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  1. I think I like that even better, because if Adonalsium is reforged, I think the point would be that They were transformed in the process and that the shattering and reforging was necessary for the Cosmere to grow - and yeah I’m definitely thinking along the lines of the Iriali One religion like you pointed out earlier Hmm yeah I like that, to me it is covering pretty much the same fundamental concepts I have in mind: Endure as a kind of parallel to Conserve/Remain, Aspire as similar to Propel, and Connect as Reforge/Unite. Gosh I just want to know more about Dawnshards!! Ooops thanks, I haven’t posted here that much so I’m not sure how it all works
  2. I just posted a new theory of potential Dawnshards here so feel free to let me know what you think! I have: CHANGE - Cultivation, Whimsy, Ruin and Endowment CONSERVE/REMAIN - Preservation, Autonomy, Dominion and ? PROPEL - Valour, Invention, Ambition and Odium REFORGE/UNITE - Honour, Devotion, Mercy and ?
  3. Has that been confirmed? I didn’t think we knew whether Rysn would now be immortal. I still don’t think this covers the whole creation of the Cosmere. Like all energy and matter? It could be true and I did like the theory of the Dawnshards being along the lines of Change, Think, Feel, Bind. But I also think that it could get to a more fundamental level. Like I said, Mercy and Endowment were both ones I wasn’t sure about. I put Endowment in change as an example of constructive change - adding something to something else - as opposed to Ruin’s destructive change. Cultivation I thought of more as organising change as opposed to Whimsy as random change. Dominion I think fits in the Conserve/Remain section because to me it’s about controlling more than conquering. We see on Sel that they first need to conquer to control but that doesn’t have to be the case and isn’t part of the definition of Dominion. As for Mercy, that’s the one I’m least sure about but I chose to put it in Reforge/Unite because mercy has the aspect of forgiveness which I think is important for reunification. There’s nothing to say there aren’t more than two Dawnshards on Roshar, we literally have no idea. And if there’s already two, maybe there were all brought to the Rosharan system for a reason, I don’t know. I don’t think change = shattering. You could be right about a Bondsmith shattering the plains but we don’t know that and I feel that since Adonalsium was shattered using the Dawnshards, and the Shattered Plains were shattered also and most likely due to Dawnshards, then it would be the same combination of Dawnshards causing this shattering effect. And we know all four Dawnshards were used to shatter Adonalsium. I tried to explain how this would occur using the combination of Dawnshards I’ve theorised. Like I said, I’m no physicist or chemist but I read this in a work published by Gilbert N Lewis who was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 41 times. But I guess his terminology or concepts could be outdated? Do you know of any similar concept based in physics that describes some kind of process of energy and matter returning to a state of equilibrium or something? @mathiau
  4. Okay so here’s my Dawnshard theory which I’ve spent way too much time trying piece together. By the way I hope it’s okay to make a new post as I have seen a couple going around but with different interpretations than my own... I’ve had a lot of different ideas but this is the first one that I’ve come up with that has all four that would work together with the Shards that we know. I’ve tried to work this out based on a few key bits of information: Hoid held a Dawnshard which is the reason he cannot physically harm others or even eat meat. (Perhaps also the reason he is immortal). The Dawnshards were used to shatter Adonalsium, and were used in the destruction of Ashyn. I can’t remember if this is confirmed or only a theory, but they perhaps also caused the shattering of the Shattered Plains. So shattering is a recurring thing... The Dawnshards are the Commands used by Adonalsium to create all things - therefore I feel they need to apply to energy and matter, as well as to life. So far many theories are more applicable to life whereas Change is something much more fundamental which can be applied to energy (eg. change from light to heat, kinetic to gravitational, etc), matter (eg. from one form to another, from something to nothing, etc) and life (people change, ideas change, singers change form, etc). CHANGE Cultivation Whimsy Ruin Endowment Based on the fundamental law of conservation that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. This is the case for investiture in the Cosmere too. (From what I understand, Atium was not destroyed because it will eventually re-emerge - which also fits with the final Dawnshard I’ve theorised. Light and anti light seem to function like matter and anti matter in that the two can destroy one another but leave behind energy - eg. an explosion - another example of change, and why Ruin fits so perfectly here). I think these Shards would fit if we think of change as being cultivated or random, destructive or constructive. CONSERVE/ REMAIN Preservation Dominion Autonomy ? *Not to be confused with the Dawnshard of jam making... This one is linked to the above law of conservation of energy (and mass), and that if a system is isolated it will remain at rest - it can only be set in motion by an external force. This would be the Hoid Dawnshard which prevents him from physically harming others or himself, and is likely the key to his immortality. The definition of conserve is to “protect from harm or destruction”, and the definition of remain is to “continue to exist, especially after other similar people or things have ceased to do so”. PROPEL (Shattered plains) Valour Odium Ambition Invention This is based on the fundamental forces of momentum and velocity - “the mechanical impulse experienced during the absorption or emission of light”. I believe this Dawnshard is a likely candidate for the destruction of Ashyn if it could be used to propel the surges. I can also see how this Dawnshard in combination with the other Dawnshards would cause the effect of “shattering” - which we see in both the case of Adonalsium and the Shattered Plains. For example, the combination of Propel and Change would break something apart, while the effect of Conserve/Remain would try to prevent this so that the pieces cannot be split apart too far or into to many pieces... The role of the Reforge/Unite Dawnshard is responsible for the pattern that we are able to see (eg. the Shattered Plains have a symmetrical pattern) that enables us to piece something back together. REFORGE/ UNITE Devotion Honour Mercy This final one is based on an article I read called The Fundamental Laws of Matter and Energy by Gilbert N. Lewis, which states that if a body suffers a mere loss of energy through radiation, and if then the same amount of energy is returned to it by thermal conduction, or friction, or in any other such way, the system will return to its original state. I feel like this could foreshadow the piecing back together of the Shards of Adonalsium, which we’ve already seen beginning to happen with Harmony. I also feel that the combination of the Change Dawnshard and this Reforge/Unite Dawnshard could help explain the line from the Dawnshard novella where Ryan feels something emanating from the mural... Adonalsium, according to Their own Commands, had to change at some point, was resigned to this, understood this, and was confident that They would be reforged again, anew? That the Cosmere as a whole had to experience change and be propelled in ways that Adonalsium was in some ways preventing? I’m not 100% sure on the names I’ve come up with, nor am I 100% sure about some of the proposed Shards in each (in particular Mercy, and possibly Endowment). Also I am by no means a physicist or science expert so I don’t fully understand the fundamental principles of energy and matter but I did do some research and I feel like this could be on the right track... Also I feel like there’s probably just way too much that we still don’t know to understand Dawnshards so this is probably completely wrong, but let me know what you think
  5. Rushu and the Stormfather, because she always has her head in the clouds
  6. Prediction: Kaladin doesn’t die at the end of book five and instead becomes a worldhopper who goes in search of this mysterious and adorable creature from Hoid’s latest story. By this point Syl is in the physical realm and they are completely in love, and together they adopt their forever furry friend who Syl exclaims is the grossest little creature in the entire Cosmere - so gross that it’s so storming cute she could die!! They bring a whole bunch of doggos back to Roshar to be therapy dogs for all the patients at Kaladin’s mental health clinic, working alongside Ryshadium equine therapy developed by renowned scholar Renarin. The Stormfather gets caught giving belly rubs to a little pupper with a huge grin on his face before blustering over how ridiculous such a squishy creature is on Roshar. Odium is defeated once and for all, for “hatred is dead, so long as puppies live in the hearts of men”.
  7. If the Radiants didn’t summon their spren as a blade when they broke their bond, could that mean that most of the deadeyes are simply that? Deadeyes who wander around Shadsmar and aren’t a blade at all? Perhaps others exist as other objects that people are unaware are like shardblades, since we know that radiant spren can manifest as many things - shardfork, shardspear, shard medical tools, etc...?
  8. Embracing this theory of Chana as Shallan’s mother, my mind has gone full imaginative speculation. So... One thing that has always stood out to me from The Way of Kings is that when Jasnah is considering Shallan’s wardship, she asks what works of philosophy she’s read and Shallan references Nohadon as one of the few she has. This always seemed strange to me considering how frowned upon and relatively unknown it appears to be in the rest of society, with its talk of the ancient Radiants and dark eyes being higher than light eyes. And when Wit meets young Shallan and asks her to imagine her perfect life she imagines her mother teaching her philosophy. Now I’m imagining a whole arc where in the past Chana and Nohadon were close, possibly lovers, and engaged in philosophical discussions together - as a king and Radiant, and possibly Bondsmith, I don’t think it’s a stretch that they would have known one another. And so she keeps a copy of his works at home in Jah Keved and shares her passion for philosophy with her daughter, hence Shallan’s curious choice of books.
  9. Omg this theory blew my mind. I think it’s definitely possible. It would explain why Shallan’s mother hasn’t been named, why there are secret societies, unmade and spren all connected to her family, why Shallan still has Radiant to protect her from this even bigger truth... I really love the idea that Radiant embodies Shallan’s memory of her mother. Also the connection to the Skybreakers would make a lot of sense since she would know Nale personally. Chanarach’s attributes are brave and obedient, and one of the very, very few tidbits that we get from Shallan’s flashbacks about her mother is that her mother was brave. Maybe not strong evidence but it’s something, especially since this is one of the only things we get told about her. Question: what does this mean for Shallan’s brothers then? Are they her children too? As children of a Herald, are they more invested? And what implications would this mean for Helaran’s death? Also, is it believed that Taln broke? Or did he return to warn that the Everstorm was coming? I really like the idea that if Chanarach was killed and returned to Braize, that she would have broken and not Taln, but can’t remember if it is implied that Taln’s return triggered the Desolation or the Everstorm itself? Now that Shallan is with Kelek, perhaps he will mention something that could be a clue as to whether Shallan’s mother was a Herald...
  10. Omg yes! Also just remembered this conversation between Shallan and Mraize in chapter 13 of RoW, when Shallan asks why he was going after Ialai and the Sons of Honor: So Gavilar found secrets that lead him to believe he could become like the Heralds - aka a cognitive shadow. He discovered things that even Thaidakar and the Ghostbloods don't know. I'm so storming convinced he succeeded in part of his plans and that he's out there somewhere and for some reason he will become Odium's champion to further his goals.
  11. Well there you go! Haha thanks for sharing this info
  12. Yeah I do agree it’s most probably Cultivation. But I don’t think that rules out the fact that Gavilar could have found a way to remain as a Cognitive Shadow that the Stormfather wouldn’t be aware of, otherwise of course he would have told Dalinar. @Requiem17 pointed out some clues from the RoW prologue that Gavilar was invested - his ability to sense Navani at the door despite her not making any noise for example. And with his access to so many types of investiture including the voidlight and anti-voidlight spheres, his Cosmere awareness, he may have had the opportunity to become invested in many ways other than a proto bond with the Stormfather. Such a good point. Maybe something to do with the voidspren returning like @yulyulk said. It was Axindweth after all who gave Ulim to Venli and she was part of Gavilar’s group. But I’m not sure, whatever it is it shows that Gavilar had his hand in big Cosmere things...
  13. I’ve said this before, but what if it’s simply that Kaladin and Syl end up together and Kaladin becomes the son in law of Tanavast by way of Syl being the ancient daughter On another note, I did find it odd that Navani makes a point in RoW of noticing when she meets Lirin that Kaladin doesn’t share any physical resemblance to him. The only resemblance she finds is in their eyes - the same “quiet intensity... and faintly judgemental gaze.” This could of course be very normal, children don’t look like replicas of their parents. But I did think it was interesting that Navani would pointedly notice this. And as someone who has grown up with a step parent I’ve often found it interesting how people will say they see the resemblance between me and my step dad (not knowing that we aren’t blood related) simply based on our shared mannerisms and facial expressions and such that I’ve picked up from growing up with him - even though we look so completely different haha
  14. I agree. That is one thing I’m not sure about - why we never got hints about Gavilar being part of Odium’s plan (both Rayse’s and now Taravangian’s). Also why the Stormfather wouldn’t have known. I’m not sure how to explain it but perhaps Gavilar figured out his own way to stick around and maybe that is the “something else” that Taravangian notices in chapter 114? I’m not sure but perhaps Gavilar has found his own way of entering the realm of gods as he told Navani he had during the prologue, and only now can Taravangian notice him or perhaps only now has Gavilar chosen to revealed himself. This is very speculative but I don’t think it’s impossible that Gavilar could have hidden himself from Odium or the Stormfather, since it seems Kelek was able to keep his location in the cognitive realm hidden also otherwise the Stormfather could have just told Dalinar that he was at Lasting Integrity
  15. Yeah like @Halyo_Alex said, I think it’s implied that Gavilar, by receiving the Almighty’s visions from the Stormfather, was forming a proto-bond. But perhaps there were other ways he was invested too... @Requiem17’s comment is super interesting! Those do sound like Gavilar was holding Breaths! Or some kind of investiture that provides similar effects... I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he had Breaths if he is Cosmere aware and had access to things like voidlight and anti-voidlight.