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  1. 1. While reading, I found it difficult to care about anything that wasn't happening in Urithiru. The Fabrial science and Fused occupation was too interesting, and the war in... I don't even remember where... was too fragmented to really hold the same weight. 2. The scene with Navani working with the dark-eyed battalion lord(who's name I'm not going to look up because I only have the audiobook), and the scene with Jasnah taunting Ruthar felt too similar and were too close together because of that.
  2. Yes. Wow. It's amazing the difference not having three glasses of wine in me makes when I look at that.
  3. I agree whole-heartedly. The brands flaking off was an incredible moment. And, I loved Ookla said, it tied everything together at the end. Which... is why it hurts me to say this: I don't think it should have happened here. Oh, it makes perfect sense. One-hundred percent, the brands being tied to the fourth oath is perfect. But(and keep in mind I'm saying this without vital information), I think it would have been a little better had they come off with the fifth oath. It could have marked the "end of his arc" so to speak. He would have grown into the person the Oaths wanted him to be. And, in doing so, he would have grown beyond the scars. However! Had they flaked away with the fifth oath... It might have felt a bit too cliche or cheesy or... whatever word you want to use. So, yeah. I am completely happy with the brands coming off. It just leaves me without any idea where Kal will grow from here. His inability to let go was his thing. I have no clue what the fifth oath could possibly be now. Man... this was kinda all over the place...
  4. Adonalsium, please no! I understand why these kinds of characters exist. Believe me, I do. It's important to show how far you can fall down the rabbit hole of dark darkness and evil evilness. But... I never enjoy reading them. They just become page-skip material for me on re-reads. That said... when you really look at how bad some of the things our leading Radiants have done are... I could see him getting a redemption arc. I mean... Dalinar burned an entire city alive. Venli ushered in the apocalypse. And, Shallan committed parents+spren-acide. Heck... Other than Jasnah(as far as we're aware), Kaladin is practically the only one who hasn't committed some kind of formative atrocity in his backstory that lead to becoming a good guy.
  5. This right here is actually one of my great aggravations with the Starlight Archive. On one hand, the Windrunners are the order we know the most about. We know their duties and Oaths. We know they get the most(and most powerful) squires. We also know what kind of people the honor spree go for when bonding. But... we only know what one of their surges does with any reliability, and a full half of their power set has only been hinted at. We're almost half way through the series after being with the order for all four books. And... almost nothing. Sticking rocks to walls. Creating a windshield while flying to protect their eyes. The biggest hint we've had was when Kal created a pocket in the Highstorm. I can only imagine Sanderson is saving it for a big reveal or high point. Because if he isn't, and adhesion is just meh... Bridge Four's lack of dedicated, on-screen research into figuring it out will feel hollow(at least to me). A good comparison at this point(at least in part) would maybe be how (SPOILER) Harry Dresden hasn't thought to research what a Starborn is in Dresden Files. (END SPOILER) Granted, it's not quite as egregious. But... the willful lack of experimentation is adding up.
  6. Scene opens on a dark room, light filtering through closed blinds. There is a pile of empty and half-empty soda cans on the side of the desk. A crumb covered paper plate sticks halfway out of the trashcan below. Camra pans to show a bed, a conspiracy chalkboard resting upon it. Curled up in the corner at the foot of the bed is BasementDwellingRadiant, clearly unwell from too long researching WoT lore. "It can't be..." he mutters. "It - Can it? - Is it that obvious? No. No. How?" From the other end of the house, Eric Cartman screams bloody murder. Something about needing pizza rolls and another empty bottle. Or did he say bucket? It's muffled and hard to hear. "Could the hint -" BasementDwellingRadiant mutters again "have been in front of us all this time?" On the Conspiracy Chalkboard is written only one sentence. Aginor's name before becoming one of the Forsaken was... Ishar Morrad Chuain! Coincidence? I think not! Maybe it was three sentences. The camera never was very good at math. Seriously, though. This is epic levels of tinfoil hattery.
  7. Because no parent has ever been disappointed with their child's path in life. He is being too extreme, yes. But, that just means there is room for him to grow, to improve, and to become better. There was a theory some time ago that if Lirin were to become a Radiant, he wouldn't be an Edgedancer or Truthwatcher(the two healer orders), but a Stoneward. And, I can't help but think he fits most of their defining points to a T. Granted, I don't see him being into sporting events or weaponry. But, he is stubborn to a fault in holding to his pacifism and I suspect a good surgeon might need to improvise solutions at times. Plus, he could benefit quite a lot from a path of Oaths focused on Teamwork and getting along with others. From Sanderson's Website...
  8. Navani(I think?) notes that air rushes past her into the space of the wall when Jasnah repairs it.
  9. This is actually a really interesting idea. Did Shallan ever breath in Stormlight after drinking the wine? Both the clear and orange wines had a LOT of detail given to their flavor and/or appearance...
  10. I'm going to go with MURDER. If I had to guess, I'd say it was Ishna, who we already know was trying to join the Ghostbloods, and who the Ghostbloods investigated on Shallan's behalf to discover if she was a safe hire. That being said, she is the obvious suspect. So, I think it's also possible that we discover Shallan actually did do it and her control is even further gone than we believed already.
  11. About 7 1/2 years. Seriously, though: If you cut out the waiting time between books it probably took me about three months. Personally, I prefer to begin by rereading the whole series so that I'm caught up right about when a new book comes out. Then, I binge that book. Once I've done that, I wait about a month to bask in the glory of it, and start again for a slower read where I savor the detail. Repeat as needed. This will probably fall apart as we get more and more books, though.
  12. Given the technological advancement we see in Row, I've been wondering about other possible forms of transportation. And, my brain latched onto one in particular that has struck me as quite a fun idea... though the more I think about it the less practical it seems. Could someone use a heating fibril to make a steam engine. The specifics of the fabrial itself are less important to me since we're getting a bunch of fabrial info in the epigraphs. But, what I'm wondering is: Does anyone have any ideas to secure these trains against high storms?
  13. Storms! Never again would D&D night end with an army of new scratches on the floor! This is BRILLIANT! Gravitation to reenact kung fu movie fights where someone gets kicked across the room. Tension to make bulletproof clothing and become a superhero Transportation or Gravitation to become the fastest pitcher in baseball Cohesion to create breakaway walls wherever you want Transformation: CONGRATULATIONS! It suddenly only takes a moment to make breakfast! Illumination makes your voice carry wherever you want. You have become quite the ventriliquist! Regrowth: Hey, I cured cancer! Regrowth: Hey, I started a religion! I didn't even need to tie your shoes together with adhesion. Gravitation made me the strongest man alive! See ma, I can lift over one-thousand pounds with one hand! Transportation got me both in and out of your new highly-advanced and impenetrable bank vault. Transformation: And now I'm an architect that doesn't need other people to actually build the project we'r - ahem - I'm working on. Assuming teleportation, Transportation means no more work commute. Division lets you tell your math teacher that yes, you do understand the concept. You just don't like writing long division by hand. (sorry Chaos) Illumination instead of spending money on makeup or select other beauty products Edit: typo
  14. I found this a little while back when looking for a Knights Radiant 5E writeup: I'll confess I don't remember much about it other than it was cool enough to bookmark. The major hurdle I see in adaptation would be the self healing. Stormlight healing is nuts if one compares it to D&D. I mean, in book 3 Shallan takes a crossbow bolt TO THE FACE and just keeps trucking along while it repairs itself). And, that's not an advanced Radiant thing. That's ALL of them. Granted, there's a bit of disconnect between that and D&D damage. But, if one were to just take it at face(hehe...) value... The only thing in 5E that I think comes close is the Moon Druid with its ridiculous(but hilarious) in-built infinite hit points(which starts turning on around level 17 if I remember correctly).
  15. Ever since the RoW Preview Chapter Discussion marker disappeared, I'm not sure where to put this. So, Spoiler tag. What must it have been like to be a civilian in the battle of Hearthstone? To see hundreds of Radiants go to battle for the first time after millennia of myth and religious historical demonization... To see them glowing and flying, fighting an occupying force after offering to take you someplace safe. I can't help but think it would be one of those moments where you'd look back and tell your grandchildren "I was there." But, at the same time, there's been a year of war already. So, how common are stories about Radiants at this point? I know this has less to do with theorizing than it does with pure emotional speculation, but I can't help but wonder. And, to the admins: If I put this in the wrong place I'm sorry. Please let me know. Though, I'm not sure how I would go about fixing it.