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  1. I'm also doing it. Because I find this kind of stuff (chapter in a timely manner) really cool !
  2. And now i've the image of Mr. T and Adrotagia: A: "Did you save Roshar?" T: "Yes" A: "And what did it cost you?" T: "Everything..."
  3. I'm not there yet (but it's not a big deal for me to read some spoilers), but, maybe we shouldn't trust ANY of what is "written" when it's a Shallan chapter and she's alone (i.e without any other POV). I mean, she's an unrealiable narrator over 9000 ^^'. For me, nothing that she hear, sees, say, smell is a truth. It's to be taken with a grain of big big salt. But, all explanation in this topic also work (i'm partial for the "repeating" thing from Mraizes or the "two" Mraizes).
  4. I love this topics, he's awesome xD. To be absolutly meta, we should ask Brandon to ask questions xD xD!!
  5. damnation, I was going for it ^^. So, my other favorite quote: And also: I remember laughting very hard imagining the sequence xD.
  6. I've also ask some question: Is A leader. No. When I told him that I pick up the question on Seventheenth Shards, he smiles and says to says Hi :). It was a great signing. Brandon was so cool (as always).
  7. Hey Gals and Guys, This morning i've received the newsletters from Brandon, and I was most surprised to see that he was coming to Paris \o/. I've already place a "rest" day at work, and will be there. So, if you want, I propose to ask a question to Brandon (most certainly RAFO but whatever ^^) and also help in case of retranscription of any other question. Sibsidiary remarks: if any member of the 17th is coming,make yourselk known ^^. I'll be fun to discuss of Brandon while waiting his signature ^^.
  8. I wish to go, but on a Monday, I'm not sure it's possible fort me. I'll try .
  9. I love DW (oh wait, what gives me away? My avatar? My oath as KR ?) because it's so much fun and entertaining. It worked for me, because I didn't expect anything ^^. The Doctor persona is so incredible oO. I really like is different incarnation (as Tenant, as Eccelston or most of all as Smith). Every Doctor is different and stay the same. The story are sometimes cheesy and some DEM is used, but damnation, it so great to see the Doctor resolved a situation with some tech-babble and some help of his companions xD.
  10. You and me both pal
  11. "I'll never acting cowardly or with cruelty" "I'll never give up, never give in" You know where I come from with this don't you :D.
  12. Ay ^^
  13. Fort bien merci ^^. Great, then .
  14. You can put me in Paris, France .
  15. Is it still possible to join (if a french who still ongoing is reading of Brandon is not a bother )? I wish to ^^.