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  1. I'm talking artificially stuck in place, like with Adhesion or something.
  2. Y'know I should have expected that.
  3. What happens when you make the Command of something "Destroy Yourself"? Would it just auto-implode or search out the nearest cliff? What if it's not a Lifeless or otherwise autonomous being and is just stuck in place somehow?
  4. I remember the old thread for this that @Ookla the Gralsritter linked. Fun times, fun times. I'd probably go with Become Yourself. Just to see full-on sword AI.
  5. Heihei
  6. Yeah, like @HSuperLee said, that is the vast majority of compounding just broken down to the bare essentials. Store --> Burn --> Mega-release --> Store and use at will. Even with stuff like strength, because sometimes you want to regulate the flow of your attribute.
  7. There is another Selish book coming out at some point, but that probably won't happen until the gap between Stormlight 5 and 6, interspersed with the novellas and Era 3 of Mistborn.
  8. Any else extremely glad the wait for Smash is over? Plus the DLC announcement has me hyped even harder!
  9. I mean yeah, it could make a good video game if done right. I wouldn't trust very many studios to do it right, though.
  10. Yeah, the board game looks interesting. I like the fact that no two playthroughs would be exactly the same.
  11. There's a way through Sel's Cognitive Realm, but how? That one Elantrian-turned-fortune teller made it. How did he manage to make it through the malestrom that is the Dor?
  12. If you transfer powers with Hemalurgy, do you get the exact resonance if you take all of someone's abilities or does the resonance conform to you? Do you even get one?
  13. @SwordNimiForPresident Raoden blasts a monk with Aon Daa that shreds him. Is that what you mean?