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  1. Is it doing the large space, then a number, then the quote itself thing? If so, I think we found out it was Grammarly doing that, but someone who remembers better will correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Yeah that sounds like a good idea.
  3. I think the Aviar qualifies as an excuse for a necro, given that it's relevant and wasn't in the first bit.
  4. Worth noting is that Sandman has yet to confirm what power it grants.
  5. The best part of any plot.
  6. That makes perfect sense, thanks Mac.
  7. I have a question about point scoring for the mod team that's a little...unorthodox. Gonna put it in a spoiler box, just for funsies, because I have no idea how long this will end up being.
  8. The emphasis there should be on the word could. Yes, the DA could do whatever they want. If they were going to do that, though, they already would have. As it stands, there's some solid restraint there and no real power flexing unless needed, and when the big guns do come out, it's only after a good bit of talk about if it's actually needed. Trying to curtail what anyone could do (before they do it in a way that needs to be limited) is useless and just adds a ton of red tape to doing anything that drastically reduces how much fun certain things can be. What does it really matter? They're NPCs. Also, unrelated to anything else other than my own realization I forgot to do something earlier, I'm a fan of keeping the AV to Sanderson stuff pretty much only, or it'll get too chaotic, though if we do end up adding some more things, I have ideas for that.
  9. Ah, fair enough.
  10. You can quote something from multiple threads if you're on the desktop version of the site. Also, I like Zinc's plot idea for Era 4. Tunnels beneath the city in which shenanigans happen? I'm down for it.
  11. Endowment makes a Splinter every time she makes a Returned, but if you mean absolutely wrecked like some others, no, she's still there.
  12. Let me just say that not crashing and burning is difficult, even if you did well in previous schooling. (I speak from experience, having ended my first semester with a .76 GPA.) That being noted, the best possible things you can do to prevent that are: have a planner and continually update that planner with every test, homework, or in-class assignment you get study a week in advance minimum for every test you have review your notes a little while after each class in small chunks (helps cement the information in your head) Study groups in difficult classes are a lifesaver, so even if you feel a little awkward, try to put one together If you don't understand something, don't feel bad about going to a professor's office hours to try to get another explanation. It's what the office hours are there for. Use them. Don't put off your homework unless you truly don't know how to do it yet because that leads down a rabbit-hole of unfinished/late assignments that'll drag your grade down. Make a cheat sheet for each of your tests. Yes, even if the prof doesn't allow cheat sheets to be used on the test itself, make one anyway. It's a good way to study and makes for easy review whenever you have a moment to sit down. Don't skip meals. You may feel like you don't have time to go eat, which fair enough, you might not, but don't skip meals where at all possible, and especially not over an extended period. You'll get lethargic and start falling asleep in classes, not to mention being easily distractible and at risk for illness. Get a good amount of sleep. Get a solid sleep routine and stick to it as best you can. Don't wildly swing between no sleep and 10 hours of sleep, that's just bad in general. Know where your classes are before the first day. On move-in day, or just one random day before classes start, go find your classes. Find the buildings, plot a route. Print off a map of your campus if you can and trace it down. Just know where they are and know how to get there the fastest. Get a routine. Beyond even sleep and eating, get a routine. Steady routines will allow you to plan times to study better than messy chaos days. DON'T SKIP CLASSES E V E R Alright I think that's the low-down on the biggest stuff. Good luck and have fun!
  13. Ever just get the urge to scream Yeehaw and create a Minecraft server?

  14. Yeah, that's fair.
  15. If we do add more stuff, we should add some of the Traveler's Gate stuff because that would be radical. I would say add from Cradle, but there's too much leeway there.