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  1. poll

    The order for me is Lightsong, Vasher, Siri and vivenna.
  2. Haha I know I agree! And looking not white like. also is there no Lopen here?
  3. @R J I agree may be it is just me but I expected Rock to look a lot more bigger and broader than shown in poster I always thought that he would be very different looking but he is not and that he is good but taller than kaladin
  4. Tien might have attracted the cryptics when he was sent to the army. It is possible that he tried to survive in his own way by lying a bunch. @R J I thought you were joking there
  5. I agree with @R J but still I think it is an interesting observation by @ darth raven I have always found it fascinating and want a bit more info in on the lies and deceits Elhokar engages in, that led the cryptic story be interested in him! We know when story began he lied about the saddle incident but he had already attracted cryptics way before! What kind of lies I wonder... the fact that he is a terrible king.. the fact that they are doing is good for Alethkar? the fact that all the high princes are loyal to him? That he is a great warrior? His behaviour on the chasmfiend hunt suggests that he believed that! what else? Are these strong enough lies to attract cryptics?!!
  6. Hmm when spensa heard screaming every time there was a jump then I thought it was someone alive who is the cytonic drive. So in my mind there were only two possibilities either it is some humanoid being or some animal. And I have long suspected slugs as capable of cytonic jump since it has been mentioned many times that spensa wonders how he has moved so fast or how he moves at all
  7. Welcome officially to the shard @datalaughing Hope now you will be more active and help in answering others questions too
  8. It does seem likely that this is shallan, her being on the cover is due too but my first instinct was that this is Azure.
  9. Renarin is book 6 which I don’t see happening anytime in the near future. So he might gradually make his way to write him as a gay character by the Time book 6 comes out
  10. Personally I can understand @Dreamer and his desire to read about a protagonist that he can invest in emotionally especially in their love lives and his desire to be able to do that while reading his favourite authors books. I don’t think it should be seen as extreme activism or anything. LGBT are represented less and on that there is no dispute. And it would make the community feel more included, there is nothing wrong with that. I also disagree with this. It seems to be a very clever way of putting the problem for a much later series. But I think there is a lot of scope in SA as well with characters like Jasnah, lift or Renarin who are going to be main protagonists and whose sexuality has not been defined yet
  11. I do not doubt that the intentions of the Mr. T who made the diagram were good but.... when we say that Mr. T scrutinises himself and calls himself evil etc. etc.; we should keep in mind that this Mr. T is the dumb T who has no intelligence but only compassion. Of course he regrets his actions and feel remorse. But this Mr. T, the compassionate one, is not the one who is leading the Diagram. He is not deciding their course of action. He is at best a reluctant follower of the Evil More than average intellect lacks compassion mr. T. That Is the Mr. T that Adrotagia and the diagram follows and that is the T who is absolutely evil, by his actions and intent.
  12. I totally agree with you buddy
  13. I agree with @Nameless too. I think it is an interesting power and we already have that scene between Adolin and Renarin where Renarin touched him and saw adolin’s ideal version and healed him. I Have always thought that Renarin was not only doing progression here. Also the ability to sense others truth, would be quite truthwatcher-y. Also the times when Shallan saw things from a distance could be an ability of illumination for that truthwatcher are more better at normally. Renarin sees the future due to bonding a corrupted spren but it’s converse and true ability of Truthwatchers could also be seeing things from a distance that happen at the present time and not necessarily the past events.
  14. Absolutely agree. I think it would be a very fun idea. I think it is a fun cool way to introduce future minor/major KRs. Same here. I was also confused by the fact that both his interlude and the next one with the ardents, in their chapter headings had symbol of KRs. I wonder if there is any significance to it!
  15. In the baxil interlude, at the end he decides that he will go to NW to seek the old magic. Do you guys think he went? What would he have asked for? He said he would ask for courage. I wonder what NW would make of such a boon! Do you think any KR order would have something to do with courage? Stonewards? or his interlude was just an introduction to Shalash? Any ideas?