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Full backstory on Okameahelemakeakaheuhanei'ike'oleikameanānaeho'opa'i:


When Okame was small, a toddler, not yet able to walk quite on his own, word arrived at Nale's door that one of his brothers was near to bonding a Cultivationspren. This being unacceptable, Nale himself (along with three other full Skybreakers and a squire apiece for the lesser Skybreakers) travelled to Jah Keved, searching the Horneater Peaks for the signs of one close to a bond.

Once he found the correct family, he burst in during the middle of their dinner, loudly read out the crimes of the aforementioned brother, and drove his Blade through his throat without hesitation. The other siblings and the parents were naturally offended and took up arms against this stranger who had so brutally massacred their relative. Nale dispatched them all with twin swipes of his Blade (concealing his identity by not using his Honorblade) and turned to leave before hearing crying from the corner of the room. A child sat there, tears streaming down his face as he attempted to crawl to the corpse of his mother, not understanding she was beyond hearing.

One of the lesser Skybreakers who had been inspecting the other areas of the family grounds, came in to report it clear and immediately welled up with tears at the sight of the child pathetically tugging on his mother's arm. She turned to Nale.

"Sir, can we take the child? It has, by definition, done nothing wrong, and perhaps we can add him to our ranks."

"I see the logic in that. Very well, if you will handle his training and his care, and successfully raise him to be one of us, we will take him."

Khath was vaguely surprised he would agree to her request, but nevertheless grateful for the chance to save an innocent life. She bundled the child up and the group of Skybreakers flew back to their compound. For the next 15 years, Khath was Okame's mother in everything but blood. The different was stark, considering Khath was an Alethi woman and Okame was a (very large) Horneater, ballooning as he grew, aided by the regimen of the Skybreakers.

They put him through many trials and contests. Strength, speed, cleverness, all tested above average, outfoxing all of his opponents mentally and physically. When he was 9, he swore the first Oath, and revelled in the pride his mother felt for him. After just shy of a year, he swore the Second Oath on an expedition with his mother, having just watched a pickpocket get away without being allowed to stop him. From that day, the law was who he was. He spent his days either training or studying various lawbooks from the Rosharan countries, determined that no one else should ever have to watch a criminal go unpunished. 

And then came the battle. A clan of serial killers had entrenched themselves in a mountain after slaughtering everyone in the town below. Being a small town, this wasn't something that anyone would remark upon other than the Skybreakers, and both Khath and Okame went, as it was Khath's hometown. Okame felt the first stirrings of anger, watching the woman who had taught him everything she knew and raised him from his first true memory (save for the initial trauma that had permanently changed his brain chemistry, giving him a somewhat case of PTSD [that's an actual thing that happens, I looked it up]). That anger deepened as, upon entering the stronghold of the killers, a trap decapitated Khath, killing her before she could heal. Okame lost control, his vision clouding red. So great was his rage, the Thrill itself took notice from its sphere of influence nearby and decided to give him a little help.

In the throes of his rage, he bent his steel sword and the anger began to retreat, until he noticed ardent robes hanging in the next room. That they would dare defile his mother's religion led him to swear the Third Oath, dedicating himself to cleansing Jah Keved of anyone else who would dare falsify their faith in the Almighty. The rage and the Thrill came flooding back as his Shardblade coalesced in his hand, water running the length. 

The next time he came to, he was pounding the leader of the killers against the wall repeatedly. He was dead already, no telling for how long, as his face was a bloody pulp and his body had already begun to cool noticeably. He returned to the Skybreaker compound alone, flying in silence for the journey, weeping over his loss of control. From then on, in every sparring exercise, he lost control. He would have to be restrained by Lashings to the ground until he regained his higher levels of thought. Once he began training in Division, this got significantly harder to do. They never did manage to repair the room he charred patterns into.

He mastered the Surge of Division and with it came deeper understanding. He swore the Fourth Oath, telling himself he would not lose control again, he would follow the law of his mind and body so as to follow the law of each land he went to, lest he dole out too much punishment for the crime committed. By this point, he was 21 years old and spent the next 7 training his mind to conquer his instinctual anger, but he never quite got there.

He got up from his daily meditation once and was inexplicably in the Alleycity. He heard uproarious conversation from below, glasses clinking. It seemed he was in the private room of some bar.