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  1. Personally I'm leaning towards Sorrow, if he's hinting that it's something along the same lines
  2. I've heard of a theory about Shallan at the ending of Oathbringer. When Jasnah walks up to her, Shallan is resting with Veil and Radiant (who is in plate). Jasnah assumes that "Shallan" is the real one, but it turned out that "Radiant" was the physical body. So does this mean that Shallan was able to summon plate or do you all think that it was part of her illusions still?
  3. Did the Singers salute Renarin because of his connection to Glys? Did they think he was on their side because of his corrupted spren?
  4. Okay, this makes a little more sense know. But it's still a little of a letdown that it all happened off screen and we only saw it at the end. But I understand Sanderson had trouble fitting it in with all the other stuff. Oh well, that's life
  5. I just feel like Brandon could have fleshed out Amaram and the reason why he suddenly went to Odium's side. I think it would have been cool to get a Son's of Honor pov from his perspective. Maybe those parts were moved for later books flashbacks. Or we may never know
  6. I'm not sure if this was a WOB or just something Sanderson has said, but someone asked who would win if Harmony and Odium fought and he said Odium. Because while Harmony might be more powerful, he doesn't have the experience that Odium has.
  7. This is quite informative! I think it would be cool if we eventually got stuff like this for the other worlds, lots of potential. Are those reference sheets that were handed out available anywhere?
  8. I also was a little confused by all the talk with Aesudan. I might have just missed it, but I never figured that she was this manipulative person. I just assumed that she was corrupted over time and that's why her personality changed. But here's hoping that we get some answers as to how the process works like you said. I'd like to know how much of their ideas they believed were actually theirs. Was it like Ruin and his mental talking, or was it Odium/Unmade going "hey you are mine now, do this"
  9. Hey all, it's your President. So I came to believe in this theory after listening to Cosmere podcasts and reading WOB's. I most likely fused facts and opinions from them to make it, but once I did I feel like it makes sense. There is a lot of discussion on why Adonalsium was shattered, and we won't be able to know for quite a while. Some others want to know what Hoid's role in the shattering was (and what he's doing now obviously). Anyways on to the theory, sorry for rambling off the telepromtper. We know that Harmony has a difficult time taking action in the world of Scadrial and most likely the Cosmere as a whole. We know that this due him holding both Preservation and Ruin, polar opposite shards which has a negating effect on his ability to act. Now for Adonalsium, before the shattering it is assumed that whoever he/she/they were held all the shards/powers of creation as a single entity. Now I think that holding all the various Intents as a single being most likely had a similar effect on the holder as we observe in Harmony. In my opinion, Adonalsium did not have the will or the ability to act outside of the initial creation of the universe (if it was responsible for that). And it is in my opinion that Hoid was most likely close to the Vessel of Adonalsium and could not stand to see his friend suffer a life as a vegetable essentially. So maybe that is what caused the need or desire to shatter Adonalsium, to end the suffering of his friend. And maybe now after many centuries/millennia, Hoid has figured something out about Shardic powers and could be trying to revive his long lost friend but have them no longer be a vegetable. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'm not the best at typing things up.
  10. I was thinking of just regular people who weren't already able to use investiture. So my thinking was that Elantrians were not "regular" people since they were invested by the Dor. But hey I could still be wrong in my thinking.
  11. Can anyone be a worldhopper? As in, can any person walk to a perpendicularity and transfer to the Cognitive Realm? Or is something different about the Spiritual DNA of worldhoppers? Follow-up joke question: Have there been any cases of someone accidentally walking/falling through a perpendicularity and disappearing?
  12. @Chaos @WeiryWriter @Argent @Comatose In the most recent Sanderson Q&A at Idaho Falls, someone asked the question about Half-Shards and the spren: Dearius [PENDING REVIEW] Are half-shards made with Radiant spren? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] RAFO! Good question! source So while it is a RAFO, it seems very likely that the answer is probably "Yes it is a Radient Spren/related to Radient Spren"
  13. I also had a problem with Zane. I disliked all the interactions between Zane and Vin because I saw it as unneeded teenage love drama. I understand that Vin didn't have the best childhood growing up and that stunted her, but dear god I hated hearing her second guessing Elend through all of those parts. I did enjoy him messing with Straff so I'll give him that
  14. I'm most excited for seeing how all the Heralds react to Jezrien's death/feeling his pain. We saw Ash and Taln's reaction before passing out, but I want to know their thoughts upon waking up (though this 1 year time-skip might ruin that hope for me). But what about all the other Heralds out there? Would they take it as a sign/would it help wake them up? Especially Nale, he just decided to side with the Singers but now they just killed one of his companions. I just want to know man
  15. As you can tell by my name, I am the President of the United States.....well okay maybe that was a lie to help Pattern be happy. Let me start over, hello I am Potus! I began reading Sanderson books probably around late 2016 starting with The Way of Kings. Since then I have read all Cosmere related works. I am very interested in lore and world-building so I was super ecstatic when I realized that there was a whole universe with loads of history in it. My favorite Cosmere works are Emperor's Soul and Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. I am really looking forward to this community and all future discussions!