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  1. When you're sister is reading a book called The Blackthorn and you get mad at her for choosing to read that over the Stormlight Archive (she's refusing to read anything written by Brandon)
  2. When someone sends you a text with the word Um in it, but because of a typo it says Ym and you let out an unintentional squeal.
  3. When you sing songs with the word 'door' in them, and always think of it as 'Dor' instead
  4. When you hear someone mentioning something about "Siri" and get really excited until you realize they meant the other Siri
  5. Okay, thanks for letting me know
  6. Sure! Lol I may end up selling them on eBay as well.
  7. Thanks so much! Yeah I'm planning on using epoxy resin, and since I want it to glow in the dark (imitating stormlight), I'm planning on making the gemstones out of resin with glow powder as well. But thanks for all of the info!