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  1. Steal the Kandra atium, trade it for gold, take the gold to Nalthis, buy 2,000+ Breaths. Immortality done.
  2. Not all Shards have a direct opposite, for what it's worth. Also Brandon has said that Preservation and Cultivation would be much more at odds than just Preservation and Ruin.
  3. I would doubt that, due to the fact that the Stormfather refers to the Sibling as sleeping.
  4. Read it! It was good! Read Defending Elysium first, though. You can read it from his website.
  5. Yeah, pretty much what Weltall said. If you can find an actual Physical manifestation of the body of that Shard (the mists on Scadrial would be eaten by Nightblood) like maybe one of Autonomy's avatars, perhaps. But otherwise, good luck. Except maybe the Dor, if you chucked Nightblood into it and left it there, though it would fill up before it could do it in one go.
  6. It was 40% for a bit, dipped back down to 25% but now it's back up again and I love that Starsight is on there now too!
  7. Both of those are fair points, and if I had to choose Chemoarish or Dai-Gonarthis for being the Everstorm, I'd probably hazard a guess at Dai-Gonarthis, judging from how Hessi's Mythica speaks of him.
  8. I'm thoroughly Spooked. Well done!
  9. Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite world from the cosmere?
  10. Oh. Still a pretty solid no, considering how much Investiture is at work there for leeway in the amount of Elantrians.
  11. In-world, in Era 2, Spook advocated for asking elderly Allomancers and Feruchemists to sacrifice themselves for just that purpose.
  12. You don't have to die to become an Elantrian. I bolded the relevant line in the below WOB:
  13. I was thinking about that awhile, like maybe the Everstorm's spren will replace Ba-Ado-Mishram as an Unmade since BAM is still imprisoned (I think)