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  1. I'd say a combination of surges is more important than specific orders. That said, if you can double-up on certain surges, all the better. And, if the surges work differently for different orders, that might throw a wrench in the works. But... Lightweavers or Elsecallers: The keys to success. This really depends on the above issue in regards to screamers. How many does Odium have? And, can the sense the "louder" fibrials through the "quieter" illusion wrapped around it. If they can't, than Lightweavers take priority. If they can, Elsecallers become more useful. In either case, Soulcasting is extremely valuable if you need to magic up some supplies to make repairs while on your journey. Assuming the screamers are able to sense what's going on through an illusion, Elsecallers can double as artillery by magicking up things to throw, and applying the Transportation surge to them to give them some scary oomf. (NOTE: I am assuming Jasnah's speed mentioned by Renarin in the final Oathbringer battle was her using this surge) Soulcasting food would also mean you could exchange some space you would otherwise have dedicated to supplies, and do something else with it. Willshapers or Stonewards: These two are primarily here for Cohesion(making hull repairs much easier), and as infantry if fighting hits the decks. Tension would be good, too, if you need to fortify the hull against attacks that might break inside. Windrunners: While Skybreakers' Division might be useful... we don't actually know the extent of what it does yet. We only know that it is the more dangerous of their two surges. So, until further information is provided on the topic, safety in numbers seems a good rule. Plus, low ranking Skybreaker squires can't fly, which would limit them pretty heavily to deck fighting while you have fewer people in the air to cover all angles. Edgedancers or Truthwatchers: Healing is good, though we don't really know the extent of what Truthwatchers can do outside of that. Again, more information would be nice. But, in either case: Healing good. Lack of healing bad. Yes? Yes. Good, we all agree. Bondsmith: Maybe it's a Dalinar only thing. Maybe not. But, stormlight on-demand for all the above is kinda important. You don't want to get caught out in the middle of nowhere with no stormlight when you need it. They could probably also help with repairs if needed. Honestly, the only one I'd be hesitant about bringing is the Dustbringers. And, that's more because I don't know much about their powers yet. Putting people who will fire into existence on a wooden flying barge seems kind of dangerous to me, especially with their reputation for breaking things, and if they can't make it happen at a distance. If they have to be touching where they want things to burn, like Malata's little scene with Mr. T... I don't want them onboard. Sorry guys, you are still one of my favorite orders, and last time I took the quiz I had a pretty good chance of matching with you. But, It's just not a good idea.
  2. Interesting Idea: Assuming Lirin becomes a Stoneward, could he employ Cohesion and Tension as a sort of pseudo-healing technique? You know, reshape broken bones or severed veins so that they are set or connected properly again. Maybe, he could do the same with flesh as well? Then, use tension to make sure they stay that way? I'm... not sure it would really work. But... shrug. Or, just reshape them, and then once the starlight ran out their consistency would return to normal but in their new - repaired - form? That way he could remain a healer, and keep to his code, but also be a Stoneward.
  3. Feather: The Realmatics people are quarantined because we don't want to hang out with them anymore. The Cool Realmatics People: Pfft! We're already quarantined. Try again.
  4. ... like Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden? ... Man that's a scary thought... As far as Malata and Dustbringers are concerned: We don't actually know if she's sworn the third ideal. Isn't it confirmed that Radiants get their blades at different Oaths depending on their Order? For example, didn't Shalan have access to Pattern in blade form before swearing her three oaths at the end of WoR? And, Brandon confirmed she's currently at Oath four. Doesn't that mean she summoned Blade!Pattern after only Life Before Death etc.? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Agreed! Wholeheartedly agreed! But, in all seriousness: I could see Lirin in a number of orders. The pacifist Windrunner. Edgedancers... maybe. Truthwatchers. Elsecallers... again maybe. Stonewards is a very real possibility like you pointed out OP. But, and here's the twist I'm gonna throw in just for fun: What if Lirin becomes the next Bondsmith? It has been pointed out that Navani would make a good Willshaper. What if that tone she heard in the Never Nev - I'm sorry, Shadesmar - was actually a Willshaper spren calling out to her? "I will unite" could work as an interesting lesson for Lirin, tying in with that teamwork theme you mentioned. To be honest, I don't actually expect it to happen. It's just a fun thought. But, it would spread the power out a little from just "Team Kolin!" Seriously though, I really like the Lirin is a Stoneward idea. And, we need more of those. NOTE: Sorry for all the Dresden Files references, I just finished my reread of Peace Talks earlier... erm... yesterday, I guess.
  5. Oh... and Taln is the ninth Herald. I'll just let you guys ponder THAT little detail. It can't possibly be significant, though. I mean, it's probably nothing. *Shrugs and walks out of room* *Sticks head back in room* Same! *Leaves again*
  6. 1) The not Kholin Radiants interacting with their families 2) Anything to do with the Oaths 3) Plate 4a) More about Willshapers (I had zero interest in them until the post that came with the quiz. Now they're one of my favorite orders) 4b) Dustbringer stuff (The Coppermind claims we're going to get more about them this book, and they're also a favorite of mine) 5) Urithiru turning on 6) Bridge Four finding out about Moash 7) Adolin's progression
  7. Yes, this.
  8. Shouldn't Shallan's eyes glow an off-redish variant, because Dustbringers are associated with rubies and their color is red?
  9. Returning to Rock, I'm going to submit another possible order for him. Stonward seems too on the nose. So... What if Rock turned out to be a Lightweaver? He certainly treats his cooking like an art. And, he does tend to inspire the rest of Bridge Four towards a less depressed state. Just a thought.
  10. On the page detailing information about the ten orders of Knights Radiant(on Brandon Sanderson's website), every Order's symbol follows a pattern. The edge of the picture is rimmed by the same color as the symbol itself, while the background color is a lighter or darker shade of that color. The Dustbringers are the only exception to this. Their glyph is red, with a grey/black background and slightly darker black outer edge. Do you guys think this could be significant? If this has already been brought up, I'm sorry. I didn't see it. And, the detail struck me as an odd inconsistency.
  11. Sorry in advance: This gets a little disjointed as a result of a long day at work and me not going to bed at a decent hour. I would like to second the nomination of Rlain as a possible candidate. Not only would he provide a good go between for humans and the parsh, but his brief PoV in OB is focused on the separation, thematically speaking. Throughout the entire snippet, he is focused on how they can't hear or speak the rhythms, how spren react to them more strongly than to the parsh, and how they just don't get him. Oh, they try. But, it's just a bit off. Him finding a way to bridge(hehe... I'll show myself out...) that gap between the two species would be kinda cool after that. As for the other suggestions put forward... Navani, Mr. T, and Fen would probably all make interesting Bondsmiths. Though, like others have pointed out, Navani would be yet ANOTHER Kholin Radiant. Truthwatchers seems more her speed, anyway. the whole helping people through knowledge is kinda what she does. That said, I still wouldn't want her to become a radiant. And, I think Rock would make a much better Lightweaver than a Bondsmith. he's referred to his cooking as an art if my memory serves. And, if it doesn't, he certainly treats it like one. Too, he's always the one to cheer up the rest of Bridge Four, give them a bit of advice while handing over a bowl of stew... It just seams to fit him better than something like Stoneward(which is a bit tooooo on the nose) or Bondsmith(though, who's to say after uniting the peaks).
  12. (Insert frustrated growl here) I consistently get high compatibility with Truthwatchers and Edgedancers. And, while I believe both are important aspects of the Knights Radiant... they are my LEAST FAVORITE of the orders. Edgedancers, I could tolerate being because you can have fun zipping around... but... (walks away to huddle in a corner and weep for the hope he has lost) I might be exaggerating my feelings a little... but ugh... of all the orders I could have gotten. On the up side, Lightweavers usually show up in the second or third spot when I take the quiz. And, while I would be terrified to learn what my truths would be... I could be happy with Lightweaver. EDIT: I just took it again, with a different perspective in mind when answering based on my personal beliefs. I - sadly - got Truthwatchers AGAIN(this time at 78%). But, Elsecallsers showed up just below that at 72%. So, I'm gonna leave it there and just pray to Adonalsium and the Allmighty that an Inkspren finds me first. Elsecallers are cool.
  13. Agreed. Wholeheartedly agreed.
  14. This would lend itself really well to the Rlain becomes a Bondsmith theory that floats around every once in a while.
  15. Maybe Rlain leaves Bridge Four? Having him on the Bridge Four poster wouldn't make a lot of sense if that were the case.