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  1. Thank you @MetaTerminal I have participated in puzzle hunts before, just not in a forum setting. Or Sanderson themed. I look forward to it!
  2. Looks like I will be around at least some of this weekend! Can I still jump in a team? I do not know what I am doing, but that rarely stopped me
  3. May the randomness be in your favor
  4. @StarrFall My pleasure
  5. @Cenire welcome fellow forum lurker Although even some of us with a profile have never stopped hardcore lurking... I have entertained the idea of creating a group for us forum lurkers, but that would defeat the purpose. Like asking introverts to unite. Or herding cats.
  6. Movie? What movie? There was no movie
  7. Kudos to you, took me 6 years and I am a relatively fast reader. The slog was too much. Needed a break every ~2 books. Mostly enjoyable read, but I wouldn't do it again
  8. I decided to be mostly skeptical until proven otherwise. ^because is too true where avatar is concerned :,(
  9. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the goat attacked. There are three things all wise men fear: a goat at sea, a night with no goat, and the anger of a gentle goat. Goat fell from the sky...
  10. So, avatar is coming to Netflix. Not exactly sure how I feel about this. The disappointment of the 2010 movie was strong. What does everyone here think? This about sums it up for me:
  11. Incredible! Really wish I could give more than one upvote! <3 <3 <3
  12. Oh definitely missed that point. Also found a WoB on soulcasting to make aluminum. Looks like as usual the question has been asked before. Still I wonder of limitations if any.
  13. As much as this sounds perfectly reasonable... ..I cannot see Marsh being okay with any being approaching him with something sharp. Marsh, the strong independent Ironeyes and Death Himself turning his back on someone to get a shave? After all that he has been through, I expect he will have trust issues.
  14. I am wondering about this actually. As a sink for investiture, I assume you cannot soulcast alumimum into anything else. But would it be reasonable to assume cosmere magic allows soulcasting to make aluminum? Thinking about this, I get a mental image of everyone running around in soulcast aluminum armor and that feels too powerful. Seems like it would upend cosmere magic balance and by Brandon's magic laws there should be limitations. Perhaps the stormlight cost to soulcast aluminum is extrodinarily high. If it is possible, maybe that is why Hoid wanted this ability? Almost seems like a videogame cheatcode. Hoid is a videogame cheat code.
  15. Quite like this art style! I am optimistic that it will portray the story well