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  1. The limiting factor is probably how many Metalborn they can make disappear without people asking questions. Most Metalborn powers are incredibly useful and so their owners would be missed if they got their soul ripped into chunks and stapled to someone else. It is also possible that the decay factor that affects every spike based on how long it sat unattended messes with Compounding's effectivity. could just be that they don't want to waste good powers like that on grunts and reserve it as a promotion bonus for their higher-rankers.
  2. That's mostly a factor of "I really like Kaladin" and Moash turning his back on Kaladin would still leave him in my bad books, plus the fact that I doubt that Moash would have two full books of build-up as someone trying for the best while flying in the face of the people who don't. I appear to have not made my point clear enough on this, and that's my bad, sometimes I have difficulties putting my thoughts into words, especially when it's something like this that's inherently subjective and emotion-based. Let me try again. I would consider Moash dying to be part of his redemption, the final note of the symphony of his life being a redemptive one would be worth a lot, as is Dalinar's very likely future sacrifice. It's not about Elhokar. It's about the kid. If anything would take him back from the brink (in my mind) of unredeemability that is having kicked a child, it would be giving his life to save more. Dalinar is coming back from that same brink because he is actively working in the defense of all humanity. Honestly, I'm not sure why we're arguing this. This is an emotional thing, odds are high neither of us are going to change our minds here.
  3. Hey! Don't you talk like that about yourself. You think I have a single clue how you did this? It's magic to me. Your coding skills are great! Bang your head against the wall for long enough and it will eventually crack. You're further along than the other attempts have gotten, as far as I know, and since Brandon continues to say that The Aztlanian is not abandoned, the Rithmatist portions of the forums will see life again someday. I'd help if I could, but there's a reason I'm no longer a CSE major and that reason is that both programming and math and I do not get along. I might still try, but if I do, I'll probably mess it up horrifically and need to redownload stuff haha. But with every bit of progress every attempt makes, we're one step closer, and we all appreciate your contributions. And seriously, your thing does look really cool and very well done.
  4. I mean don't get me wrong here. I don't think Dalinar is done with his atoning, not by a long shot. I expect him to die doing what he's doing anyway, and even then I don't know if I'll consider him completely on the level. But I do regard him slightly higher than Moash still, solely for the fact that he made the choice (eventually) to turn around and actively attempt to make up for what he'd done instead of plunging deeper into Odium's service. If he hadn't, he'd be much worse than Moash in my view.
  5. I'm going to be honest. I like Moash as a character. He is a very good character, with understandable motivations and a potentially realistic reaction to what he's gone through. But I don't like him. It's not entirely about what he did with Elhokar. I have referred to Elhokar in words that I cannot use here several times. Arguably, he earned his fate and as much as I would have liked to see where Elhokar went with his Radiance, I wouldn't have cared all that much. If that was where it stopped, I still wouldn't care all that much. But he just had to go and kick the kid. He just had to go and kick Gavinor. There's no coming back from that in my book. I know, stupid criteria. But it is what it is. If Moash died attempting redemption, I'd call it just desserts. Otherwise I'll always be doubting his every attempt at redemption.
  6. I kind of picture it like skipping a stone. It'll bounce a little for the first bit, but then peter out into a tiny ineffective squib of chalk before becoming inert. Of course, I have literally no basis for that, they get compared to light a lot and I don't know how light works, it just seems like fun and makes some vague amount of sense. Also, are you going to make the Rithmatic simulator downloadable if/when you get to a cool point with it? It'd be fun to mess around in.
  7. "The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math."
  8. Imagine the holder of the Dawnshard doing something so diametrically opposed to the Intent of the Dawnshard that it backlashes and fragments the Dawnshard until it's functionally unable to be put back together, and for all intents and purposes dead. Like maybe murdering the major force in charge of things, causing untold change throughout the cosmere for the rest of time. I'm kind of banking on Hoid's Dawnshard having been the opposite of Change (some form of Stasis/Stability/Survival theme) but that's just because I like the theory and will probably be hanging my hat on that until I get confirmation the other way. Presumably the same thing as what was done to shove the Change Dawnshard into the mural. Apparently he brought the fundamentals of Feruchemy to Scadrial in their deep history, so he's clearly no stranger to storage of Investiture.
  9. I pronounce it "I hate you, you ungrateful storming cremling shell of a man." No seriously, I say it Mo + Ash.
  10. Nazh has a ghost gun already, so this just seems like the natural next step.
  11. That seems too well-known for his comment on it being something we'd never guess for Thursday. He had the whole Mistborn script project on his progress bars for quite a while last year after all.
  12. I wish so much. I think Wednesday is either surprise release of the first Skyward novella or an announcement about Alcatraz 6. Thursday I hope it's the Rithmatist sequel (The Aztlanian I think it was called? Might be misremembering) or something about Apocalypse Guard. I'm going to be waiting on tenterhooks the whole time though. Wish I was a Pulser.
  13. I don't honestly think she should. She and Adolin have bigger issues, even when the gap between 5 & 6 comes around, both with the whole "what on Roshar is going on in this apocalypse" and on the mental front.
  14. Trying to see if he can be the Avatar, probably. That, or he wants to lull Autonomy into a sense of security for Harmony to snap-crackle-pop the Vessel and free himself from his chains by adding Autonomy to his Shardhorde. Either way, bad ideas.