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  1. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine Ishnah is also my number one suspect. I would not be surprised at all if she is the killer. She turned up rather mysteriously in OB, I don’t think much due diligence was done to check her identity or background story. Shallan took her iinder her wing simply because she was too useful to discard. It was like Ghostbloods dangled the right goods at Shallan and she took the bait. Whether she has a secret identity, I never thought that but interesting idea!
  2. Is there any foreshadowing? I will reread the first two as you suggested after RoW. RJ was good at story and world building and his male characters but he was not good at surprising me! Brandon, however, is a master of foreshadowing though. Talking about it, which one is your favourite foreshadowing by Brandon in cosmere?
  3. I don’t mind if they Perrin’s story a little bit. I don’t want them to change anything with Mat. And Noor much with Rand also. But they will increase the pace a little of the story which is a good thing. His, I think, would be most difficult for them, to keep his character exactly as it is in the books. some side stories can be cut, a little more detail as to what had happened in the past. I am not sure if it is good to reread the series before watching it. What do you think?
  4. Welcome to the shard! Agreed there is so much goodness all around when it comes to these books. Even the evil ones are so interesting and fun to read about!
  5. You have not read AU so I am not sure if you have read of this planet but Threnody and Braize would be a close second. Would love to know more about Ashyn though, floating cities, sounds very interesting Hey fellow WoT fan, so looking forward to the upcoming wot series?
  6. Surgebinding I like the best because it has so many perks! Which shardworld you would never want to visit?
  7. I don’t think you ever told, what are your favourite characters in cosmere?
  8. In all of cosmere, wow, very difficult to point out one! There is just so many good characters around! My favourite characters are Vin, Elend, kaladin, dalinar, sazed, Khriss and many more
  9. Haha nice try! @Boomer1018 do not say it to Hon, say it to me! Welcome to the shard! I love Brandon’s world building and magic systems Though I have read many fantasy series but I really can not say I came across any series which is quite like his. I am reading the malazan series though, it is very good but very different writing style to Brandons.
  10. Welcome to the shard! Yeyy Steris is awesome! And I love what Brandon did with her in BoM. After finishing BoM, which book are you planning to read next. Haha, even I did not know what wobs were, shardcast videos forced me to finally check what was all the wobs about. Before that I used to wonder how people know so much more about the books than me!
  11. I had always thought that adolin can be our dustbringer but that theory is pretty much doomed
  12. Cool I am Elsecaller/ windrunner both the orders got a 74% likelihood Two orders I thought definitely do not see eye to eye on important issues
  13. Welcome to the shard! Interesting answers so far
  14. Welcome to the shard! Hope you enjoy the forums here
  15. Oathbringer, that ending with Dalinar was epic. I also really like the hero of the ages. Fellow Wheel of time fan eh? Memories of light is a great book too, Mat was my favourite character by the end. who is your favourite character in cosmere and WoT?