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  1. flamesinger theory

    "Are we allowed to test that?" Arthos asked, completely disregarding that he would die if he somehow succeeded in wrecking the ship.
  2. Begone. Contacts are horrible. *shudder* Putting something directly directly on your gooey eyeballs.
  3. flamesinger theory

    Arthos's arms flared into fiery life as he went directly from a prone position to standing. "That was...disconcerting. What happened and where am I now?"
  4. It's just spoken shorthand for them getting sent to the Shattered Plains, I think. The one that finally tips the scales. The last sentence is probably just a clarification for first-time readers.
  5. Exceptionally doubtful. BAM was filling the parshmen with a different level of juice that affected them more deeply, while the Thrill just locked them into energy and bloodlust and left them reeling when the sensation was removed. No deeper transformation, unlike what happened to Amaram due a similarly deep bond with Yelig-nar.
  6. I have yeehawed my way into this group with bleach-stained retinas. For context, the reason I first got glasses was because I got sprayed in the face with bleach.
  7. They are firmly not parshmen, unless no one chose to acknowledge those changes at the end of Oathbringer when some collapse after Dalinar shoves the Thrill in Honor's Drop.
  8. flamesinger theory

    "There are six elements I know of, not to mention any others that I have yet to find, and I know nothing of this "spirit world" you mentioned. The only spirit I know is the one that kept me in those accursed caverns for so long."
  9. flamesinger theory

    "I have no idea what you're talking about," Arthos said, completely flat after coming down from the high that channeling that much power gives.
  10. flamesinger theory

    Arthos's grin widened and he took a step backwards to ensure no unfortunate accidents could happen and began to draw on his power. The shadows of everything and everyone lengthened, stretching towards him independant of the light source that created them. "One." Water began to condense out of the air and swirled around his feet, frothing and whirling faster and faster, a maelstrom in miniature. "Two." Winds began to blow, converging on Arthos and lifting him slightly into the air. His glowing began to intensify as the draw became increasingly difficult to maintain. "Three." Rocks began to skitter around, drawn as if by gravity towards him. "Four." Fire gathered in his palms, glaring whitehot. "Five." Lightning began to strike around him from clouds that boiled up, and Arthos's glowing became nearly too intense to look at directly. "And six. "These are the powers at my command." "That's a shame. I was just starting to have fun." He let the power die down and the elements relaxed.
  11. flamesinger theory

    "Depends on what you refer to as all. I could demonstrate, if you wish," Arthos grinned, his inner showman coming out to play.
  12. flamesinger theory

    Arthos gathered fire in his left hand and set the wind to swirling around him. "The elements are mine to command, yes."
  13. flamesinger theory

    "Crime? I've been wandering a series of caverns likely for longer than you've been alive. There were no crimes." Arthos took no notice of the change of scenery. There wasn't time for that. He did take notice of the bending that took place. "How did you hide your augmentations?"
  14. I'm extremely tempted to say it's either Vin or Dox in some form of Scadrian script.