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  1. My wife and I got into Save the World mode back before Battle Royale was a thing. We were hoping it would be like Orcs Must Die but... Eh. When I saw the announcement I reinstalled and found I had 3200 V-bucks, so I got the skin. Looking forward to playing even though I'm terrible at it, lol.
  2. Wasing the much of appreciating the this. Back when time was being the having, running the games of adventuring on tops of tables. Wasing the writing of wording for NPC name of Chanowitz on the weeks. Doing the practicing of the this with frequenting giving the skill. Wasing the making of perfecting when doing the practicing of the this. Thems doing the teaching should doing the assigning of the working whens at the home.
  3. BoM ended with a romantic kiss above the mists and several days in the hotel penthouse on their honeymoon. Seems like a good time for conception to happen.
  4. Huh. You know, when I said "I ship Wayne and MeLaan" I was not thinking about The Ship of Theseus.
  5. It's on the Oathbringer map. Also thanks for making this! Time to redownload CK2.
  6. That's how I used to solve "spot the difference" games in Highlights for Kids in the waiting room of the dentist's office. Cross your eyes, and the similar sections match up while the differences jump out. Meanwhile, Wax's uncle immediately jumps to the conclusion that someone is hiding knowledge for their own gain. It's a telling character moment.
  7. In BoM chapter 3, VenDell said: Emphasis added. So long as the Kandra has their own spikes they can add more, but replacing them doesn't work so well. How Paalm pulled off switching spikes is yet another mystery, possibly related to the unknown metal she used. Though to be fair she did have some "radical changes in personality, memory, and temperament" going on, so...
  8. There was! But it's been dead for quite a while, and I felt we only scratched the surface back then.
  9. Any human has the capacity to take up a Shard, but it takes a high level of Connection to actually do it, I think. Standing in a Shardpool at the right time (such as the Well of Ascension once every 1024 years) will work for a moment, but for long-term results the Shard must be heavily Invested/Connected to a person at the time that its Vessel dies and and drops the Shard, as what happened to Vin and later Sazed at the end of HoA. I believe the Ire's sphere contained a huge dose pure, concentrated Connection to Adonalsium. Enough to bind the user to whatever Shard happens to be nearby and without a vessel.
  10. My first thought when Peter confirmed what it symbolized was "Gonna have to incorporate that into the half-sleeve with a symbol from each Cosmere series that I've been planning" I already have a feruchemy symbol for Mistborn. Waiting to see more Knights Radiant and Elantrian powers before I decide on a glyph and an Aon, respectively. No idea what to do for Nalthis yet...
  11. Woohoo! Plenty of stretch goals left, though. They said in the comments that not all of the stretch goals are +$15k after the last, I'm guessing less than $240,000 to get all of them. Also they added an in-depth review by an independent game reviewer (Undead Viking) about halfway down the page.
  12. I think you guys are discounting the amount of Noble Politicking that happens in the first book. One of Vin's primary missions is to infiltrate the Noble society and gain information while helping to incite a house war. Pulling a heist is the central theme, sure, but Noble dickery is a major theme, and one worth exploring, I think. Now for me to get distracted: it might have been interesting if House Renoux were one of the playable houses, with some slightly different mechanics or win conditions... Hm, maybe that wouldn't work, since the other players would know their agenda. A randomized hidden agenda system? That would add a layer of complexity which might turn some people off, but might be a good optional/house/expansion rule.
  13. Got it at my local bookstore for free and it's worth at least twice that much! Real talk, it's nothing special. Some re-used art, recaps of known events, one page descriptions of the main characters... Eh. Here's the thing that irks me though: it is NOT pocket sized. It's about an inch wider than the back pockets on my pants.
  14. Early version of the game was a blast to play at GenCon last year. I played with a few people who hadn't read the books and they picked up the mechanics just as quickly as everyone else and seemed to have just as good of a time playing. I'll be backing it as hard as I can.
  15. Correct. The only canon uses of end-positive/neutral/negative are in the Ars Arcanum of the Wax and Wayne books, in reference to the Metallic Arts. My previous post created more confusion than it did lead to answers, I think.