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  1. Hi?

    Welcome to the shard! I like your name!
  2. @Halo @Marukka I totally agree with both of you. I also joined the shard because I loved these books and needed to talk about them but I had no one irl who has read these books, or is interested in fantasy or even reads books at all. But I am glad that I have introduced my one niece to Cosmere and she loves it.
  3. Welcome to the shard!! Moash! Hmm. Guess it is not a tough choice to make at this point. If you could ask for a boon of the night watcher, what would it be?
  4. Welcome to the shard! Nice to meet you here. have you read arcannum unbounded?
  5. @Knight of Iron have not seen the trailer but I am going to watch it now! Have you seen WandaVision too?
  6. That is something I have wondered about before! Why had Leras appeared to Elend and pointed towards Terris? What was up there in those mountains? Is it some other secret source of power yea it is possible. Is Lerasium then really the Lost Metal? I always thought that TLM is about Atium.
  7. Interesting wob! Part of the reason I started this topic. Because I feel a lot of Passion from Taravangian but not a lot of Hatred. So could be part of the plan of Cultivation to steer the power away from destructive hatred. She is trying to cultivate the power into something a little more constructive like passion. It may or may not work in the long run, but I think in the short run, when the vessel has not yet been fully saturated by the intent of the shard, it might work.
  8. Welcome to the shard! I love such universe spanning inter connected stuff too
  9. Welcome to the shard! Looking forward to you sharing your art with us on the shard!
  10. I don’t know how much I feel your answer. Can you please elaborate the part where you felt that RoW showed a wider range of emotions from Odium? But going by your answer it means that Cultivation tweaked Taravangian in a way that he artificially became attuned to the intent of Odium. Which yea she probably did! I don’t know just how smart a thing that was to do!
  11. @Honorless I guess it is time for someone else to restart the game!
  12. Ok guys ! The answer is Palanaeum
  13. Lol yea so all of them got it! Dare I ask about your favourite character?
  14. Cool! When I read OB, I felt like I have to join the shard but it took a re read of cosmere to become active here!