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  1. I love it so much too! I love how the whole books is based on reversals in character, and I especially loved Lightsong too, and my heart broke when he gave up his life. I really hope Siri and Susebron are in Nightblood since I loved their dynamic. But it sadly doesn't look like he's going to write it anytime soon.
  2. It's the hierocracy again!
  3. Thanks a lot!
  4. But how would that work exactly? Would you ride the front of the highstorm or the tail? And would you be attached to the highstorm or would you just ride the wind? The tail would probably work better since you would have a smaller chance of being smashed to bits. I think it would be most fun to ride the highstorm in the chasms though, cuz then the water is flowing really well, although I suppose you don't even need it to be a fabrial in that case.
  5. This artwork is stunning!
  6. I love all of these! Doctor Who all the way!
  7. Yes, it is the Time Lords' language, and specifically it's called Gallifreyan and its spoken on the planet that the Doctor from Doctor Who is from, which is called Gallifrey.
  8. I noticed that under a lot of people's posts, there is a signature preference. How do you add that?
  9. What's your favorite part of the cosmere so far?
  10. So I was re-watching Back to the Future, as one does, and thinking about what a disappointment it was that we don't have widespread hoverboard use even though we should've years ago and I realized what someone needs to do is go to Roshar and convince either artifabrians or windrunners to create hoverboards since artifabrians could use reversers to make the hoverboard float and windrunners could half lash a board to the sky in order to make it weightless. The only problem would be getting the lashed board to move. But with a fabrial, you could make a controller of sorts that you can move around to make the hoverboard do the opposite.
  11. Hoid can travel through time, so it makes sense that he is Lunu'anak.
  12. I love all of it, but if I had to pick one thing it would Pattern just because of the time he said "“Inappropriate?” Pattern said. “Such as … dividing by zero?”" I love all of Roshar in general.
  13. I like all of this but Wax being played by Mel Gibson. I don't think Wax is that old. I do love Lord Ruler as Benedict Cumberbatch tho.
  14. I think Robert Downey Junior wouldn't be able to bring the sadness that Kelsier's character has deep within him. I do think that David Tennant would be a fabulous Kelsier tho.