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  1. "Zerameth. Zerameth Adovani. That's...the only thing I know about myself. What do you mean an alternative?" Zerameth didn't spare a glance for Aln talking to the wall. He, apparently, saw things that weren't there. Why wouldn't she?
  2. Welcome to the Shard! Shameless plug for our RP section the Alleyverse: come join us! We have fun!
  3. I mean yeah but I took that to mean directly.
  4. Probably not, since most of the Spiritweb is gone and subbed for the Breath used. Also probably not, but more of a chance of that than of the Lifeless keeping powers. You pay someone and they transfer the Breath to you, presumably. Vasher probably could, since he knows the key to partitioning Breath. Most others...cannot. I think anyone could control them if they didn't have one, so not really but also kind of.
  5. "I -" Zerameth broke off, not sure if he should be admitting something like this to someone he just met, but doing it all the same - "I can't read. So I don't think I can write either."
  6. Yep! Walin got this WOB after a while of people trying to confirmation on that from the theories.
  7. Yep. With a release date out, he's really pushing. I still can't believe he managed to push out 19k words in less than a day to cap off the first draft.
  8. I don't think he'd want to do that even if he could. Nightblood can be useful.
  9. This thought is...vaguely horrifying, but it needs to be asked. Can Harmony use the Connection that Nightblood's chunk of Ruinous Investiture to supercharge the sword? Or could he reach out and chuck Investiture into him like he's just the cosmere's magical garbage disposal?
  10. I'm hoping it'll be something like refractionspren.
  11. I think we likely will thanks to the hints about where Rlain went and the other hints about the group Parshendi that ran off before the mass Stormform transformation.
  12. They spent time in mateform to experience all the forms, but I'm not sure if they would have stayed there long enough to bear a child to term, especially Eshonai.