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  1. Pretty sure this one was in Starsight
  2. Soulweaver.
  3. Yeah, I honestly expected Truthwatcher to be more common. There's a fair few all grouped into a single websection of the fandom, but it still seems a little underrepresented.
  4. In my dreams it is rare that I am even human, much less a human male.
  5. @Rushu42
  6. Truthwatcher squad!
  7. Maybe there's a slight bit of Connection to everyone around, but she can zero in on certain individuals or groups and go more in-depth.
  8. Good choices all. Emperor's Soul was very good for how short it was. Surgebinding is pretty cool, I'll give you that. Have you taken the official Radiant Order quiz yet?
  9. Welcome to the Shard! Who's your favorite cosmere character? Also, bonus question: what's your favorite magic system of the cosmere?
  10. Slowly, oh so slowly, the scraping reveals a set of terracotta fingers, curled over as if they were holding something.