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  1. I love Tiny Wayne.
  2. How did I miss this happening? Where did it come from?
  3. Yeah, neutralizing Investiture obliterates the Connection that comes with it, but that wouldn't be useful for getting Stormlight off-world. You'd just blow yourself up.
  4. True enough, but I'll be honest. I don't even know what y'all are going back and forth on here, I just saw a question I could answer and figured I might as well go for it haha.
  5. In one of the broadsheet stories in SoS.
  6. I feel like I didn't phrase it right in my initial thing, so that's my bad. I'm picturing anti-Connection as blank Connection, not so much a Connection-annihilator. Just something that mixes with existing Connection and waters it down until it's neutral again and ready to be shaped into Connecting to specific things. And that's somethin already established in the cosmere: Scadrian language medallions.
  7. Allomancy and Hemalurgy also work on Roshar, including with Rosharan metals. The thing with Stormlight, spren, and the Heralds is a Connection issue, since it's Honor's Investiture that's been laid down deeply on Roshar, whereas the Metallic Arts use the metals basically as keys to access the Investiture, so the molecular structure of the metal is all that's important. Also Stormlight being actively consumed by the Radiant while also being unique to Roshar probably plays into it some. To break Stormlight free of the Rosharan system would require some serious work. With RoW's revelation of anti-Investiture comes the idea of anti-Connection, and that might work, but it also may not be possible and/or have some really funky side effects. Other solutions could be a willing change on the part of someone who glues Honor back together and Ascends, if they know to do that. Or some other form of Connection manipulation to make the Stormlight and the spren less inherently tied to Roshar and tied more closely to something portable that would be carried around. Could make the spren's Connection to the Radiant greater than their tie to Roshar to ensure they'd be able to stay paired off-world, though that probably has some side effects for both parties, but making a perfect gemstone an anchor for a ton of Stormlight would probably go better as long as wherever it's going has someone who can undo that change. Lift may also be able to generate her Lifelight off-world since it's a direct metabolic function, which may be the most reliable method to prevent off-world Radiants from running out, but doesn't solve their spren's issue. (Can spren get Old-Magic'd from the Nightwatcher?) Actually now that I'm thinking about it, you could probably shenanigan someone from Scadrial with access to Chromium abilities to transfer Investiture. It would take some doing, but it could probably be done.
  8. My money is on that being Invention, from how hard to contact they seem to be.
  9. If Trell is not proceeding like they've been discovered, they're a fool, and I don't think any Shard crafty enough to lay down plans like that is that particular brand of fool.
  10. Maybe a gemstone. Or maybe it's Connection shenanigans. Or some combination. Or something entirely different from anything we know so far. I hope we get to see how it's done eventually, because that's something I'd love to dive into the mechanics of.
  11. It could be done. We have proof of concept from a reading Brando did a while back, and I'd imagine that while Shades would be difficult to make it happen with, if you're careful and have silver/aluminum, you can do it.
  12. "And yet, the power did not evaporate from him, as he had expected it to." Page 717 of HoA, at least by the Kindle copy I have's reckoning.
  13. Episode 5:
  14. I think some of his issue was the urgency around his Ascension. He didn't have time to adjust to the breadth of new resources at his disposal, including futuresight. People were dying, oceans were boiling. He needed to fix that then, and since he thought the power was going to dissipate like it did for Vin and Rashek with the Well, he was in full instant-damage-control mode. Then he spent the next 300 years figuring out his limitations and becoming more familiar with all of that stuff and still isn't convinced he knows the full depths of stuff. All that aside, it is possible that Trell's intervention has stretched long enough and deep enough to have started as far back as the destruction of the Pits, since apparently there was a lot of trade happening out of Scadrial even then, but I think it would have backed off when everyone thought Scadrial was about to explode from Ruin and Preservation doing their thing.
  15. I think that would be less of a priority for Jasnah than it would be for most monarchs, since I'd be surprised if they didn't go with Dalinar's suggestion to put Gavinor as the heir to the throne. Plus Jasnah's sexuality.