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  1. I think they're probably like Windspren: primarily in the Physical, so there's not much Cognitive reflection.
  2. I don't think he has one, canonically, since they all appear to refer to him as 'Hammond,' but the real question is who put his image on the wiki to Brainseat Wojak?
  3. Alright here's a good reading order: Mistborn Era 1 --> Elantris + Emperor's Soul --> Warbreaker --> Mistborn Era 2 --> Secret History --> Stormlight --> the rest of AU. I left White Sand off because it doesn't matter when she reads that, really.
  4. "Yeah," Eos said. "I'm not sure if that would as much benefit as it seems. Maybe that would only make whatever it is mad. Now that's a terrifying thought." She shuddered slightly.
  5. "I don't know what it was, but there's something back there. Didn't get a good look at it, but at least for that moment, we were not alone down here. I can't tell if it's gone, either. Doesn't give me a good feeling." Eos kept scanning the area, hoping to get another glimpse of whatever that had been. "I'll agree with you about one thing, though: I'm tired of killer caverns too, and I've only been here for one-and-a-half of them." @ZincAboutIt @TrailRunnin @Sorana
  6. As the darkness retreated, Eos caught a scurrying motion deep among the boulders and was instantly on edge. She had had too many negotiations with Nightwielder to not reasonably fear something moving in the shadows. "Heads up. We might not be alone in here." @ZincAboutIt @TrailRunnin
  7. "Stay here and hope someone else falls down here that can help us, I suppose. But where's the fun in that, when we could be walking into an ominous dark offshoot at the bottom of a well?" Malu drew back as much of the Stormlight in the ring as he could, transferring it to a ball of luminescence around a single gem's worth of Light. "Let's be off!"
  8. "No, I do not, much to my eternal shame." Malu harnessed Illumination to make a ring of light just above their heads, anchored to the wall of the well. He stepped up to the newly revealed corridor in the stone that seemed to eat the light. "Well at least there's a way out. A really ominous way out, but a way out nonetheless. Shall we take it?"
  9. "You sure? Nothing broken? I have a way to fix serious stuff, but Stormlight is somewhat limited down here, so I'd prefer to not use it very often. Anyway, where are we?" Malu asked. "Did they give you a map or something? Anything?" I don't see a way we're going to get out of this without going deeper, unless he has something that helps climbing that I don't know about. Entirely possible.
  10. Eos laughed. "So, guts as a scarf, right? Need any help with that?" @ZincAboutIt
  11. "What else was I going to do? You're a scouting party, but I don't know if the way out is safe or even clear to exit by. Like it or not, we're bound together for the next while, since I have no idea about anything. But getting down there? I'm fine, thanks. I don't need help." Eos stepped up to the lip of the drop off, waving off the attempt to help, and hopped over, light encasing her hands and feet as she drove them into the wall, creating perfectly sized grip points the whole way down. Top that, smug girl, she smirked.
  12. Eos barely had to think about it. She was there, she was going to help. She strode after Corette.
  13. "Nononono, he's here somewhere. I can feel him. Benny! C'mere buddy!" She whistled, high-high-low, and did her best to get him to come through their bond. With a little pitterpatter of tiny feet, Benny the binturong () ran up from the same direction they'd come, black fur streaked with luminescent residue, and scrambled up onto Eos's shoulders like an overly-large, mostly-tail, fur scarf. She finally let the glow around her hands die. "I suppose I owe you all an introduction, then. My name is Eos." @ZincAboutIt @TrailRunnin @Sorana
  14. "Wait, mushrooms? A cave? Last thing I remember, I was on a train going East. Who are any of you, and where's my pet? Tell me that and I'll tell you as much as I can." Eos was well and truly confused now. She had been trying to meet up with an old fling in Coven territory, but now she was here? And what did they mean they saved her life? Was she being eaten by mushrooms? @Sorana @ZincAboutIt @TrailRunnin Malu got comfortable after a few dozen steps of nothing but slickness, so when he went to step and his foot found nothing but air, he had no time to do anything except grab Nekorb by the shirt as he toppled, dragging them both bodily down into a pitch-dark offshoot at the bottom of a cavern well. "Rust. This is what I get for not watching where I walk. Sorry to drag you here too, Nekorb. You okay?" @xinoehp512
  15. "There only looks to be one direction we could go forward in, so I'm pretty sure we're on the right track."