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  1. Maybe the point is to experiment with giving Yelig-Nar his own body, shoving the singer out. I don't think they would have tried that during the last Desolations and we know they think nothing of sacrificing singer lives.
  2. The dude is crazy. A flying car? Insane! I love it! His new rocket looks like it was covered in tin foil? I don't care, that's an amazing retro-space age aesthetic! This is now an official Elon Musk appreciation thread.
  3. MY BAD MY BAD MY BAD MY BAD I fixed it.
  4. I like them all, but honestly, yeah, WoA is probably my least-liked one in the trilogy just because it doesn't hold my attention as much as the others do. TFE introduces everything, HoA caps it off. It's a good book, don't get me wrong, but the whole Zane/Vin thing doesn't hold my attention like struggles against a dark ruler or anything else.
  5. It would have to be someone under Odium's direct supervision, since Yelig-Nar would otherwise just eat their soul like he did to Aesudan. Whoever becomes his official champion will, I believe, though it won't be Malata, probably, since she already has a bond. Ialai Sadeas maybe, but unlikely. What makes you think this? He needs a gemheart (or a swallowed gemstone) to bond and singers come ready-made for it. Honestly, my main money is on Turash.
  6. If you hate Moash with a burning Passion (meme'd) and want to hang out with others who do as well, message me and I'll hook you into the direct pipeline of the Anti-Moash Gang!
  7. It is very likely that it functions in a similar way to Hemalurgy at its fundamentals, but Moash would have had to know that it was Hemalurgy to make it work correctly, as Intent is a large part of Hemalurgy's correct workings, at least on Scadrial, though I do not know why it would change on another planet, per the second WOB.
  8. It's homepage, so every time I do something, I see it. And it's up now, as Undead Wookie said, it's at 25%!

  10. Sandman is good at doing stuff like that.
  11. Kon-Tiki is right, Honor and Cultivation were in a long-lasting relationship and it's very possible that they were married (or the equivalent) and that lead Honor to consider them the same, so there was that loophole.
  12. If Adolin manages to revive Maya, will she actually be the same spren as before? If you forcibly rip the majority of a being's self out and replace it (even if it is exactly the same), is it the same being, in the same way as if you rebuild a boat exactly as it was before, replacing planks as they go bad, is it the same boat? What will the Cognitive and Spiritual ramifications of Maya's revival be? If she is different enough to reflect in the other realms, would that make Adolin not technically an Edgedancer, regardless of powers and what Maya's bonded used to be, in the same way Renarin may technically not be a Truthwatcher? Discuss.
  13. That one got me, nice job.
  14. Good choice!
  15. There was a WOB about it, but I could not find it again.
  16. Welcome to the Shard! Who's your favorite character?
  17. Technically, yes, but the prophecy remains valid because it took into account the actions of everyone, including the direct actions that lead to the prophecy being needed. In the timelines where people acted differently, the prophecy is different, as well. Worth noting is that the initial source of the prophecy (though no one knows this) was from the last person to have a major prophecy about them and they ended up temporarily omniscient and wrote the prophecy (picture Taravangian writing the Diagram and that's a fair comparison, except this lady was actually omniscient, not just really smart).
  18. I'm looking to include a prophecy in my next story-that-will-be-forgotten and am wondering if anyone has any feedback on this rudimentary one I constructed. The Lightbringer shall come, War and plague drag in their wake. Peace shall be restored And immortality gained.
  19. The Spiritual Realm is the source of all Investiture, and that's where it goes after Nightblood is done with it, to be recycled into fresh Investiture ready to be used, save for the bits that Nightblood keeps (which might actually be an expanding capacity).
  20. I want Adolin to be something different than the Radiants we know, with more of a bond with Maya than most people have with their Blades, but still not a full Nahel bond.
  21. He does have a limit, and he also doesn't keep all the Investiture he's stolen, but rather it leaks out and returns to its source (mostly, he keeps some of it), and as Thanatos said, he did have exposure to the entirety of all Investiture in the Spiritual Realm at one point towards the end of Oathbringer, and doesn't do much other than get really full. Someone asked once if Nightblood could eat the Dor and it was a no, which was added onto to say that Nightblood cannot eat an entire Shard at a time, much less all of them.
  22. Depends on who's holding Preservation, I suppose. Leras would not, because he was focused on immediate preservation of things and struggled to allow things to actually happen, to the point where it is stated that if he was left alone, he would freeze everything exactly as it. It is also possible that no Preservation could do something like that, because of the raw destructive ability of Ruin is not present.
  23. The magic on Ashyn came from the over-spill of the Shards on Roshar, but there was not one on Ashyn itself.
  24. Did she end up in the caverns below Urithiru or just mystically magic herself out of the entire area somehow?
  25. I watched a video on it a while ago, but I don't remember much because it was only like 20 minutes of gameplay.