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  1. My money is on them melting the iron down and using it for something else.
  2. After what happened with Dalinar? I doubt it. I don't know if she'd need the pewterminds. Elhokar minus Plate would be easy prey for her.
  3. She would have beaten humility into him within three hours. I have no doubt.
  4. Sounds to me like he could have used a visit from Tindwyl.
  5. Yeah, I was looking forward to him becoming a Lightweaver. Mostly to see what his focus was.
  6. I've always thought it would be interesting to see Coinshots and/or Lurchers used in tandem for power generation. Set a series of turbines, lightweight enough to avoid outweighing the Allomancer (which is where the Allomancer being a Crasher like Wax or the Lurcher equivalent would be useful, but we're sticking to just one of the Arts for ease of hiring) but riding just under that line to maximize sturdiness. Basically just a hydroelectric generator minus the water. Alloelectric generator. You'd still have some fluctuation because of Allomancy's trend toward abrupt shoves instead of steady pressure, but it would be predictable and might even be able to be overcome with practice.
  7. I'm interested to see what this will come out as. Hopefully something hilarious.
  8. There's a game called Mysterium. It's not quite a board game, but it's very close. It's basically Clue, except you're psychics instead of detectives and you're communicating with the ghost of the murdered person to help find the killer, location, and item. Very fun game, cooperative and plenty of room for shenanigans. On a video game note, Lethal League is pretty much dead as far as I can tell, which is a shame, because smacking a ball with something to murder the other players is hilarious.
  9. Welcome to the Shard! What are your thoughts on Octavia Butler's Exogenesis trilogy?
  10. Roshar doesn't have plate tectonics, so that wouldn't factor in.
  11. Probably about an extra shin length, give or take a couple inches.
  12. Those two events are probably very Connected. Wonder if Ishar just yanked his spiritweb out or something.
  13. My guess this whole time has been that it's because his father is alive but his grandfather is dead, and the dead can't be tainted by their living relatives' shame anymore.
  14. My first time playing through Platinum, I named him Fartface. I was 9, sue me. Nowadays I tend to name them whatever the default name is or Blue, though occasionally one of my friends and I will compete directly, with each of us naming our rivals after the other and seeing who beats the game first and who can beat up the rival team the hardest in the process.