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  1. I just want to say that I think that out of all, Winzik is the biggest fraud! He prattles on and on about how his species has attained primary intelligence and are, therefore, not aggressive or destructive and therefore alone deserve the FTL technology. Well, clearly all his actions, from trying to eliminate the “human scrounge” permanently to creating a force of lesser species to the first test using live fire to summoning the delvers and planning to use them as a proverbial gun on every species heads to then using it to destroy humans to the military coup!! All these actions are very aggressive and the products of an extremely rash, destructive and dangerous mind! All the things that “primary intelligence levels” reached by your species should have made impossible for you to be! Therefore, winzik is a big fraud and the whole primary intelligence system is fraudulent. Any views guys, please share.
  2. I have voted for starsight because following up on a first book is always more difficult and I think this book 2 was done very well.
  3. Finished starsight just now. At the outset I have to say that it was a good book, a lot happened that I had not expected. I did not expect so much to have changed on detritus, humans have made a lot of progress, fighting with krell now happens in deep space, they have platform nine, they are able to get more acclivity rings! I also did not expect Spensa to go to starsight or that starsight will be an alien city! I loved reading about all the different alien species and the different factions of power and their views on humans. Loved the diones, kitsen, figments!! I can not believed we already learned what had happened to deteritus how it was destroyed by the Delvers! we got see a delver maze and then a real delver! And guess what they are not hateful creatures at all! The doomslug bit was obvious the moment we heard of that scream and I think it could have been done sooner! I have always believed that Jorgen will be cytonic too his family The science wing had mutinied with the engine crew I am glad we saw progress there. I am glad that Cuba was genuine and brade was bad news from the start but it ended at such a cliffhanger! When is the next book coming!! - where is Spensa heading, what will she find there! How will she get out! - what is happened to m-bot!! I hope he will be fine! - I hope Cuna makes it safely to Detritus and humans will have allies in diones, kitsen, figments and alanik’s people atleast - what of Jorgen and he found all those slugs! - and what will happen to mbot - an AI once he goes into the nowhere! It is really very ironic that the krell or I think they are Varvex claim to have achieved the primary intelligence and yet they act so aggressive and stupid as to fight with humans without giving them a chance at peace even, summoning a delver knowing the history, organising a military coup!! It is all pure nonsense after all! Ha!! You sir, winzig, are as aggressive as they come!
  4. I know... it is a very steep target! And what if he reached 95% what then!!
  5. Lol.. Urithiru
  6. Oh I did not even think of Bruce Wayne!!
  7. hmm thirded.. Already their friendship is the best relationship in the love triangle!! I just love the begrudging respect they have for each other!
  8. Right there with you on this! I absolutely hated the love triangle! I am glad that whole thing is over and i want it to remain that way!
  9. Well it is a common complain about Fantasy genre that every main character has to find their One True Love!! But i think it is a tool that authors use to make their readers emotionally invested in the stories. Something i agree SA does not really need. But the reason why want kaladin to find someone because i think, he has expressed desire to want that in OB. He can have a few failed relationships before finding one that works for him in the 2nd arc of SA!
  10. Finally I have crossed the 1000 mark :)


  11. you mean as they are in era 2? where Jak the allomancer is exploring the pits of eltania!! haha.. ok. but what are the non human sentient beings? Kolloss?
  12. Jasnah has no current romantic interests neither do Renarin nor Lift nor Szeth. But Kaladin being the main central character, i think, who has already been a part of a love triangle-ish scenario, will be getting some serious romantic relationships.
  13. Twok? not Words of radiance? which i think is the majority opinion? Twok was an excellent introduction to the series, no doubt! But words of radiance was fulfilling of a promise made in twok : to see kaladin interact with Dalinar and adolin and develop a relationship filled with mutual respect! But Oathbringer, on a reread you realize just how excellent it is. It gave us so many answers, we got to meet 5 unmades! all three shards! we went to Shadesmaar and I just love Dalinar's arc and its resolution in the book! I did not expect brandon to make Dalinar such a ... hateful monstrous war-monger!! but he went there and still made me forgive him. And then the whole I am Unity is the best endings for me!
  14. Horneater peaks
  15. Yes each successive book of SA so far has replaced the previous one as my favourite book! Current placeholder is oathbringer