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  1. Clue 4: this character has been killed and then not killed
  2. Have you got the copy of aether? 

    1. Pride


      Not yet. Sorry for the late reply!

  3. No problem
  4. I think she would have expected devotion from humans Any religion based on dominion would have been very strict, about loyalty about full commitment to the religious teaching.
  5. Yup I realise that
  6. Nope Clue 1: this character is very loyal Clue 2: this character is very brave and very skilled Clue3: This character is from a very powerful family background which has caused more problems than helped them
  7. It could be a starfleet kind of deal
  8. Yea T is most definitely a plant of cultivation lol.. but I want to in it how much of this does odium know! He obviously knew that cultivation had tinkered with Dalinar but still decided to take his chances. So I am worried that he is going to be extra cautious with T!! And things may not turn out exactly how Cultivation hopes they would. Oh yes I am very glad that Renarin has been given some other storyline because I don’t see him making this diagram and trying to kill every ruler in order to become the one ultimate ruler!
  9. I liked Marasi a lot when I first read era 2. And I preferred her over Steris. But as we progress, I began to like Steris more and more for Wax and in general too. I like what Brandon did with the three of them. I really like Marasi in SoS and Even more in BoM, she is a good strong character and at times I was a little irritated with Wax and his attitude towards Marasi in BoM.
  10. What is your take on Steris so far?
  11. Makes sense. I agree.
  12. Thank you and I agree with everything you have said on the thread too .
  13. Agreed oh I can’t wait to see what you say after you finish BoM!!!