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  1. "Malu."
  2. Malu stirred up another and brought it over, setting in front of you.
  3. Only where the organism is, I believe, since that's what the Sand Master is using as a channel to make the sand do what he wants. Something to do with forming a Connection to the microorganism, I think. Not 100% sure on that, though, it's been a while since I was able to lay hands on a copy of White Sand.
  4. "Never caught my name? You must have some pretty bad reflexes, then, with how much it flies around in here." Another fine glass of whiskey is set in front of you.
  5. I was mostly basing this off of Grandpa Smedry's "arriving late" Talent somewhat combined with the "getting lost" talent, but I can understand it blurring the lines of feasibility a little. True, but it doesn't always work the way he wants. Sometimes he doesn't get it just right and too much passes through him, making him pass out once the breath he has runs out and sometimes it refuses to work at all. If his emotions overwhelm him, it'll get pretty bad, which is why he avoids combat other than sparring and ritual-based non-lethal dueling where possible.
  6. @Voidus I have absurd amount of respect for what you and the other mods do for us here on the Shard, especially when it comes to stuff like this, and I am very sorry to once again add to the backlog of characters. No rush on this one, so take literally as much time as you (or any of the other mods) need.
  7. "Absolutely." Malu pours another cup and sets it down on the bar.
  8. I don't think he needs Division for that. It'd be fun to see, though.
  9. "Yes it did. I'm not complaining, though. Maybe eventually I'll get to add to this place."
  10. "Absolutely." "Sure. Take a left out the door and find the giant glowing tower."
  11. "I've got some of that, too. Scadrial has such a developed bar culture that I was able to get some of just about all of it. Even got some good whiskey from my hometown, Weathering." Malu pours as he talks and puts a glass of port down. "Enjoy," he says, swiping the chrysts off the bar.
  12. "What kind of bar would I be if I didn't stock any port? I've got some from Scadrial, if you like," Malu said, taking a guess on the customer's heritage based on the reaction from what appeared to be the releasing of a brassmind.
  13. "I'll take it!" Malu swipes it off the bar and begins stacking ingredients on the cutting board behind the counter. The largest knife comes out of the block and whacks through a coconut in a single strike. The rest of the ingredients are carried into the back and Malu emerges five minutes later with a completed Mound in front of you. "Have fun with it!"
  14. "A whole lot of shaved coconut, lime, mango, and orange slices, sank into an infuser in the middle of a gallon container of what amounts to one of Calamity-Earth's margaritas, then that is shaken up and mixed into another gallon container of daiquiri and pina colada mix. Fair warning, payment is needed ahead of time for that due to the size and complexity."
  15. Tempting, tempting. Willshaper and Forgery, given to Venli. I'd probably give Wayne Lightweaving to add to his already existing abilities if that's valid. If not, Wayne with Lightweaver abilities and A-Bendalloy would be funny. Clown-capacity speed bubbles and infinite bendalloy. Or maybe give Wayne Steelpushing.