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  1. I thought there was already a tag for this, but I can't find it! So I have a Minecraft server that any of y'all are welcome to join in if you want to, and a Discord server that goes along with it! Discord: Server Name: Server IP: The map is the Earth at a 1:4000 scale, so have fun with that.
  2. Up to a limited degree, yeah. He can't do much about anything other than blunt force trauma, though. Cuts don't redirect easy. Will do, bossman.
  3. I'd be okay with joining the Reckoners thing, if y'all are okay with me being there. Give me a bit to whip up an Epic.
  4. I had a whole theory posted somewhere else (I can't remember what I did with it) that Shallan managed to come into contact with whatever Unmade was there and it caused the initial split of personality and some bit of Connection lurks inside her, having corrupted her initial personality into what is now Formless.
  5. I believe Kaladin made a shield once. But a suit of armor made of Blades wouldn't provide the same boosting of strength and endurance that Plate does.
  6. Imagine Windrunners making a large apple-cutter looking thing out of Plate with the cutters on the bottom made from the Blade and then Lashing it downward a bunch of times in Roshar's first kinetic bombardment.
  7. "Leshwi’s spear was lined with a silvery metal that resisted Shardblade cuts." Is that...not confirmation?
  8. [Insert Law & Order clanging sound + jingles]
  9. Imagine the sound of hundreds of 4th Oath Radiants jinglejangling across a stone battlefield.
  10. Yes! That! It'd be clickyclacky but it'd probably work.
  11. It would probably work based on sole Intent. A really thin layer of lesser spren would probably work.
  12. Shardcape. Just integrate it.
  13. I want in.
  14. Gotta go with Hero of Ages for me. Even that one part in Oathbringer didn't hit me as hard as the end of that one did.