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  1. @Honorless I guess it is time for someone else to restart the game!
  2. Ok guys ! The answer is Palanaeum
  3. Lol yea so all of them got it! Dare I ask about your favourite character?
  4. Cool! When I read OB, I felt like I have to join the shard but it took a re read of cosmere to become active here!
  5. Welcome (back) to the shard! It was overwhelming for me too when I first joined the shard! I did not know as much about the cosmere. It took me time to be active on the shard as well.
  6. I like it from chapter 7 onwards! hmm Mistborn spoilers
  7. Hmm for me it is shadows of self, although it did improve on a re read. BoM saved the whole era 2 for me to be honest, especially the first time around. But in a re-read, I quite enjoyed era 2.
  8. Welcome to the shard! So many other newbies here. Welcome to all! Keep making shard Vibrant and glorious !
  9. Welcome to the shard! Yup SA archive is my favourite too and I think we are in the minority who liked Raoden’s arc in Elantris.
  10. Welcome to the shard! Great choices! Already I can see that we on the shard are going to like you! least favourite book?
  11. Welcome to the shard! Great to have you here. What cosmere books you have read and what are tour favourite ones?
  12. Welcome to the shard! Wow you are a long time fan of Sanderson! What finally prompted you to join the shard?
  13. Welcome to the shard! Listen to war breaker before you start Oathbringer. Go to Mistborn era 1 and SH first before starting Rhythm of War! You are in for exciting times!!!
  14. He could be a dragon too but I think he was a human vessel and had somehow managed to get a dragon to fall in love with him. I don’t know why but I associate Cultivation’s being good at futuresight due to the fact that she is a dragon. I think it is a dragon thing too which then got way enhanced when she became a shard! I also would be disappointed to know that one of the dragon vessels got killed by the likes of Rayse!
  15. RR, RxR, R square