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  1. No big deal my friend, the Shard is a large place.
  2. There's a few threads on this you may want to peruse: And most especially
  3. Or a Hemalurgy-enhanced cat.
  4. That's part of why I want it to be animation. That mindset can't change without examples to lead the change, and Mistborn could be the starting point for that.
  5. Here's the WOB for that info, if you wanted a backup.
  6. Why not 10? Was 5 Oaths multiplied by 2 Surges enough to satisfy the 10-theme? What happened there?
  7. That's kind of what I'm hoping for with the unique bond thing. My small idea was that Adolin's dedication and revival of Maya would center her Connection to him instead of to the Rosharan system, allowing her to follow him off-world where other spren can't.
  8. You are being very unnecessarily hostile. I just wanted to offer a bit of reassurance, since you seemed very critical of those portions of TFE. Guess I know better than to try that with you again. Or anything else. Not that that's much of a loss on your end, huh?
  9. Therapy and support animals would be the ideal primary use of many Pokemon, but also Lucario is psychic enough to be able to communicate with humans mind-to-mind for the best possible translation assistant.
  10. I was just noting it doesn't stay that way.
  11. I'm going to be as vague as possible here, but still spoiler it just in case. Not much of a spoiler, honestly, just a small tidbit.
  12. It's a different kind of difficult to get to. Not sure anyone other than Windrunners could reliably stay in a highstorm long enough to recharge themselves instead of just spheres, and the storms are on a calculable timeframe (not to mention that the spheres represent a finite resource that can be stolen, since they can't be Soulcast). If you can separate the spheres from the Radiant and/or the Radiant from the Honor Bondsmith, you pump them full of high-caliber lead until they run out of Light to heal and then hit them until they're down again. Guerrilla warfare in the age of guns is the ideal anti-Radiant strategy. Unfortunately, we need to cut this short because it's off topic. You're welcome to PM me and we can keep talking about this!
  13. They can regenerate if you give them the chance, but it's still an advantage as to Stormlight draining. Significant wounds take significant Light to repair, and their supply isn't infinite.
  14. That's probably in the hands of Peter's wife if it's anywhere.
  15. That only holds up until they figure out gunpowder or fabrial guns. At that point the advantage of Plate is on track to be nearly null anyway, bringing Radiants and Shardbearers alike down to manageable levels.