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  1. Still sad the new movie got delayed.
  2. Yeah, I know they have it. It's more a matter of if they'd truly be selling it to other planets. Creating it doesn't do much good if you don't use it. I did not phrase my initial thing right, that's on me.
  3. Worth noting is that Soulcasting is not actually the only place on Roshar to get aluminum. Probably because mining is so hard when crem fills in the mine as it floods on a very-often basis, and volcanic activity is very low, so they don't have the Scadrian out of scouring the inside of volcanic stacks for meager amounts. But yes, you're probably right. Soulcasting is a very easy way to get aluminum, and will be nearly the easiest until Mistborn Era 3 happens. Might be the easiest, depending on what's going on over on Sel and Taldain. Selish folks that have magic and the knowledge required could create aluminum too and arguably, given how far back in the timeline Elantris is, could already have a stockpile. Taldain, at least the dark side of it, has a lot of technological advancement too, so they may have found out how Bauxite refining works and have their own amount. It's all part of that aluminum chess game. He who controls the aluminum controls the cosmere.
  4. Draft 3.0 is officially turned in, title is still unofficially Nowhere, but it might be changed for the next draft.
  5. Presumably it was also whatever Hoid was looking for up there. Likely more Lerasium.
  6. Tinfoil hat time: she's planning for a clone army.
  7. Count on it.
  8. It may not be cosmere fanfic, but I may steal the idea for a short story.
  9. I'd read it. I can imagine cult leaders having enough juice for one major thing and then they have to relax and build it back up after a while. Politicians, kings, and that one guy in the village that no one can ever stop talking about all being super powerful relative to everyone else.
  10. The last one was released five years ago already. Spring 2022 is the publisher's date. It is not Brandon saying that vaguely, while at the whims of the publisher's schedule, since he let the publisher guide the release date this time instead of pushing for a more aggressive publication date. So, realistically speaking (as you phrase it), expect the book in the first quarter of 2022, until or unless we hear something different by way of the publisher.
  11. It's presumably something from how many Returns he's been through. The Fused appear to have some serious influence from other planets (they call aluminum by its Selish name of ralkalest, for example), so it probably dates back somewhere there.
  12. When I read that, my assumption was that since Nightblood had been separated from Vasher, they couldn't find him, so they were just trying to find anything that might be Nightblood so they could stop the potential havoc of having a sword capable of doing some truly funky things out and about.
  13. I'm pretty sure it's just people associated with the order, since there's one labelled Truthwatcher that's Adolin. Two, counting the one where his helm is on. Some of them have spren, and the one you noted as Taravangian being there is under Dustbringer, and one labelled Elsecaller has Wit. One of the Willshaper labels appears to be Eshonai. Yeah pretty sure it's just people close to a notable person of the order.
  14. It looks to be a lake at the bottom of there, so that's probably erosion marks of some kind. The one image I could find from the perspective of the a visitor shows sings that look like miniature fjords ending in places that are mostly below water, so millennia of erosion seems like a good enough explanation to me.
  15. The first one might be possible (here's a link that might help, though I don't have a google assistant to experiment with any of this):