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  1. [Insert Dune joke about Alia]
  2. Odium as a therapist has one solution for everyone: a smash zone visit.
  3. "If you were on fire, I'd hold an umbrella over you so the rain couldn't put you out." -Naru Gwei, Skysworn by Will Wight.
  4. I think they're talking about this: And honestly, I don't think this could apply at all to a lot of cosmere worlds, but Roshar especially. Their birth rate is abnormally decreased due to Investiture suffusion and their death rate seems far too variable to be relied upon for any sort of placement on this thing. Magitech being so common changes a lot of things as well. The cosmere might have their own version that you could probably make, but good luck fitting them anywhere on one built for our world. But if I had to pin them somewhere, it'd be stage 2 probably.
  5. Personally, I'm pretty sure if there ever was a Cognitive Shadow of Adonalsium that didn't proceed immediately to the Beyond, the newformed Shards would have killed it the moment they got their power.
  6. Nah, he's dead. So yeah theoretically Adonalsium could have been alive if the Shatterers had a different way to do things, but they didn't and just outright killed the poor guy.
  7. Honestly, I'm surprisingly okay with the one game being sci-fi-oriented-ish and the other being very much not that.
  8. There's only somewhere between 50-100 stars in the cosmere, true, but since it's just a mostly-distinct star cluster, there's nothing stopping the rest of the universe outside the active grounds of the cosmere from having comets, planets, and excess stars whose light and reflected light reaches into the cosmere eventually.
  9. Susurrus
  10. Room randomizer is hilarious.
  11. Pin the spear on the Windrunner (or pin the arm on the Lopen) Chouta Seconding Quantus with the sphere thing Seconding Returned with the naan bread and curry Buy some nerf swords and host mock duels Write a happy birthday sign in Women's Script
  12. I know, that's what I meant.
  13. They wouldn't be able to make a gemheart, and I do not think simply eating and mimicking a singer with a gemheart would provide the Connection necessary to the gemheart in order to take a spren in and have it have any actual effect. Also, I don't think Kandra physiology would work with the massive reshaping of the form change.
  14. Yes. He was there for the discussion about disbanding the Diem and was on the boat Khriss took back to Darkside.