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  1. I agree, Odium doesn't seem like the type that Invention would align with all that much. Unless Invention's Vessel is really weird, which I suppose is possible.
  2. I meant other than Trell. As an actual secret thing. I kind of hope Invention has been just wandering around the cosmere helping people come up with things to spur each world's technological development further. I do hope we get to see them at some point though, yeah.
  3. That's it. This is the entire Coppermind entry for Mercy. Very mysterious (which makes me think Mercy is going be a major player at some point). If Mercy is secretly messing with Scadrial I am going to lose it.
  4. No matter how it's cut, Mercy can't be trusted fully.
  5. I'd say Harmony's worries about Mercy lead to pretty good confirmation of what side they were on in that fight. Also I may have let my favor of the theory about Mercy dealing the final blow in a mercy kill situation bleed into a bit more certainty than I actually have.
  6. I wouldn't trust Whimsy's help if they show up. Valor might help, but she could go either way. Invention would like fabrials probably, but they're notably hard to get into contact with and probably not willing to break that streak to help Roshar. Mercy has a known history of working with Odium and may do so again if circumstances arise, so I wouldn't trust them either. Autonomy probably wouldn't help without the condition of planting another one of the mini-shards on Roshar. Dominion and Devotion may not be able to, depending on events on Sel and if it actually was possible to stitch them back together (probably not). Harmony has issues helping his own planet, plus BoM showed that he's already basically under siege from foreign Investiture and may not be able to leave to help, beyond potentially sending kandra out besides the one that's already there. Endowment may consider herself already helping, between Azure, Vasher, and Nightblood all being on Roshar and playing significant roles. Ambition doesn't even have the faint hope of getting put back together than Dominion and Devotion do, so count that one out. And of course, Honor, Cultivation, and Odium are already involved on Roshar. I'm pretty sure that's all 14 confirmed Shards, but I'm not confident I've assessed this correctly.
  7. Seconded! Steris is great. Wouldn't we all?
  8. I'm excited for FM, I'm hoping ReDawn is Alanik just before ending up crashing on Detritus, and while I'd like an Arturo POV, I think either Brade or Winzik are more likely. Unless we get something from one of the other human preserves, or whatever remains of the Phone Company either at the present or between the events of Defending Elysium and Skyward.
  9. Yeah, but imagine the cool things to do. Fast, strong, and able to burn holes in everything.
  10. Hearts has the Rock card and that's all I need.
  11. Bets on that being something of a perception issue? Seeing yourself as from Nalthis or not from Nalthis making which side of the line you fall on and when.
  12. I'd be okay with that. I just want my magic cowboys back.
  13. I meant someone else. Because I think it would be funny to have Kell having been robbed of the Dawnshard he may or may not have had at some point and then some dude started off causing shenanigans.
  14. 6. Some dude with the Scadrian Dawnshard that's gotten too full of themself.