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  1. Happy Diwali, trav! : )

  2. The pure Rhythm i thought simply implies that it was one of the three Pure Rhythms of Roshar, that she heard Cultivations Rhythm or something.
  3. yea that true, there is room for changing the sequence, also sometimes he changes the character altogether! like instead of Eshonai we got Venli but as of now that is what we know. The Secret History is really one if my favorite short stories. It was amazing to read it and learn of so much more that was happening in the background of era 1. I mean yes there were subtle hints that something more is going on, but i had not paid much attention to any of it and i had not expected to get everything answered! Although i dont know what I feel about Kel after Secret History but Man! was it fun to read!
  4. Do we know the fourth Ideal of a bondsmith? Did I miss it somewhere? I do think however that Dalinar atleast is about Uniting the splinters of Honor and make it into a shard again. Atleast i would love to see a splintered shard reforged into a single shard!!
  5. I must say that Elhokar's arc is one that i did not see going the way it went. I had my suspicions about him being a potential Radiant as early as book 1. He mentions the shadows and after Shallan, I had realised that something similar is happening to him. In book2, when he tells kal that the symbolheads went away i thought that may be he failed to attract their attention. but then after three books, just when my long held theory was proven, instead of making him a radiant, Elhokar is killed!! i was devastated. i did not see that coming and that scene is one of the most hurtful scenes to read. I have also wondered about the lies that attracted cryptics to him and also the truths that he may have required to speak. being a bad king is one and his bad relationship with his wife and that she is not a good person is another. Also, it is interesting to note that He was not going to be a windrunner who are all about Leadership or even a BOndsmith who are about Unity and are leaders of Radiants. So no matter what, even if he had become a Radiant Lightweaver, his arc probably would have still followed accepting not becoming a good king and giving up his Kingship in the favour of someone more capable.
  6. i thought that book 6 is about Lift and book 7 will be Renarin Is the sequence in which you mentioned relevant?
  7. Oathbringer followed by Hero of ages. My favourite magic system is surgebinding! Knights radiant! Come on people, mistborn and feruchemists are mythical beings now! Whereas KRs have a bestie spren and shard blade and shardplate!! And investiture just rains down from the sky. Well Cyto has not read era 2 so does not really know about compounding, now, does she? Anyways, Any or if you many then your favourite fabrial idea ?
  8. I think you mean what shard would you pick if you had a choice? mhmm that’s tough! Invention may be for me.
  9. Welcome to the shard @CytonicStarspren So glad to see you here and dare I take some credit for you being here!! welcome and enjoy the great community here! And do not take any cookie!!
  10. Hey!! Guess who it is :)

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  11. Happy B'day!

  12. Hi?

    Welcome to the shard! I like your name!
  13. @Halo @Marukka I totally agree with both of you. I also joined the shard because I loved these books and needed to talk about them but I had no one irl who has read these books, or is interested in fantasy or even reads books at all. But I am glad that I have introduced my one niece to Cosmere and she loves it.
  14. Welcome to the shard!! Moash! Hmm. Guess it is not a tough choice to make at this point. If you could ask for a boon of the night watcher, what would it be?
  15. Welcome to the shard! Nice to meet you here. have you read arcannum unbounded?