemalurgy, it's the Spiritual damage. Any time you insert or remove a spike, you are forcibly shoving a chunk of soul onto your own or removing a chunk of soul, respectively. Not good for your continued health.
  20. That would almost be a valid defense, except for the issues Nightblood has with what is actually evil.
  21. Odds are that you need Hemalurgy to create the medallions in the first place. Remember the Excisors referenced by Allik? A theory (I believe it was Calderis that created it) states that those are Hemalurgic spikes, from the fact that the title of Firemother and Firefather are "bestowed" and not just there by default and the Sovereign's own experiments with Hemalurgy.
  22. Can someone update Volatile's bio for me? The guild alignment with TUBA needs to be removed now.
  23. An automated system to replace metal would work pretty well depending on how complex the inside of the cubes are (I honestly don't have a clue about that), and you are definitely correct that anything is going to require some maintenance on some level.
  24. I wasn't taking it as an insult, many apologies if it came across that way on my end. They only need refueling when they need more ettmetal, as it is consumed the more it is used. Remember, Allik said "Wilg won't last on the stone I've got" during the flying ship thing, referring to getting him back home. I have no idea what the consuming rate is, though, or even if it's been created on the BSandy end (probably has, but probably won't come into play as much with Era 2 as it will in Era 3, so we'll probably find out then). That would definitely work a lot better than trying 1980-level computers controlling something that delicate (I know it wasn't that long ago, but the tech difference is valid). Probably work a lot smoother, too.
  25. I could see that early in his ark, but I think he's mellowed out to a much more Harmony-like person (and is attempting to more of that).