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  1. I digitized some letters, for fun. In summary there are 19/26 letters identified. The missing ones are FGJPQXZ, if they even exist. In any case I do not feel comfortable guessing their shapes since the patterns are not always consistent. Thank you Pagerunner for the close up photos. It feels great to not squint at blurry squiggles!
  2. Oh yeah "created" makes sense Argent. Thanks! And yes, I'm not trying to read into it or fish for deeper meaning here. I'm just fishing for the organization of the alphabet.
  3. There is a higher resolution file of the endpages. I am certain some of the lines read: ---- --- B?Y? DANDOS THE OILSWORN --- ----- - Which gives us some new letters to play with (R,N). I suspect the organization of symbols has to deal with dots/short slashes that are being lost in the calligraphic style of the book cover. I attempted to organize the characters by the number of dot/slashes they have, in a similar manner to SpikeMe's post. I think logically it could be a 4x6 table, but there is not enough to say for certain of course. I also added B and a different looking Y because I do not know what other two letter word can precede a name using letters not already assigned. Maybe those two slashes on Y are simplified into a vertical? Maybe a dash on top is sometimes turned horizontal giving us the railroad spike looking letters? I could be totally wrong. I'm afraid the simplification of characters went too far here.
  4. Thanks The avatar actually predates my foray into all things Cosmere, although the colors are a 17S only addition totally inspired by Roshar.
  5. Thanks! I do really like your Cosmere and Roshar nerd things! And the moons are of particular, albeit more passive, interest.
  6. Ah okay! Did not realize it appears multiple times. Just sounded odd.
  7. MMP Ch 16, pg 164 From Dalinar's short exchange with Sergeant Rial Assuming it should read "To you?"
  8. Recently started listening to choice episodes of Shardcast. And the one relating to the orders of Stonewards, Willshapers, and Bondsmiths eventually led to me to this thread to see what is known about Cohesion and Tension. I see I am not the first. I am curious to know the revision too. I figured that if a revision was made in the ebook, it might have also been reflected in the MMP (released earlier this month). It is about time for a re-read anyway. However after a quick glance through Ch. 38, I can confirm that the text of the MMP in that part is still of the original hardback release, in case anyone was interested. I also found another reference of the Stormfather referring to the Stonewards Surge, and it is consistent to Ch. 38 and therefore feels like descriptions of Cohesion rather than Tension. In essence, still confusing. OB Ch. 50: (Also sorry for the necro... seemed like the only relevant place for it)
  9. Thanks for the comments! I happily had a chance to finish the full tutorial. What I rather liked about it was the step by step method to learning the powers (just like any mistborn, there is a learning curve). Two places where the progression was not immediately intuitive was how to hover by the cube, and how to pewter jump up the wall crevice. Did not realize at first how to do that despite the prompt. Actually, I have no issues with the default keybinds. Yes there are quite a few functions, but I just assumed that not having enough fingers is normal--I do not play pc games all that frequently to give productive comments there. But perhaps instead of a text-heavy help overlay could you show a colorcoded picture of the relevant keyboard section? Images are easier to read than words.
  10. Wow your work into this is simply incredible! I only had a little chance to mess around with it but I really enjoyed what I saw. I did find the controls a bit hard to grasp (using mouse and keyboard). Seems that every time I open the simulator there is some downtime before I coax some form of coordination into my movements. There is just a lot going on, and understandably so. I had a thought that maybe you could add a way to deselect all pushes at once? For example when jumping from anchor(s) I would like to mass deselect them without the R-E combo (or is it R-Q for pushes? I get them mixed up). Zinc peripheral does help with that, but I do not have enough fingers for everything Either way, thank you for distributing your game and sharing your progress!!
  11. Thank you @MetaTerminal I have participated in puzzle hunts before, just not in a forum setting. Or Sanderson themed. I look forward to it!
  12. Looks like I will be around at least some of this weekend! Can I still jump in a team? I do not know what I am doing, but that rarely stopped me
  13. May the randomness be in your favor
  14. So, avatar is coming to Netflix. Not exactly sure how I feel about this. The disappointment of the 2010 movie was strong. What does everyone here think? This about sums it up for me:
  15. @StarrFall My pleasure
  16. @Cenire welcome fellow forum lurker Although even some of us with a profile have never stopped hardcore lurking... I have entertained the idea of creating a group for us forum lurkers, but that would defeat the purpose. Like asking introverts to unite. Or herding cats.
  17. Movie? What movie? There was no movie
  18. Kudos to you, took me 6 years and I am a relatively fast reader. The slog was too much. Needed a break every ~2 books. Mostly enjoyable read, but I wouldn't do it again
  19. I decided to be mostly skeptical until proven otherwise. ^because is too true where avatar is concerned :,(
  20. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the goat attacked. There are three things all wise men fear: a goat at sea, a night with no goat, and the anger of a gentle goat. Goat fell from the sky...
  21. Incredible! Really wish I could give more than one upvote! <3 <3 <3
  22. Oh definitely missed that point. Also found a WoB on soulcasting to make aluminum. Looks like as usual the question has been asked before. Still I wonder of limitations if any.
  23. As much as this sounds perfectly reasonable... ..I cannot see Marsh being okay with any being approaching him with something sharp. Marsh, the strong independent Ironeyes and Death Himself turning his back on someone to get a shave? After all that he has been through, I expect he will have trust issues.
  24. I am wondering about this actually. As a sink for investiture, I assume you cannot soulcast alumimum into anything else. But would it be reasonable to assume cosmere magic allows soulcasting to make aluminum? Thinking about this, I get a mental image of everyone running around in soulcast aluminum armor and that feels too powerful. Seems like it would upend cosmere magic balance and by Brandon's magic laws there should be limitations. Perhaps the stormlight cost to soulcast aluminum is extrodinarily high. If it is possible, maybe that is why Hoid wanted this ability? Almost seems like a videogame cheatcode. Hoid is a videogame cheat code.
  25. Quite like this art style! I am optimistic that it will portray the story well