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  1. Oh I didn't remember this! But I still think they could have met in Kharbranth
  2. I’ve been rereading The Way of Kings and it stood out to me how Hesina in Kaladin’s flashbacks seems very scholarly, and she also seems to be interested in and to know a lot about spren, and now I can’t stop thinking that she is actually Hessi, the author of Hessi’s Mythica! We know that Hesina’s past is shrouded in mystery but that she comes from a more high ranking family. As such, it makes sense to me that she would have been highly educated in the Alethi feminine arts and pursued scholarship. And there is of course the obvious connection with the name Hessi and Hesina being very similar. It is said that she and Lirin met during Lirin’s travels, and we know that Lirin was training to be a surgeon in Kharbranth so my guess is that this is where they met. I believe that Hesina was in Kharbranth at that time studying the Unmade - 1) because the Palaneum would be the best place to research such a topic, and 2) because perhaps she figured out that Moelach was there and was studying the Death Rattles (which would have brought her into contact with Lirin if she was in the hospital to observe the Death Rattles herself). Hessi’s Mythica appears to be very certain about and familiar with the Death Rattles: Throughout Kaladin’s flashbacks we get a sense of Hesina’s intellectual nature. We know that she can read and write unlike other women in Hearthstone. Then there is the way she offhandedly corrects Kaladin’s use of words, and her use of wit and logic, for example: When Kaladin is upset about the townspeople gossiping about his father, Hesina tells him: The way she explains things to Kaladin in such a wise and level way reminds me of Jasnah, or rather it reminds me of a scholar. However this quote I think is even more significant. We know that Hessi’s Mythica was poorly received due its controversial arguments about the Unmade. So when Hesina says that people are “frightened of knowledge” and that things they don’t understand must be dark and mysterious, I think she is drawing on her own experience here too. Perhaps what stands out to me most of all is that the focus of one of the few interactions we see between Hesina and Kaladin is her knowledge of spren. It does not seem to be a superstitious kind of knowledge, nor does it seem to be common knowledge. To me it comes across as a scholarly knowledge, and something Hesina is very confident about. If we turn to Hessi’s Mythica, Hessi too seems to have a deep knowledge of spren. Mythica makes a point of identifying the Unmade as types of spren. The fact that Hessi makes reference to Jasnah shows that Hessi was writing in this current period, so Hesina is around the right age that Hessi would likely be. But it also means that in order for Hesina to actually be Hessi, she would have had to have published it while living in Hearthstone, not 19 years ago in Kharbranth when Jasnah would have been only about 15 years old. This isn't too big of an issue for me though. Hesina could have amassed her research and evidence and then finished writing it later on in Hearthstone, perhaps continuing her research in other ways that Kaladin wouldn't have been aware of as a child. These are my main thoughts, although I admit it is a bit of a crackpot theory!
  3. @Sorana oh no! If I do another one I’ll try to take photos of the different steps if you ever want to try again
  4. Thanks guys!! @Silva yeah my fingers definitely paid the price haha
  5. Mads Mikkelsen is Odium for me. The way he played Hannibal Lecter = completely terrifying and charismatic all at once And Imogen Poots as Shallan Engin Altan Düzyatan as younger Dalinar flashbacks I also love the suggestions of Natalie Dormer as Venli and Tom Hiddleston as Hoid. Was also thinking Sam Claflin would make a great Hoid! photos in spoiler tags for length:
  6. So this was my first attempt at needle felting... hello Sylphrena!
  7. I agree that there’s more to Tien that we don’t know. Perhaps he’s hiding the fact that he’s not so happy as he seems and this “lie” is enough to attract a cryptic. Like he’s always trying to be the cheerful one to try to make Kaladin and those around him happy - similar to Shallan trying to cheer everyone up as a child. The fact that this might be a struggle for him to do so and that he’s hiding his true feelings sometimes is a pretty hard lie to live... Plus Kaladin’s the one who gets the attention of his family as the kind of family prodigy, the smart one, the successful one... Maybe Tien is jealous/resentful of this sometimes and he feels so ashamed and guilty for feeling this way about his own brother who he looks up to so much, and so he constantly has to hide those emotions both from his family and himself. I think it also makes sense that the constant cheerfulness we see from Tien comes from Kaladin’s perspective, who thinks the exact same thing of Shallan. In the chasm scene he thinks Shallan is just always so happy, that she must have had the perfect life, and could never understand his pain. He’s not good at seeing the pain that others hide and maybe this includes Tien’s.
  8. The black sphere is Auri’s new soap in the Underthing, and smells of Odium’s armpits.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I was under the impression that Shallan making a big deal about her red hair and pale, freckled skin meant that most other Vedens didn't look like her...? Interesting stuff about Horneater + Herdazian relation to Listeners!
  10. So... first post here! I'm not sure if this has already been discussed, and I'm not really sure what implications it would have, but at the very beginning of TWoK (pg. 88) Shallan mentions that House Davar is ancient. It's often said that her red hair and pale skin are the result of impurity in her lineage, being mixed with Horneaters at some point. But I was thinking, what if these features are actually a sign of a more pure heritage, whereas other Vedens have mixed more with the Alethi? In chapter 46 of WOR, Rock tells a story of the Unkalaki and how they came to live on the Horneater Peaks. He says: I think the Unkalaki were the original inhabitants of Valhav during the Heraldic Epoch, until they were forced out by the Alethi and it became Jah Keved (this would account for why the religion, language and appearance of most Vedens are so similar to the Alethi). Basically I was thinking that with House Davar being so ancient, as well as super remote/rural which would imply less interaction with other cultures, Shallan's heritage is in fact very pure, and perhaps reaches all the way back to the Heraldic Epoch...