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  1. Bashing heads is not the same though. It could still be more difficult for kaladin or the fused to change the direction of gravity for the other or to bond the other...
  2. Oh that speaks for a lot. I know it is not easy for people like her to apologise.
  3. Also, is it not true that preservation had invested way more into the scadrial system when they made it. That was the reason that he was weaker than ruin and he had to hide his body. If ati had managed to find his body, he would be significantly more powerful than preservation. So in that sense, are the two shards perfectly balanced? Discord instead of harmony makes more sense to me. one more thing, I have always wanted to know. What happened to all that atium they burned away. Usually atium geodes would have regrown after 300 years. But now there will be no new atium but that part of ruin which was more, which was consumed by elend and his mistings, will that part of ruin grow again? Will that make ruin portion of the shard stronger? May be that is why sazed is now, after 300 yrs or some is finding balancing the two forces difficult... it is all just speculation guys but I have always wondered about it. Ever since I knew that era 2 was 300 yrs after era 1.
  4. But it should be more difficult to riot/soot listings when they are actively burning metals. Merely ingesting metals does not mean that you are invested enough to resist other investiture. So in general, during a fights with mistborns or mistings, soothing and rioting should not work. And apart from copper mistings or bronze mistings to some extent, I don’t think people have their metal burning on all the time.
  5. Dude.. that was golden. Laughing.. has the last wish been redacted ? Well then I shall continue. I wish for peaceful nuclear disarmament. Try and make fun of that now you guys
  6. Agree totally. Shallan showed her portraits of people and animals which jasnah probably looks at a mere hobby type of thing and not a scholarship. And at that time jasnah had no idea how quickly shallan can make them, how accurately and from memory by taking just one look. There was no reason for jasnah to think that shallan would be good at cartography etc when she did realise, she told shallan that I made a mistake, I underestimated the usefulness of your talent. Which I think is usually very difficult for scholars of the her stature to do. This is one of the things I like about jasnah.
  7. Lol I really don’t mind although please keep the alethi s away from me!! Granted but every time you enter and exit your pocket realm you age 25 years so u will die very soon i wish to be a fullborn with all the metalminds and allomantic metals
  8. Granted but you get the old wand of Ron Weasley, you try to avada cadavera odium with it and it backfires on you. I wish for a chasmfiend pet who I can completely control
  9. Granted and you are immediately teleported to the space due to lack of environment and oxygen you freeze to death. I wish for a suit made of dragonsteel
  10. introduction

    Until recently, I would have named him, but now I am on the fence with him. Moash I mean. Best moment is I am unity and when kaladins 2nd oath and sazed picking up harmony and also awesome moment was when silence Montaine unleashed her own personal monster at the end of the story. Saddest I have mentioned many in the thread that is, but there is one more. When renarin gives dalinar the small bottle and dalinar hugs him and bawls like a baby @Honorless have u read aether if the night? I have it but have not got around to reading it yet... and you have to subscribe for the newsletter to get white sand prose and also it goes into spam many times.
  11. Vengeance and retribution are pretty close concepts so who knows. I think odium left some splinters behind and that is why he is called the broken one. His shard is broken. But he still went to take on 2 shards which surprises me, but may be that is why this time he decided that he will play safely and take more time.
  12. introduction

    I actually had been thinking of starting a thread for favourite cosmere scene/ moment
  13. introduction

    Zane the watcher Cromwell of ascension mans also do not like spook at all and you know I don’t like taravangian and sadeas
  14. Ambition shard could be out there splintered but I think it has chunks of odium mixed in a little. So there is ambition but there is some odium there too. I think that would make her vengeance which is the ambition to take someone down like u suggest @PrinceGenocide
  15. introduction

    Oh and I was a griffindor on pottermore ages ago when I was active there. Although j am sure ravenclaw will suit me too.