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  1. I agree with @Nameless too. I think it is an interesting power and we already have that scene between Adolin and Renarin where Renarin touched him and saw adolin’s ideal version and healed him. I Have always thought that Renarin was not only doing progression here. Also the ability to sense others truth, would be quite truthwatcher-y. Also the times when Shallan saw things from a distance could be an ability of illumination for that truthwatcher are more better at normally. Renarin sees the future due to bonding a corrupted spren but it’s converse and true ability of Truthwatchers could also be seeing things from a distance that happen at the present time and not necessarily the past events.
  2. Absolutely agree. I think it would be a very fun idea. I think it is a fun cool way to introduce future minor/major KRs. Same here. I was also confused by the fact that both his interlude and the next one with the ardents, in their chapter headings had symbol of KRs. I wonder if there is any significance to it!
  3. In the baxil interlude, at the end he decides that he will go to NW to seek the old magic. Do you guys think he went? What would he have asked for? He said he would ask for courage. I wonder what NW would make of such a boon! Do you think any KR order would have something to do with courage? Stonewards? or his interlude was just an introduction to Shalash? Any ideas?
  4. Not just a mention of a blue pool I want a visit to it and a journey through it
  5. I would love to see - - nightblood in the hands of a shard - Nalthian CR customs - a herald, really Taln, at his best, fighting in his full glory - Imthe underground caverns of aimia - harmony’s perpendicularity - the expedition to the EVil and the deep ones - Hoid visit Vax
  6. Welcome to the shard ! Wise words indeed!
  7. Great idea @Karger
  8. Welcome to the shard! Hope to see you around more often!!
  9. Welcome to the shard @ToaCalune Oathbringer is my favourite too. I loved reading about Shadesmar especially on re-reads and the ending is way too epic !!
  10. Hi

    Welcome to the shard @Callsign Radiant which radiant are you ?
  11. Welcome to the shard! Hope to see you around more often
  12. I don’t think that before honorblades and heralds, any dawnsinger on Roshar had access to surgebinding. We have been told that fused learnt to surgebind after they saw heralds and it probably took them centuries/ first few desolations to figure it out. Forms of power are not exactly surges.
  13. I think if Dalinar can get the story he got, and can still be one of the popular characters of the series, my second most loved character in the SA after kaladin, if Brandon can pull that off, then I think he can write a more than satisfactory redemption arc for Moash. I don’t think Moash has done anything which even comes close to genocide.
  14. Welcome to the shard @Robot I like your theory. I have always thought that dawnsingers created dawncities varying frequency - sound waves. But yup singing to the rhythms makes sense.
  15. I always thought that everstorm is there to stay and it will go only once Odium is defeated. But I like the idea of KRs somehow stopping the everstorm. That would be a big setback for them.