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  1. We know fire is incredibly dangerous on Roshar because of the increased oxygen level in its atmosphere, which most of the world overcomes by using invested gemstones to provide light. However, those gems become invested in highstorms, which don't really impact Shinovar in any significant way. What do the people of Shinovar use for light?
  2. We know that the continent of Roshar (Cosmic address: Roshar, Roshar, Greater Roshar, The Knight, The Cosmere) was originally created by Adonalsium, and that Shinovar, at least after the arrival of humanity from Ashyn, is the only place on the planet that has "normal" flora and fauna - no spren, plants growing in soil, similar plants and animals to what we see on Earth/other planets. Did Shinovar always exist as this bastion of normalcy, or was the entire continent of Roshar created with "typical" life forms on it, and then just got scraped clean by the highstorms, leaving it open for other life to evolve?
  3. What do you guys think?
  4. Who do you think the Ones Above are?
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  6. A bent metal washer I picked up on the side of the road after an argument with my girlfriend, which was totally my fault. Storming away and walking the four miles back home while trying to push it through my hand helped me come to terms with my selfishness and idiocy in relationships. We got married a few years later.
  7. So if a person is using investiture without the aid of an external tool, it's physical? Which would mean the vast majority of investiture use we've seen so far has been physical: Allomancy, Feruchemy, Awakening, AonDor, ChayShan, Dakhor, Surgebinding, and Sand Mastery. Mechanical investiture use is channeled through something else, not through the actual user. Would that include Hemalurgy and Soulforging?
  8. In the Coppermind article on Investiture, it says "Methods of accessing Investiture can be broadly divided into two types: physical and mechanical," but it doesn't expound on that. So what does that mean? What magic systems are physical and what are mechanical?
  9. We see on multiple worlds that the intent of a Shard is directly related to how the magic system on that world functions: Awakening on Nalthis is the giving of Breath to something else; bonding a spren on Roshar requires honoring oaths; end-positive Allomancy and end-negative Hemalurgy on Scadrial; etc. So, how is Sand Mastery related to the intent of Autonomy?
  10. Be sure to post this paper! It sounds fascinating!
  11. If you struggle understanding the relationships between the Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual realms, this video has an interesting perspective:
  12. I just made this video and wanted to get the Forum's take on it. Are there any interesting factoids that I missed? Let me know what you guys think!